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Ford Radiator Removal and Installation Instructions


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…nt from the radiator. Then shut the radiator drain valve. 4. Disconnect the upper radiator hose. Use a Phillips screwdriver or ratchet and socket to loosen the clamp, and then twist and pull the hose off the radiator fitting. 5. Disconnect the reservoir hose from the radiator. Use a pair of slip joint pliers to remove the clamp after which pull the hose off the radiator. 6. Place a small drain pan underneath, in the direction of the higher transm…

Ford Taurus Radiator Hoses Installation Instructions


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…he opposite finish of the hoses from the engine. The upper hose is attached to the thermostat housing on the top of the engine, while the decrease hose is hooked up to the outlet of the water pump. Discard the previous hoses. 5. Set up the new lower radiator hose on the output of the water pump, sliding it onto the fitting. Slide the opposite end of the radiator hose onto the decrease fitting on the radiator. Set up two new hose clamps and tighte…

Ford F-Series Water Pump Installation Instructions


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ly. 4. Use an adjustable wrench to take away the air cleaner assembly. Disconnect the lower radiator hose and overflow hose from the radiator, place them out of your way. Remove the coolant reservoir hose from the fan shroud. 5. Loosen the fan clutch assembly with the particular fan clutch removing tools. Rotate the fan and clutch meeting slowly counterclockwise till they launch from the water pump. 6. Place all the assembly into the hole of the…

Ford F-150 Replace the Timing Chain Procedures


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…sen them with a wrench. As soon as loosened, slide the belt or belts up and over the fan assembly in that case geared up. Remove the fan (and the fan’s pulley if engaged on an older F-150). The fan is held in place with 4 bolts situated via the middle of the fan. Remove the bolts with a wrench, then pull the fan away from the engine to take away it. As soon as the fan has been eliminated, slide the pulley off of the water pump. Disconnect t…

Ford Excursions 7.3L Change the Serpentine Belt Procedures


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…igh of the black plastic cowl that surrounds the radiator. Find the spring-loaded belt tensioner on the front of the 7.3L Ford engine. The tensioner is under the alternator and above the crankshaft pulley. The tensioner has a 1/2-inch drive sq. gap on the pulley finish of the tensioner. Use the sq. gap to rotate the tensioner backwards and forwards. Rotate the tensioner pulley clockwise with the half of-inch drive breaker bar. As soon as the belt…

Ford Escape Audio Subwoofers Installation Instructions


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…the Escape. 4. Remove the trim panels at the bottom of the door openings with a trim panel elimination tool. Lift the carpeting and route the ability cable to the rear cargo space of the Ford. Change the trim panels by hand. 5. Remove the Ford stereo. Place the DIN elimination tools into the stereo removal holes located on both side of the stereo’s face. Pull the tools outward whereas pulling the stereo from the dash. Pull the stereo far e…

Ford Escape Serpentine Belt Installation Instructions


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The serpentine belt–or fan belt, as it’s generally referred to as–interprets the torque from the engine’s crankshaft to varied parts, such because the alternator, air con compressor and power-steering pump. If the serpentine belt exhibits indicators of fraying, cracking, glazing or lacking ribs, it needs to be changed instantly. When changing the belt on a Ford Escape, it’s best to be accustomed to the belt routing…

Ford Ranger’s Serpentine Belt Replace Procedures


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The principle operate of the serpentine belt on the Ford Ranger type vehicles is to energy the entire equipment mounted on the front of the engine. The serpentine belt is one steady belt that travels round all the put in pulleys, that are instantly hooked up to the equipment. The serpentine belt has ribs on one aspect and a flat floor on the opposite aspect. The ribs on the within of the belt journey contained in the grooves situated on the with…

Ford Escape Strut Installation Instructions


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…ull the strut assembly from under the Ford. Take away the coil spring from the old strut and place it on the new one. Place the brand new strut under the Escape and secure it by tightening the three higher nuts with a wrench. 5. Set up the bolts and mount the strut to the steering knuckle. Tighten the bolts with a socket and ratchet. You will have to carry the nuts with a wrench to keep them from turning as you tighten the bolts. Remove the sprin…

Ford Escape Stereo/Radio Installation Instructions


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…of the faceplate adapter. 4. Connect the leads of the wiring harness adapter to the retailers on the again of the aftermarket stereo/radio. Slide the aftermarket stereo into the opening offered by the Ford faceplate adapter. 5. Place the negative battery cable clamp across the detrimental lead put up of the Ford battery. Tighten the bolt on the clamp with the ten mm wrench so that the clamp can not move freely in regards to the lead post….