Toyota Brake Pads Installation Instructions


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Replacing the Brake Pads in your Toyota might be expensive when you take your vehicle to an auto mechanic. However, if you happen to do not need to pay a professional to switch the pads, you are able to do the job yourself. Should you take your time and follow instructions carefully, you possibly can change one or all the pads. Brake Pads are available in pairs, with two anti rattle clips for each pad. These clips are crucial and must be placed rigorously to safe the brake pads.

Toyota Brake Pads Installation Instructions

1. Jack up all 4 sides of the car without elevating the wheels off of the ground. After you jack up the automobile, safe all sides with jack stands. When you place the jack stands within the positions you want, lower the jacks until your automobile is sitting on the jack stands.
2. Loosen the lug nuts. While you are loosening the lugs from each wheel, you will discover that one of the lugs is different from the others. It is called a locking lug and it needs a special form of socket to loosen it up. This socket, called an affect wrench, is situated in your glove compartment. If you wouldn’t have an influence wrench to loosen the lugs, you will need to take these lugs off first earlier than jacking up your car.
3. After you remove the wheels out of your Toyota, remove the vehicle’s brake caliper bolt with a 17-millimeter socket and ratchet. Remove the highest and backside bolt. Slide the caliper off of the rotor. As soon as the caliper is eliminated, you will be able to get to the brake pads. Remove the brake pads from the caliper without placing pressure on the brake holes. To keep rigidity off of the brake holes, place the caliper on something to maintain it leveled. Preserve the brake pads with all the hardware that got here with them (e.g., the anti rattle clips) as you remove the brake pads from the caliper.
4. Increase the hood to remove the cap on the master cylinder and to prevent your self from putting stress on it when you readjust the piston in the caliper. Place one of the previous brake pads in front of the piston to keep from pushing straight towards the piston. Use a large C-clamp to push the piston with the previous brake pad in front of it. Do that until the brake pad hits the again of the caliper, after which remove the C-clamp and the old brake pad.
5. Replace the brake pads with new ones. Take away the tabs from the outdated brake pads and place them on the brand new ones. Exchange the previous clips with the new ones. Apply temperature caliper grease on the back of the new brake pads. Attach the anti rattle clips to the brake pads. Insert the brake pads separately, with the clips together. Align the clips with the holes on the bottoms of the pads. Set up the second brake pad the identical approach that you did the first.
6. Reattach the caliper as before, and change both bolts. Tighten the bolts securely, however not too tight. Repeat these steps on all four sides of the vehicle. As soon as you might be executed with all 4 sides, reattach the Toyota’s wheels. Change the lug nuts and tighten them. Remove the jack stands and lower your car.

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I have a 2002 Mecury Moutaineer that has the left rear brake caliper sticking on sometimes. I think caliper piston is sticking. I bought one new one and was going to replace the brake pads while I am at it, but is it possible to bleed just that one brake caliper with out upsetting the ABS system or anything else on the brake system. Like maybe the proportionate valve or mastercylinder getting messed up? Thanks
I almost forgot, it is a 2wheel drive with 4 wheel disc brakes.

It is an 90′s Celica and the retractable pin on the caliper slide is totally frozen ( it is supposed to ‘float’) .. I did penetrating oil and compression strikes, but it won’t budge. As a result of the frozen pin, all wear is on the inboard brake pad.

my rear brake caliper is leaking and has failed the MOT
I was wondering if its possible to overhaul these and fit new seals etc?
or is it a new caliper job?
if its possible to overhaul, does anyone have any tips?
its the rear caliper

I have a 1990 Honda Civic 4WD and when we were changing the front brake pads the brake caliper bolt broke off. We got the remaining piece out of the caliper mount, but now we need another bolt. Auto Zone and Advance Auto were giving us bolts that were too small. We went to Home Dept and found one that fit. I am just concerned if it has to be a certain type of bolt?

I have an 06 350z with only 20000 miles on it and around the inner part of my brake caliper there’s what looks like rust and on my inner wheel well. How can I get this off? Is it really rust? Has anyone else had this happen to them?

I’m looking for brake caliper for a 1984 Super Glide front end with 11 1/2 disk.

can you give me some signs of a bad brake caliper?

Im looking to buy a used car. But i noticed that one of the tires will need to be replaced. I want to know what the state minimums are on brake pads, tires and other things. So if i do buy a car and find out later that the (for example) the brake pads were almost gone, i could go back and make them change them out. I live in Arkansas

Recently my front brakes locked up on a motorcycle. I was told that the front brakes caliper needed to be replaced. The brakes stay closed and will not release. The fluid is correct. Is it better to replace the caliper or rebuild it? It is the kind of brakes with pads.

I am looking for a place to change my disc brake caliper and rotor for both front and back in Singapore. I want to know the cost. Will it cost a lot? I am refering to a bicycle.

Whe the brake pedal of the car is pushed, brake pads press against very hard steel discs.
What two effects does using the brakes have on the brake pads and wheel discs of a car? Thanks for the help :D

have heard that it corrodes the parts? but how it does this? is this the water that will do that? how long would take to do this?

and how expensive is it to replace the brake calipers front and back? how depends too if it is a 4 x4?

