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Install Power Steering Pressure and/or Return Hose Assembly


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he steering gear to 27 N·m (20 lb ft). 8. Install the bolt/screws to the retaining clips (three). Tighten Tighten the retaining clip bolt/screws to 6 N·m (53 lb in). Set up the facility steering gear meeting heat protect (1). 9. Decrease the vehicle. Fill and bleed the ability steering system utilizing, J 43485. Power Steering Pressure (Inlet) and Return (Outlet) Hose Replacement Procedure 1. Raise and suitably help the vehicle. 2. Drain the ab…

Buick Steering Wheel Installation Instructions


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…eering column. Remove the steering wheel bolt and nut with a socket wrench and pull the old steering wheel off the steering column. 6. Place the new steering wheel onto the steering column and secure it with the nut and bolt. 7. Reattach the horn cap and its electrical connector as well as the steering wheel cover and its electrical connector. Secure the steering wheel cover by reinstalling the two Torx screws behind the steering wheel. Reconnect…

1999 Chevrolet Cavalier Timing Chain Replace Procedures


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shaft dowel pin with a screwdriver, and remove it and the timing chain. Install the new timing chain. Install the chain already meshed with the camshaft sprocket, and tighten the camshaft sprocket bolt with a torque wrench to 96 foot-pounds, without turning the camshaft sprocket. Coat the sprockets and chain with engine oil. Remove the drill bit in the timing chain tensioner, and push the timing chain against the timing chain tensioner to release…

Toyota Steering Intermediate Shaft Noise Repair


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cm, 26 ftlbf) c. Set up the steering column hole cowl to the steering gap cowl boot. d. Join the clamp to the steering column gap cover boot and tighten the bolt. 6. Take away the steering wheel holder from the car (if used). 7. Road test the car to confirm the restore and make sure that the steering wheel is centered….

1998 Buick Regal GS Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Fuel Pump Resistor Replacement


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(2-wire) connector from the sheet metallic subsequent to the battery and disconnect the connector. Pull the resistor wiring and connector down and out from below the vehicle. Discard the fuel pump resistor and mounting bolt. 9. Reinstall the windshield washer reservoir rear mounting bracket to the body and install the bolt. Tighten the bolt to 7 NJm (62 lb ft). Install the 2 bolts that attach the windshield washer reservoir to the rear mounting…

2009 Honda Civic Fog Light Installation – Page 2


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ring column. Do not push on the lever when putting in the case. Push in on the case and securely set the retaining tab into the tab hole. 39. Plug the vehicle 12-pin connector to the new switch. Change the automobile harness. 40. Set up the 20 A fuse into the fuse field in the location shown. If the fuse is already put in, it isn’t necessary to install the 20 A fuse. 41. Test that all wire harnesses are routed correctly and all connectors a…

1997 Buick Regal GS Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Fuel Pump Resistor Replacement


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nnector that was related to the resistor via the opening in the sheet steel and into the engine compartment. When correctly routed, the connector needs to be getting into the engine compartment simply rearward of the battery. 9. Verify that the black conduit on the wiring harness is defending the wiring from any sharp edges in the sheet metal opening. Reposition the conduit and harness if necessary. 10. Reposition and align the inner fender splas…

1996 Pontiac Sunfire Change the Timing Belt Procedures


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rom the chain tensioner then lubricate the timing chain Changing the Pontiac Sunfire Front Cover Place the cover back on and tighten the bolts all the way down to specification. Change the crankshaft pulley in addition to the 4 bolts that maintain it in place. Change the engine splash protect in addition to the driver’s facet front tire. Substitute the drive belt tensioner in addition to the belt connected and ensure it’s at the right…

Ford Focus Steering Rack Installation Instructions


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fty nine foot pounds. Reattach the steering rack column coupler shaft and replace the unique flooring seal. Use pins to align the crossmember to chassis alignment holes and secure the crossmember with outer bolts tightened to 85 foot kilos and 4 interior bolts tightened to 148 foot pounds. 5. Take away the transmission jack and subframe alignment pins to reconnect the ability steering hoses. Tighten the hose assist clamp and change the heat shiel…

Pontiac Grand Am Replace the Serpentine Belt Procedures


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The primary drive belt of a car is usually known as a serpentine belt, as a result of it weaves round totally different pulleys in the engine to drive completely different elements. A Pontiac Grand Am might have a number of belts in keeping with the engine type. For optimum upkeep, test belts each 7,500 miles or 12 months for put on. Pontiac Grand Am Replace the Serpentine Belt Instructions Discover the belt tensioner. The Pontiac Grand Am has a…

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