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Toyota Highlander Roof Rack Installation Instructions


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…of racks used on Toyota Highlanders; their vary of racks can provide nice house and ease of mounting. Depending on your choice, these could be installed with the assistance of some easy tools. To mount the roof rack, you need 4 load bars, which are specific to the model and have to be purchased independently of the vehicle, at an accessories store; and 4 every of railing feet, finish caps and handle assemblies. Toyota Highlander Roof Rack Install…

Toyota Highlander Radio/Stereo Installation Instructions


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que harness. Mount the brand new stereo into the Toyota radio mounting kit and secure it by following the producer’s instructions. Plug the wiring harness adaptor and antenna wire into the again of the brand new stereo. 5. Slide your entire stereo assembly into the dash and reconnect the battery cable. Flip the radio on and verify the speakers and controls are engaged on the brand new stereo. Secure the stereo in the dash with the six 10mm…

Honda Pilot EX Crossbar Installation Instructions


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tical mark on the top of the roof rails. Place the cross bars so the adjusting screws are on the passenger’s side. 4. Tighten the 4 thumb-wheel screws on every crossbar with a T-30 Torx driver to safe them to the rails. 5. Reposition the roof rail covers. Press down on the covers until they snap into place on the rails….

Toyota Highlander Timing Belt Change Procedures


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…, set up all elements within the reverse order of removing and torque the crankshaft pulley bolt to one hundred fifty five foot kilos. If the marks will not be lined up, take away the timing belt and repeat Step four and Step 5. [taken from]…

Toyota Highlander Change the Serpentine Belt Instructions


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The serpentine belt, one among the most necessary elements of any engine, is a single belt that drives a number of elements that are related to the motor. If it wears out, it is unattainable to drive your automobile. Thankfully, you’ll be able to change the serpentine belt on a Toyota Highlander with just some normal tools. Toyota Highlander Change the Serpentine Belt Instructions Park the automobile in the nicely lighted work area and ope…

Toyota Camry Sirius Car Radio Installation Instructions


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knife or credit card to pry the molding around the rear windshield to allow space for the wire. Place the wire in the space provided horizontally then vertically until you have reached the Camry’s trunk. Open the trunk. 5. Feed the antenna wire under the weather stripping lining the trunk’s opening. 6. Feed the antenna wire along the path of the Camry’s rear speaker wiring harness to the front of the vehicle just beneath the cen…

2009-Up Honda Pilot LX Roof Rack Installation Instructions


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nimize it off with a hack saw. Measure back a hundred thirty mm and reduce again. Discard that piece. Measure again 1,a hundred and ten mm and minimize again. Discard the remaining piece. Repeat this step on the left molding. 5. Install the molding clips on the molding pieces. Reinstall the roof molding covers. Reinstall the molding pieces. 6. Install the roof racks. Insert the Torx bolts into the holes in the racks. Tighten the bolts to 8.9 ft.-…

Honda CRV Roof Racks Installation Instructions


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ceholder cowl and set it to the side. Repeat this step for the other three placeholder covers. 4. Store the placeholder covers within the glove box or some other secure place in case you determine to take away your Roof Rack. 5. Place the rack mount labeled “Entrance” in the entrance placeholder slots and align it with the bolt holes. 6. Find the washers and the bolts that came along with your Roof Rack. 7. Slide one of the washers on…

Acura Integra Aftermarket Sun Roof Installation Instructions


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late fastidiously. 4. Clean the metallic edges with a file to restrict leaking. Take a look at match the sunroof to make sure there’s 4mm of clearance on all sides. Apply metallic primer across the edges of the opening. 5. Run a bead of sealant across the inside lip of the sunroof and set it in place. Hook the clamping ring and screws to the body being cautious to not over tighten. Clear up any sealant that squeezed out. Make any mandatory…

2007 Honda Pilot LX Roof Rack Installation Instructions


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secure it with two Torx bolts. Install the No. 2 adapter block behind the No. 1 block and the No. 3 adapter block behind the No. 2 block utilizing the stud bolts. Repeat this step on the left facet with adapter blocks Nos. 4, 5 and 6. 3. Measure the passenger-aspect roof molding 674 mm from the entrance end. Minimize it with a hack saw. Install the shorter piece in front of adapter block 1. Measure a hundred and fifty five mm from the front of th…

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