My boyfriend is trying to sort his car out. His brake caliper is stuck on. He said hes trying to free it up but it’s just not happening atm. He’s really experienced with cars as he’s a mechanic. It’s so important i see him tonight as he goes back to base tomorrow & won’t see him in ages. GAHHHHHH? :(

I am trying to change the brakes on my car and I can’t get the brake calipers to go back in so they can fit over my new pads. I have been trying to use a C clamp but it is not budging. Is there something that I need to do to relieve the pressure? Any helpful hints?

One of my rear brake caliper lost two bolts on the freeway, after I had my brake pads replaced from a SC auto repair shop.
I was shocked to see the brake caliper just hanging in the wheel, because I had my kids traveling with me and I felt very lucky that I made it to a gas station to have a look at it.

What shall I do?

I would like to have the brake calipers on my 08 Saturn Sky painted red. Id prefer to have a professional do it rather than myself. Where should I take it?

Does it mean that the piston(s) won’t move (stuck)? Does it mean that the piston is touching the brake pad, or that it’s NOT?
Also, say I have a frozen brake caliper on my left wheel, when I brake, which direction should I sway in? Thanks.

Hey, I just bought a 93 Nissan 300ZX. I think the car would look better if the wheels were black. And the car is red, so i wanted to paint the brake calipers red. The wheels are the stock alloy wheels, and brake calipers are stock also. I need to know what kind of paint to use for each of these. And I want to be able to do it myself.
Thanks a lot.

Do brake calipers for british cars interchage?On the napa site they do not list anything for a sunbeam tiger ,but the caliper for a mg looks the same.

i have white brake calipers and in the summer when i can clean them regularly they look great but in winter they have gotten really dirty, what would be the best way to clean then i have tried brake cleaner, steamer, and foaming brake cleaner.

i plan on painting my brake calipers with a g2 paint system. however, my calipers are pretty rusted, and once i take it off my brakes, i was wondering if anybody knew a good product or method to remove rust from my calipers ready for paint? is submerging calipers under rust solutions bad for the calipers? thanks.

I want to paint my brake calipers pink, but caliper paint is so much more expensive. Will engine paint work? Thanks! :)

I am able to remove the back wheels. I seem to be having trouble removing the one bolt in the back middle on the bake brake calipers.

I am aware of an attachment that you can get to fit to the rear of your bike to allow you to attach a brake caliper for disc brakes. I think it just clamps on or something. My bike is a bit old and does not have mounting points.

Does anyone know where I can gut a mount from or who manufactures them?

My car is rear wheel drive and i was told i need new brake calipers all around but i can only do the rear calipers for now so is this ok?

And what size is the fitting for the front brake caliper of a 1997 Maxima.

i have white brake calipers and in the summer when i can keep them clean they look great but in winter i cant clean then and they have gotten really dirty, i have tried brake cleaner, steamer, foaming brake cleaner and they are still dirty.but i have a can of gunk engine bright and was wondering if it would be good as a cleaner
will the kerosene discolor my calipers?

my back brake calipers are getting really rusty and i dont want them to start to seize up but the discs look fine so i am thinking of just replacing the calipers and i would like to get the coloured ones. how much for purchase and installation on just back calipers and on front and back calipers? would it take long? and how much would it cost to install new brake lines? is this a big job?

Would having the Brake Calipers in a nine o’clock position be more mechanically efficient than having the calipers set at a three o’clock position? and Why??
I am not trying to do any repairs or anything. I just wanted to know why some companies choose the three o’clock position rather than a nine o’clock position. Is there any mechanical difference or is it just whichever fits best for that particular car?

2003 pontiac gran prix, 3.8 v6 . One brake caliper mounting pin has a bushing and the other does not. Which one goes on top and which one goes on the bottom.
Thanks, John Smith

It is a 2010 Chrysler 300 it is white with 35% window tint all around and the interior is black what colour would look nicest and stand out the most if I paint my brake calipers?

I was thinking about upgrade my car brake to a 4 pistons brake caliper. In term of piston area I only increase the piston surface area by 3.4% not much. BUt I like to know will this be better in term of braking. Pro & Con. and reason please.

What happen if I dont replaced the brake Caliper on my truck on a 00 Durango?

Hyundai Santa Fe rear brake caliper is bad after only 32,000 miles. Is this covered under Hyundai’s 10 year/100,000 mile warranty?

I have a 97 Grand Prix and I think my rear brake calipers are bad. They make a grinding noise when braking. The rotors and pads were just replaced so its not that. and the brakes will grab sometimes when braking. also what is the cost of having them replaced at a shop?

I have a 86 honda prelude and 1 of the brake calipers are starting to seize up. When I hit the brake it works normally, but when I release the brake, the caliper is still forcing the brake pads on the rotor. Thus causing the brake pads to wear down to nothing and adding extra resistance when I accelerate.

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