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1998 Chevy Truck Evaporator Core Service and Repair Page 1


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Subject : Evaporator Core Service and Repair Manual A/C Removal Procedure Models : 1998 Chevrolet (Chevy) Truck S10/T10 Blazer 2WD V6-4.3L VIN W Evaporator Core Removal Procedure : 1. Disconnect the adverse battery cable. 2. Take away the appropriate side instrument panel sound insulator. Remove the instrument panel storage compartment. 3. Disconnect the passenger facet SIR. Remove the lower proper instrument panel mounting bolt. 4. Take away th…

1998 Chevy Truck Evaporator Core Service and Repair Page 2


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Subject : Evaporator Core Service and Repair Manual A/C Installation Procedure Models : 1998 Chevrolet (Chevy) Truck S10/T10 Blazer 2WD V6-4.3L VIN W Evaporator Core Installation Procedure : 1. Install the evaporator core. Assemble the evaporator case sections. 2. Install the evaporator case retaining screws. Tighten to 2.5 N.m (24 in lb). 3. Install the evaporator core meeting to the vehicle. 4. Install the bolts which retain the evaporat…

2000 Buick LeSabre Window Regulator Installation Instructions


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connector from the bottom of the change by hand. Set the switch and bezel assembly aside. 2. Remove the screws from the door panel together with your Phillips screwdriver. Set all of the screws in one place within easy reach. 3. Pry the door panel away from the door along with your trim tool. Lift the door panel up and off the door, ensuring to push the inner door handle by the opening so that it clears the door panel earlier than moving the pane…

2000 Honda CRV Stereo/Radio Replacement


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open the glove box. Maintain the sides of the glove box and push the sides in to permit the box to drop down. Remove the two Phillips-head screws on the left side of the glove box opening, using the Phillips-head screwdriver. 3. Locate the small interior pocket at the backside of the center of the dash. Use the interior clip removing software to pop off the clips on either side of the panel, after which remove it from the dash. 4. Seize the plast…

2000 F-150 Axle Shaft Removal and Installation Procedure


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re to do so can lead to unexpected inflation or deflation of the air springs, which can result in shifting of the vehicle throughout these operations. Increase and assist the vehicle. 2. Take away the wheel and tire assembly. 3. Remove the differential housing cowl (4033). Drain the lubricant. 4. Take away the brake calipers and discs. 5. Remove the differential pinion shaft (4211). a. Take away and discard the differential pinion shaft lock bolt…

1999-2000 Honda Passport Stereo/Radio Installation Procedures


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ing the hood-launch deal with below the motive force’s side dash panel. 2. Disconnect the grounding cable from the negative battery terminal with the ten mm wrench. Set the cable aside till after the radio installation. 3. Pull the ashtray from the dashboard and take away the steel ashtray bracket in the opening. Remove the screw in the back of the ashtray slot with the Phillips screwdriver. 4. Pry the center sprint panel from the dashboard…

1998-2000 Honda CRV Stereo/Radio Removal and Installation


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oon as the glove box is out of the way in which, you need to notice two (2) phillips screws. One (1) on the high proper of the middle dash panel and one (1) on the backside proper of the center dash panel, remove each screws. 3. Now transfer to the bottom of the middle console, to the fold down pocket. Open the fold down pocket. This pocket is secured to the dash with six (6) phillips screws which surround the again of the pocket. Take away all…

2000 F-150 Rear Wheel Bearing and Axle Shaft Oil Seal


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lugged with overseas material. NOTE: If only a new seal must be installed, use care to keep away from damaging the seal bore. Utilizing an acceptable seal remover, take away the rear axle shaft oil seal. Discard the oil seal. 3. Examine the rear wheel bearing and axle shaft for put on or damage. 4. If crucial, using the special tools, remove the rear wheel bearing. Rear Wheel Bearing and Axle Shaft Oil Seal Installation Procedure 1. Lubricate th…

2000 Honda Rubicon ATV Winch Mounting Kit Installation


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1), 5/16″ dia flat washers (C3), 5/16″ dia lock washers (C4), and 8mm dia common nut (C5). The flat washer and lock washer ought to go on the nut aspect with the lock washer between the flat washer and common nut. 3. Place the upper mounting bracket (A1) and lower mounting bracket (A2) inside the eliminated front bumper. Make sure the ends of the 2 horizontal tubes on the bumper are on the inside of the 2 rear flanges on the upper mou…

1997-2000 Honda CR-V Timing Belt Replacement Procedures


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Push the accessory towards the engine. Carry the belt off the pulleys. Place a wrench or a socket on the accent belt tensioner pulley. Push the pulley away from the belt to loosen the tension. Elevate the belt off the pulley. 3. Unbolt and remove the cruise control actuator, located on the valve cover. Turn the crankshaft counterclockwise until the white timing marks on the crankshaft pulley are lined up close to the 9 o’clock position. 4. Help t…

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