schematic of 1998 toyota corolla power door lock actuator

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Ford Super Duty Power Door Lock Actuator Installation Instructions


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…ok the Super Duty’s new power lock actuator onto the lock rod by hand. Connect the power lock actuator to the door with the retaining bolt. Plug the lock wiring connector into the brand new power lock actuator manually. 6. Put the Super Duty’s door panel again on the truck door by reversing your removing steps….

Ford F-250 F-350 Power Door Lock Actuator Installation Instructions


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…hand. 4. Insert the F-250 or F-350′s new door lock actuator into the door by hand. Hook the door lock and door latch rods to the actuator manually. Bolt the actuator to the F-250 or F-350′s door with a socket set. 5. Reinstall the F-250 or F-350′s door panel in reverse of the way you eliminated it….

1998-2002 Toyota Corolla Exterior Door Handles Installation Instructions


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mall pole into the clip of the upper portion of the new handle. Take a look at the handle to ensure the door latches and unlatches properly. Set up the three 10 millimeter bolts and tighten. Reattach the clear plastic lining. 4. Place the remaining portion of the door panel onto the six plastic clips on the outer portion of the panel. Pull it over the inside door lock. Make sure that the interior door opener can be positioned by way of the suppli…

Toyota Corolla Interior Door Handle Installation Instructions


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le, go to your native auto elements retailer to search out out the size. It varies on different yr fashions and feature packages. 6. Snap the duvet onto the door handle to cowl the screw. Check the door handle. Shut the door. 7. Reconnect the battery and shut the hood….

Ford Ranger Door Lock Removal and Installation Instruction


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…ewdriver. 5. Reattach the door deal with cup, securing it by tightening the mounting screw with a Phillips screwdriver. Reattach the arm relaxation, securing it by tightening the mounting screws with the Phillips screwdriver. 6. Roll the window up and down to ensure that it is working properly….

2008 Toyota Prius Rear Side View Mirror Installation Instructions


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ack the place the window goes up and down ought to stil be connected. This half doesn’t snap off like the rest of the door, it unhooks by pulling upward. Gently wiggle upward and the door ought to come out of the track. 8. Utterly remove the mirror. The door must be fully or perhaps ninety% off. Both way, you are actually able to unplug the electrical line that powers the mirror. I acquired scared because it was powerful to pull off manuall…

Chrysler Window Regulator Installation Instructions


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service panel. There’s a small clip slightly below the mounting bolts on the regulator that’s holding the pinnacle of the feed tape in place. Pull this clip till it is freed from the regulator to launch the tape. 8. Pull the outdated tape out. That is tape that feeds the regulator to move the window up and down. Measure your new tape in opposition to the previous one and reduce it to the right size with diagonal cutters. 9. Insert th…

Buick Century Window Regulator Installation Instructions


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and stand it up properly. Pull the studs in the upright vertical runners into their holes and set up the nuts and tighten. Set up the bolts within the window motor and plug the wiring harness connector into the window motor. 6. Hold the door panel shut sufficient to the door and connect the window switch. Turn the important thing on and lift the window regulator to the center of the access within the door the place it will be straightforward to…

Honda Civic Door Lock Installation Procedures


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clip for the lock cylinder, and remove it from the deal with and the door. 6. Install the brand new lock cylinder within the door and join its clip, then reconnect the rods that hyperlink the latch to the lock and the handle. 7. Reconnect the door’s inside trim panel within the reverse order of installation….

Buick Century Repair the Door Instructions


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t the automobile door and test the inside, outer, higher and lower alignment with the door jamb’s and automobile’s physique panels. Find and mark any misalignment with a grease pencil. 7. Open the automobile door. 8. Place a flooring jack below the backside fringe of the door. Increase the flooring jack till the weight of the door is supported by the jack. 9. Loosen the three “hinge-to-door” retaining bolts on the higher a…

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