Toyota Steering Intermediate Shaft Noise Repair


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Subject : A new steering intermediate shaft has been developed for some customers may hear a clunk, pop, or knock type noise when turning the steering wheel left or right.
Models : 2003-2006 Toyota Camry, 2004-2005 Toyota Highlander, 2005-2006 Toyota Camry Solora.

Steering Intermediate Shaft Repair Procedure

Prior to removing the steering intermediate shaft, be certain that the steering wheel and entrance wheels stay stationary. Once the intermediate shaft is removed, do NOT permit the steering wheel to spin freely.
1. Disconnect the intermediate shaft sub-assembly. a. Loosen the bolt and take away the clamp from thesteering intermediate shaft steering column gap cowl boot. b. Separate the steering column hole cover from the steering column gap cover boot. c. Place match-marks on the steering intermediate shaft sub-assembly and steering gear assembly. d. Remove the bolt and disconnect the steering intermediate shaft sub-assembly.
2. Take away the shaft sub-assembly. a. Place match-marks on the steering sliding yoke sub-meeting and steering major shaft assembly. b. Take away the bolt and steering sliding yoke sub-meeting from the steering important shaft assembly.
3. Place the corresponding match-marks on the NEW intermediate shaft sub-assembly. To put the match-marks on the NEW shaft sub-assembly, place a NEW steering shaft subsequent to the original steering shaft assembly (removed within the earlier step) and transfer those match-marks to the identical locations on the NEW steering shaft.
4. Install the NEW steering shaft sub-assembly. a. Align the match-mark with the one on the steering sliding yoke sub-assembly and the shaft assembly. b. Install the steering sliding yoke sub-meeting with the bolt. Torque: 35.3 Nm (360 kgfcm, 26 ftlbf)
5. Connect the intermediate shaft sub-assembly. a. Align the match-marks on the steering intermediate shaft sub-assembly and the steering gear assembly. b. Install the shaft sub-assembly with the bolt. Torque: 35.three Nm (360 kgfcm, 26 ftlbf) c. Set up the steering column hole cowl to the steering gap cowl boot. d. Join the clamp to the steering column gap cover boot and tighten the bolt.
6. Take away the steering wheel holder from the car (if used).
7. Road test the car to confirm the restore and make sure that the steering wheel is centered.

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i found my problem anyone replace a inter mediate shaft

I have a bad intermediate shaft in my 01 chevy truck, well it snapping when turning steering wheel, should I get the repair kit or a entire new shaft, what usually happens with these? what do gm techs do?

So I am looking to buy a new pool cue. I am an intermediate player who can run out off break occasionally and am learning to use english. I have been really looking at Viking and Poison cues(I know, totally different lines). I like the Viking G51 and poison AX2. My question is mostly about the Viking shaft and how it is compared to other cue makers standard shafts. My plan is to use the standard shaft for a while, until I get good enough that I would be able to take advantage of a predator shaft. Anyone played with a Viking cue for a while that can give me opinions on their shafts?
Hi John, I am looking to spend a decent amount, something that will last me until I get very competitive and a little beyond. I am thinking somewhere between $200-$500, with an upper limit on $600. I was looking specifically at the Viking G51 at Seyberts for $400 or the Poison AX2 for $250. The poison cues as well, and they advertise a ‘new technology amazing shaft’ kinda deal and I am torn between the reputation of Viking and the hype of poison. I am buying mostly for hit, I want a cue that will perform well. When I miss I want to know it was my fault and not the cue in any way, and with my present cue that debate does come up. Both cues do appeal visually to me as well thought

Thanks again.

I had the dealer replace the intermediate steering shaft on my 02 chevy monte carlo. When i drove off, i noticed the wheel is about 5 degrees off on a straight road. I called them up and they said it has nothing to do with the steering shaft they replaced. I need an alignment. The car was fine before, how is it possible that I need an alignment right after they changed the steering shaft. Is this true what they said or they’re lying to me?


i put one in a nissan altima today but the steering wheel is off by about 1/4 turn

is the blade a bit smaller than senior or is it junior blade? and the shaft is junior shaft right? cause i’m stuck between senior and intermediate…… intermediate is too short, but i plan to add a piece of wood, but if the blade is smaller then… and senior sticks are a bit too long and hard for me to flex..

on timing my car for a new belt I discovered that the intermediate shaft does not line up with the marks on the camshaft and the crankshaft yet the cars runs well. what is the purpose of the shaft?

I was shopping for hockey shafts and blades and no website will tell me what goes with what.
Is there a website I can go to that will say?
Does all hockey blades fit in all hockey shafts if they’re the same brand?
I am looking at an Easton Typhoon Int. shaft and an Easton Synergy II Int. Blade, will they fit together?

