Toyota Tundra Stereo Installation Instructions


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The Toyota Tundra truck, like most trucks, lacks punch from the manufacturing facility stereo. Replacing the manufacturing unit head unit permits you to add a subwoofer, video or an iPod doc. The stereo, which is molded into the dash on fashions from 2005 and later, requires customized substitute dash panels. Replacing the stereo on any Toyota Tundra is an easy challenge that takes a few primary instruments and the correct parts.

Toyota Tundra Stereo Installation Instructions

1. Open the hood and disconnect the unfavorable battery cable. Open the elements boxes and verify all of the parts are included.
2. Pry the climate management module away from the sprint with agency strain utilized at the bottom of the panel. Disconnect the wires from the climate controls and set it aside.
3. Find and remove the 4 screws holding the stereo in place. Pull the radio out rigorously and disconnect the hazard light change and the wires behind the stereo.
4. Install the hazard light change into the new cowl on models with molded stereo faces. Connect the wiring harness adaptor to the original harness and let it hold from the dash.
5. Secure the radio into the Toyota radio mounting equipment and plug the wiring harness and antenna wire into the again of the brand new head unit. Slide the stereo and mounting equipment into the Toyota Tundra dash and safe it in place with the 4 authentic screws.
6. Reconnect the negative battery cable and turn on the radio. Verify the speakers and controls are working properly and change the climate controls and additional trim.

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I recently noticed that every once and a while while I shift gears, the brake light in the dash panel goes on and then off in a couple seconds. The brake is clearly not on, but this happens. Any ideas on what this is? Or how to remedy this?
It’s a 2004 Ford Mustang convertible pony edition. Not a GT or anything fancy. Bought last memorial day ’07 from a Ford Dealership.

1994 Chevy Fullsize Blazer, the check engine light and everything will come on but not a single gauge works. The dash lights will light the gauges. When I replace the blown “gauge” fuse in the fuse panel it instantly blows.

Any idea what’s going on?

Want ot replace A/C Relay Swithc on do I remove the panel from the front of the dash?

i have the dash kit without the navi now and i have looked everywhere online and cannot find the entire dash including the air vents and all… they make two different dash panels one for a din and a half and one for a double din with gps and all that good stuff… but everywhere i look all i can find are the kits to go into my panel for a single din and i really dont want to cut the dash out….

I have a 1999 GMC Yukon Denali. The ABS light is on. The brakes light hasn’t come on so I still have brakes just not anti-lock brakes. How do I fix this?

I was installing my stereo, and I cracked the dash panel. Not the top, but the face/instrument panel/trim. I’m trying to find a replacement, but all I can find is something like a decal that you paste on.

I have the cowling off and am not sure were to continue. Is the airbag an issue?

The 2007 Tundra featured on the Toyota website looks like it’s just an extended cab.

I got in a rear end collision and both my steering wheel and passenger airbag deployed. I was wondering if I could get a new dash panel for the passenger side because it is cracked and does not look very appealing. The main concern I have is replacing the airbag, I do not want to spend $800 or more for a new airbag column but I want to have a new looking dash. Is there ny way I could buy a new panel without a bag?

Hi all,

I just bought a new radio for my pickup and would like to install it. I just need to know how to remove the front dash panel (in order to get to the radio). Does it just pull out? or Are there screws? I just do not want to break anything.


My left turn signal flashes rapidly on the Dash Panel, But actually there is no flash in the rear left. All other signals work fine. Is it the fuse or is it the switch.
i am going to make a monetary investment on the answer i get. i need an answer that is direct and has a credited source.

How can I check/replace the low fuel light in the dash panel

Im trying to take off the instrument panel, but in order to do that I have to take off the dash panel over it, and I cannot do that unless I take the light switch off. I do not know how to get it off, i don’t want to just pull it and brake it off. Its a 90′s model ford, so the light switch is a manual switch to the left of the steering wheel. So how should I go about taking it off?

Trying to determine how to remove the dash panel around the radio so I can get the radio out. Also, if anyone has input on replacing the on/off switch, please let me know. Thanks.

Trying to install a new stereo. I took all eight screws out, but it seems like the panel is stuck right above the steering wheel at the bottom of the gauge cluster. Is there another trick that I need to know?

i want to put in a new stereo for my grand am and i took the old one out. its pretty big. and it required a large hole in the front dash panel thingy. and i bought a new stereo receiver, a dual XDM6820. the new one is about half as large as the old one and i have looked and looked for a way to attatch it to the slot my old stereo was and i dont know if it can go in there. any body done anything like this?

I have a 1999 Buick Park Avenue which has some lights burned out on the steering wheels controls for the volume, tempeature, scan etc. ( on the steering wheel ).
Also I have some lights burned out on the dash insturment panel ( Tachometer area ).

