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Ford Expedition Shock Absorbers Installation Instructions


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…ehicle and the axle. 3. Remove the two bolts holding the shock into place. Set the bolts apart as you will re-use them. Slide the shock out of the vehicle. The shock retaining nut will fall from the automobile with the shock. 4. Attach the retaining nut to the new shock by pushing into the bushing of the shock using your hands. 5. Slide the alternative shock into position. Install the bolts into the bracket and through the brand new shocks. Tight…

Ford F-350 Bilstein Shocks Installation Instructions


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…hen unbolt the decrease shock mount from the front axle using the ratchet and an open-finish wrench. Take the shock out of the front suspension, using the lifeless-blow hammer to loosen the shock from the mounts if necessary. 3. Place the bilstein shock within the lower shock mount and bolt it in place using the 3/8-inch ratchet and socket. Then guide the upper shock mount into the frame utilizing your palms, and bolt it in place using the ratche…

Ford Ranger Front and Rear Shock Replacement Instructions


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…e axle at each side. 2. Take away the tires from the axle. 3. Find the mounting bolts that secure the front shocks in place. Spray these bolts with penetrating fluid and permit the fluid to lubricate the bolts for 10 minutes. 4. Take away the lower and higher bolts that safe the Shock in position with a ratchet and socket. Remove the Shock from the Ranger. 5. Place the new shock into position. Connect it to the brackets utilizing the inventory bo…

Toyota Pickup Shocks Installation Instructions


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Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Tundra pickups use shock absorbers to reduce the influence of vibrations and bumps within the road. The shock absorbers, commonly called “shocks,” are put in between a pickup’s body and its decrease suspension on each of the 4 corners of the vehicle. Signs of worn shocks are uneven tire put on, excessive bouncing of the entrance or back end, increased swaying from left to right when driving, harsh…

Ford Ranger Leaf Spring Removal and Installation Instructions


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rk your Ford Ranger on a tough, degree surface. 2. Loosen the rear wheel lugs with a lug wrench on the facet that you will be working on first. 3. Lift that rear wheel utilizing a flooring jack and support it on a jack stand. 4. Take away the wheel/tire assembly. 5. Help the rear axle with a Hi-Lift jack or ground jack. 6. Remove the U-bolt nuts that safe the rear axle to the leaf spring. Use a wrench or ratchet, ratchet extension and socket. 7….

2000 F-150 Rear Wheel Bearing and Axle Shaft Oil Seal


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ed, use care to keep away from damaging the seal bore. Utilizing an acceptable seal remover, take away the rear axle shaft oil seal. Discard the oil seal. 3. Examine the rear wheel bearing and axle shaft for put on or damage. 4. If crucial, using the special tools, remove the rear wheel bearing. Rear Wheel Bearing and Axle Shaft Oil Seal Installation Procedure 1. Lubricate the new rear axle bearing. ? Use SAE 75W-140 High Efficiency Rear Axle Lu…

Ford Trucks Brake Rotor Installation Instructions


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…nder the rear axle, but be certain that the tires are additionally a minimum of an inch off the ground. Put the jack stands beneath every end of the rear axle and slowly decrease the truck off of the jack and onto the stands. 4. Remove all the lug nuts from each rear wheel using a tire iron, then pull both wheels off the spindles. 5. Use a socket wrench to take away the two bolts from the aspect of each rear brake caliper. The bolt heads are on t…

Honda Accord Rear Sway Bars Installation Procedures


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…small pipe to add length to the Allen wrench and more leverage when turning. Use a pry bar or long screwdriver to manipulate the bar in the bracket to remove any stresses on the bracket connector and it should come out easy. 4. Ratchet the bushing bolts using a metric socket and the pry bar. Remove the old, worn bushings and clean the bushing brackets and sway far tabs using WD-40 and a rag. The brackets and tabs should be cleaned before install…

Honda Civic Rear Speakers Installation Manual


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the trunk. 3. Place the brand new rear audio system in the identical place because the old rear speakers. Safe the new rear audio system to the trunk with the securing screws. Tighten the screws with the Phillips screwdriver. 4. Reconnect the wires to the audio system the same means that you eliminated them. Close the trunk. The rear audio system in a Honda Civic are generally 6×9 speakers. Earlier than you can set up new rear speakers you&#…

Buick Brake Calipers Installation Instructions


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…fter which take away the lug nuts and wheels. 3. Place the C-clamp over the again of the caliper housing and the drive of the clamp onto the backing plate of the outboard pad. Tighten the clamp to compress the caliper piston. 4. Pull down on the parking brake cable (on the rear calipers solely) after which take away the cable from the cable connector on the brake caliper. 5. Place a drain pan under the wheel the place the brake hose attaches to t…

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