I just recently had my intermideate shaft replaced (it was covered by the used dealership that I bought it from 2 weeks ago) I noticed but did not pay so much attention to afterwords that my steering wheel was not centered! It was not like this beforehand, what could they have done to it? After I bought the car I took it to nissan for the full inspection and they said that was the only thing that needed to be looked at.Can Nissans warranty coverage cover this? Or should I take it back to the dealership mechanic?

Has anyone done this specifically on a ’73 Ford? To remove the intermediate steering shaft which contains the rag joint (flex coupling), there is one pinch bolt below the joint that disconnects it from the steering box, but I cannot see where it disconnects from the steering column near the firewall somewhere. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

and sand casting (porosity of engine block) on 911′s & 911turbo?

Can you tell the difference?, and how many more grams does it weigh if you know.

I have a 2001 acura integra. I love my car but saddly it is an automatic. What would I need to convert it into a manual. Time and money are not a factor

I have a 2001 chevy Impala LS 3.8.. and i noticed that there is cluck noise comes from the engine area, and i feel it in the steering wheel.. feels like the engine inside is moving or something.. also when i turn the steering left or right there is some cluck noises.. what are those noises??

i searched online.. and i found something about the Intermediate steering shaft that need to be greesed (i did that and i still have the noise).. and also about the engine mount ?.. or something called subframe?… they said that subframe can filled with something to lock it tight.. but they said it is temporary.. How much replacing the subframe would cost? and can that be the prob?

and can leaving those noises there may cause further problems?

I’m going to get an 11k reebok stick and I just want to know if i should get a junior or an intermediate. I know your stick has to be up to your nose but mainly I want to know how heavy you have to be so I don’t break it to fast. I don’t want it to be a perfect size or else it’ll grow out of me to fast like my ak27 warrior.

I am in the middle of getting a senior or intermediate stick. I’m a freshman in high school and I am 5’3″ and 98 lbs. I have always used a two piece but I am not sure if I should switch to a one piece. I want to get a nike bauer vapor. Also, if anyone has any suggestions for a good stick and blade, that will also help. Thanks in advanced for your input.

Using a SS-312 type electrode for joining a 4140 type Chrome – Moly Steel broaken shaft, with a dia of 10″, should we go for 3.2mm size for ‘V’ grove joining and build up rather to use a 4mm size electroe to avoid Heat input and carbide precipitation.If yes then please confirm with your conception and if not ,please give the reason.

I’m and intermediate lacrosse player looking to buy a new shaft. I have the STX viper 2 head and was wondering what goes good with it. Please help.

I have an intermediate x60 that needs a wooden extension but I can’t find one please help. I live in Mississauga Ontario.

I’m looking to get a defensive shaft.

I am thinking of getting a one95. I want to get a 77 flex (senior) Malkin curve. Should I stick with intermediate? I broke three 70 flex Int. Warrior Dolomites. What flex should I get?

i would like a diagram on replacing a intermediate stering shaft on my 1999 dodge durango

I was told by a mechanic that this problem is very common with cars between 2000-2006, that a clunky vibration or sound occurs with slow turns and take offs. Chevy recomends repacking with greese or replacement of the intermediate shaft with a new part. I am wondering if there is any long term damage or is it safe to continue driving it this way?

its been noted that the drain plug is located above the right hand intermediate bearing of the drive shaft, but there are a couple of plugs there.

I have been shooting archery for about 6 months. I know it’s not long, but I’ve been shooting on a regular basis and have taken it pretty serious. I’ve recently moved back to the 20 yard line (and will move back more as I get better.) I know the basics, but I’m wondering if anybody has any suggestions for somebody that hasn’t has been shooting for a while.
A little info-
1) I shoot bare bow/instinctive (no sight) and don’t plan on getting a sight. I just line up the arrow with an aiming point and it works pretty well.
2) I shoot a compound bow – Parker Sidekick Extreme. I know it’s not top of the line but it’s my first bow and suits my needs right now.
3) I shoot fingers and don’t really like releases. I’ve tried them but don’t feel comfortable with them.
4) I just ordered a stabilizer and I’m waiting for it to come in

I’m willing to consider changes in my technique, but not my style (I will continue to shoot bare bow with fingers.) I can’t afford new equipment, but am willing to make adjustments to my current equipment. I only have my original half dozen arrows and the fletchings are starting to get tore up. I’m considering getting new fletchings, but I’m not sure if it would make a difference at 20 yards. What are some things to consider for an intermediate archer?

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