Toyota Solara Radio/Stereo Installation Instructions


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If the radio in your Toyota Solara has quit working, you can save the money the supplier will cost for installation by buying a substitute Solara radio and installing it yourself. All of the wiring connections will be easy plug-ins — all you will have to do is take away the existing radio and install the brand new one in its place.

Toyota Solara Radio/Stereo Installation Instructions

1. To prevent shorts, disconnect the detrimental battery wire from your battery. Then set the parking brake on your car.
2. Pry out the panel with the air vents above the radio. Insert your panel device into the joints across the panel and work all the way round until it’s loose. Then remove the panel.
3. Take out the 2 Phillips screws on the prime of the radio, revealed by the panel removal.
4. Pry around the edges of the middle console trim panel. When the clips are released, remove the middle console trim panel.
5. Open the door of the storage compartment below the radio. Pry around the edges of the trim surrounding the compartment and take away it by pulling it away from the dashboard. Remove the two 10mm bolts on the backside of the radio uncovered by the removal of the compartment.
6. The radio is now loose. Pull it straight out from the dashboard and disconnect the wiring plugs on the back (they pull straight out). Notice the place of the plugs as you take away them.
7. Plug in the wiring to your new radio and place it within the dash. Reassemble by reversing the earlier steps.

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