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Ford F150 Super Crew Cab Nerf Bars Installation Instructions


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. 5. Lift the F150 off the jack stands, using the floor jack. Move all 4 jack stands away from the truck. Decrease the F150 to the ground. 6. Repeat Steps 1 by means of 5 on the opposite aspect to install the proper Nerf bar. 7. Re-tighten all the Nerf bar mounting nuts when done. When tightening, torque the nuts till the lock washers flatten out, then flip the nut 1/2-turn further….

Ford Piston Rings Installation Instructions


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…P.” The side of the ring marked TOP must face toward the head of the piston, i.e., the flat floor of the piston itself. Install the decrease compression ring in the identical method as the oil management ring in step 3. 5. Set up the upper compression ring. Unlike the lower compression ring, which was marked with the phrase “TOP,” the upper compression ring has no such marking and might be installed with either side facing upwar…

Ford PATS System Radio/Stereo Installation Instructions


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mounting dock. Pull the wiring harness adapter into the front of the adapter. 4. Attach the plugs of the wiring harness adapter within the retailers on back of the radio. Push the radio into the opening of the mounting dock. 5. Connect the destructive battery clamp across the adverse lead publish of the battery. Use the wrench to tighten and prevent the clamp from shifting freely….

Ford Focus Amplifier Installation Instruction


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…ing retailers on the back of the Ford’s inventory stereo. 6. Plug the patch cables into the wiring harness adapter leads. Discover the diagram in the wiring harness adapter’s guide for proper connection locations. 7. Feed the patch cables via the again of the Ford’s stereo dock to the ground of the vehicle on the passenger’s side. Slide the factory stereo into the Ford’s stereo dock until it locks into place inside t…

Ford Pickup Thermostat Installation Instructions


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…onsumption manifold and thermostat housing with the gasket scraper and rag. 4. Remove the rag from the intake manifold and set the thermostat O-ring in place by hand. Set the Ford truck’s new thermostat into the intake. 5. Lower the Ford truck’s thermostat housing into place by hand. Reinstall the thermostat housing bolts with the socket set. Open the radiator or coolant overflow tank and exchange any coolant which will have escaped w…

Ford Explorer Water Pump Removal and Installation Instructions


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…l the radiator with the quantity and type of coolant laid out in your owner’s manual. 4. Take away the jack stands and launch the jack. Attach the negative battery cable to the put up and tighten the screw on the clamp. 5. Begin the engine and verify for leaks. Then, close the hood and take the SUV for a test drive….

Ford F150 Serpentine Belt Replace Procedures


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…ine Belt Instructions Park your Ford F150 on a protected place and open the hood. Place a drain pan below the engine within the course of the higher radiator hose, the place it connects with the radiator, in case you have the 7.3L engine type. Remove the radiator clamp utilizing a Phillips screwdriver or ratchet and socket. Twist and pull the hose off the radiator becoming. Go to Step 6. Remove the cooling fan mounting bolts utilizing a ratchet a…

Ford Brakes Repair Installation Instructions


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…on the caliper and secure it to the coil spring above it with zip-ties. It will keep the caliper out of the best way and keep you from by chance damaging the rubber brake line by letting it cling on the burden of the caliper. 7. Slide the brake rotor off of the hub assembly. There aren’t any screws holding it in place, so it should slide right off, however it’s possible you’ll have to hit the back of it with a rubber mallet to l…

Ford F150 Seat Belt Installation Instructions


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hor aspect strap on to the seat, in order that the buckle on the strap is going through the course of the seat belt lock. Align the bolt holes on the strap, with these on the seat. Use a wrench to repair the bolts between the 2. Grasp maintain of the shoulder harness part of the seat belt, and find the mounting bolt holes on the high nook of the seat. Safe the harness to the highest of the seat belt housing with the mounting bolts. Connect the ot…

1999 Ford Ranger Extended Cabs Westin Nerf Bars Installation Instructions


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ghten the nuts onto the bolts with a socket set. 4. Move the jack stands to the best side of the 1999 Ford Ranger and repeat the primary three steps to install the precise Westin Nerf Bar. Take away the jack stands when done. 5. Use care when setting the Nerf Bars on the jack stands so you do not mar the Nerf Bars’ end on the rough heads of the stands….