IE: dash, panels, consoles….. I hear Armour All is not a good choice!? Is that true?

I’m trying to refurbish my prelude interrior after mice nested in it while it was in storage.I can’t find any suppliers that have pillar, side, door, dash, or center panels. Looking also for some carbon fiber trim. I am looking for new parts. The only thing I don’t need is carpet, seats, and electronic components.

my car kept blowing fuses for the dash panel lights. i tried putting a larger fuse in there and got no where. then i tried using a wire as a fuse and it smoked and sure enough now my headlights, speedometer, radio, glove box light and ignition is not working. my car starts but cant run like its not getting fuel. what is causing this and how can i fix it? i have a 96 cavalier with a 2.2 engine.

even though the brake is not engaged? I accidently drove a few feet down the road a few weeks ago with it on and ever since it just randomly lights up. Sometimes it gives me the warning ‘ding’; sometimes no sound. Do you think it’s just something weird with the dash panel or could something seriously be wrong with my brakes? They appear to be working as usual.

I used to own a GMC Sierra 1500, and was able to use a jumper wire on where the computer diagnostic equip.(at the repair shop or dealer) would plug in. And with a few twists of the ignition key, was able to put the computer into diagnostic mode. Then count the flashes on the dash panel and match them to a code book. Saved a whole lot of money and was able to fix all problems. What are the steps to access the computer on a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am SE, 2 door? I haven’t had to do this in a long time and have forgotten the proceedure. Thanks in advance for the help.

My 1999 Dodge Dakota Sport v6 was working fine, then next time I turned it on all the lights on the dash panel were lit up. The cruise control light, gas light, parking brake light are all lit.(I dont even have cruise control) Turning the car off and on again does not fix it.
What could be the problem and how do I fix it? If it is a simple fix, what parts would I need and where would they be located on the vehicle?

I have a 2007 Honda Civic LX (Non-Navi) and I would like to install an aftermarket in-dash navigation system. Would it be possible to do this if I bought the Civic EX (Navi) dash panel (PART NUMBER: 77250-SNA-A01ZA)? Also, what is the max diagonal width on that navigation panel? Any resources or links would be extremely helpful. Thanks!

when i turn my lights on at night time the interior lights like the dash panel seem to do this little flicker. like it gets bright then it goes dim after a few seconds in between i think it may be the battery but might be something else.did not do it a few days ago.
when i hit the gas they don’t get brighter. they still do the same thing.

Recently I noticed the temperature gauge on my dash panel takes longer than usual to reach normal temperature. The car takes longer to warm up. What could be the cause? Faulty thermostat? Can the car be driven like this as long as it does not overheat? Thank you!

I thought I blew a fuse at first, but after checking every fuse in the truck, and testing the outlet with a tester, I now know its the outlet itself. After removing the ‘pop off’ dash panel, it still seems difficult to get to. Is there a diagram or video online that shows how to get to the outlet behind the dash and how to replace? I want to tackle it, but I want to have all the right tools and info before I start. The powercoverter in my truck will get thrown away as soon as i get this fixed.
Thanks in advance for your help…

The light does come on the dash panel, but the defogger does not work – any suggestions?

i can’t get the dash panel completely off because the knob(the knob you grab to pull the switch out) will not come off and it’s keeping the dash from coming completely off….my light switch pulls in and out

My stock cd player in my 03 Suzuki Aerio S is screwed up and cds keep getting stuck in there, how do I remove the dash panel to get the cd player? I can’t figure it out….and I dont have the money to take it to get fixed, if I can get it out I’m pretty sure I can find out why it’s getting stuck.

2004 Chrysler Sebring Red light on dash instrument panel, it is inbetween the fuel gage and speedometer, there is a little round red light. It does not say anything and it does not have any symbols on it. But it came on this afternoon and I can’t find out ANYWERE what on earth this little light means?
I cant find it in the Owners manuel or the Repair guide book or online ANYWERE!
Please help!

i’m thinking of doing a custom dash panel on the driver side column with a control panel for an actuator for my trunk, backlit sign, toggle switches, and a voltmeter. Could i use my capacitor or should i go direct to battery?

I thought I blew a fuse at first, but after checking every fuse in the truck, and testing the outlet with a tester, I now know its the outlet itself. After removing the ‘pop off’ dash panel, it still seems difficult to get to. Is there a diagram or video online that shows how to get to the outlet behind the dash and how to replace? I want to tackle it, but I want to have all the right tools and info before I start. The powercoverter in my truck will get thrown away as soon as i get this fixed.
Thanks in advance for your help…

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