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1999 Chevrolet Cavalier Timing Chain Replace Procedures


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ch to 97 inch-pounds. Install the crankshaft pulley and hub. Put the hub and pulley in place, and install the center pulley bolt with a torque wrench, tightening the center bolt to 77 foot-pounds and the other pulley bolts to 37 foot-pounds. Put the flywheel/driveplate inspection cover in place and install the retaining bolts with a ratchet wrench. Place the splash shield under the fenderwell and replace the sheet metal screws with a screwdriver….

Ford Taurus Speaker Removal and Installation Instructions


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…the speaker cowl with a flathead screwdriver. The quilt will come out, exposing the outdated speaker. 4. Unscrew the hardware holding the speaker in place. There shall be four Phillips head screws centered around the speaker. 5. Pull the speaker out barely to access the wiring harness to the speakers. Unplug the wiring by pulling the harness clip. There will probably be a locking tab holding the harness in. Pull the tabs out to slide the harness…

Ford Escape Speaker Installation Instructions


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…ead screw from the rear edge of the door panel. 4. Pry around the bottom and aspect edges of the door panel with the panel tool. Elevate the panel off of the door and disconnect the wiring harness on the backside of the door. 5. Remove the four 7/32-inch screws from the edge of the speaker with a screwdriver. Pull the speaker out of the door and unplug the wiring harness connected to the back of it. Plug the wiring harness into the new speaker an…

Ford Ranger Speaker Installation Instructions


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Most Ford Ranger pick-ups come geared up with two pairs of 6 x 8-inch speakers, one in every front door, and a pair situated in the rear panels on the rear of the interior compartment. Although 6 x 8 inches is the official Speaker dimension, most 5 x 7-inch speakers will match in the manufacturing unit gap with no modification required. Many Ranger owners prefer to interchange the manufacturing unit audio system with 6.5-inch round speakers to i…

Toyota Matrix Radio/Stereo Installation Instructions


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rom the dashboard to the back of your stereo. All after-market stereos have slightly completely different set up directions, so check with the owner’s manual accompanying your stereo for correct connection instructions. 5. Slide the sprint adapter and stereo meeting into the dashboard. Just like the stereo, all sprint adapters have barely completely different set up instructions. Confer with the instruction sheet included together with your…

1998 Chevy Truck Evaporator Core Service and Repair Page 1


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rage compartment. 3. Disconnect the passenger facet SIR. Remove the lower proper instrument panel mounting bolt. 4. Take away the left and right entrance speaker grilles. Take away the center instrument panel sound insulator. 5. Remove the left side instrument panel sound insulator. Disconnect the park brake launch cable. 6. Remove the knee bolster. Remove the lower left instrument panel mounting bolt. 7. Remove the BCM. Disconnect the driving fo…

Ford SuperCrew Amplifier Installation Instructions


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…reach the amplifier to the exposed wire coming off the deck. Remember you will have a positive and negative wire to connect. Wrap the connections you just made with electrical tape to assure the wires won’t come apart. 5. Run the end of the speaker wire from the back of the deck to the High Level inputs on the amplifier. Slide the end of the wires into the inputs like you are hooking up speakers to the amplifier. Turn the screw until the w…

2004 Honda Civic Timing Belt Replace Procedures


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flip so it’s going to rigidity the belt barely. Flip the crankshaft counterclockwise by two revolutions and ensure the timing marks and camshaft sprocket index marks are lined up. Tighten the tensioner mounting bolt to 33 foot-kilos and take away the pin from the tensioner. Reinstall the crankshaft place sensor, the timing belt covers, the crankshaft pulley, the primary spark plug, the engine mount brackets, the valve cowl, engine oil dips…

1990 BMW 325I Timing Belt Installation Procedures


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000 miles, if not sooner. 1990 BMW 325I Timing Belt Installation¬†Directions Disconnect the battery by remove the negative terminal. Raise the front of the automobile with the ground jack and help it on jack stands. Remove the 4 bolts across the perimeter of the protect with a socket and ratchet. Remove the defend. Remove the lid on the radiator coolant enlargement tank within the engine bay by turning it counterclockwise. Place a drain container…

Buick LeSabre Remove the Timing Chain Procedures


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e spring and damper assembly. Tighten the bolt to fifteen foot-kilos of torque. Reinstall the front cowl assembly in reverse order of removing. Reinstall the negative battery cable. Tighten the petcock. Fill the radiator with 50/50 antifreeze. Install a brand new oil filter. Fill the engine with the applicable sort and quantity of oil based on the data in the proprietor’s handbook. Begin the car and permit it to come back to working tempera…