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Ford F-150 Zerk Fittings Installation Instructions


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…hreaded hole by hand to cut back the opportunity of cross-threading the hole. Proceed tightening the fitting with a wrench till the hex flats on the becoming backside out on the part’s surface. Don’t over-tighten. 4. Set up the part on the vehicle. To grease the part, slide the grease gun’s nozzle over the Zerk fitting’s nipple and hold it in place with one hand. Function the deal with of the grease gun to inject grease in…

Loss of Communication with Brake Module (Reground EBCM Ground)


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hers and nuts specified in this bulletin. These parts have been identified because of their conductive finish. 4. Install a washer and nut to the back facet of the frame. Tighten Tighten the nut to 9 N·m (seventy nine lb in). 5. Cover the front and back aspect of the restore area using Rubberized Undercoating. An additional test may be made to ensure an excellent connection for the Battery Cable to Body ground. It’s potential for this groun…

1998-2002 Honda Accord V6 Comptech Supercharger Kit


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oir bracket. Loosen inventory alternator belt tensioner and remove stock alternator belt. Remove decrease bolt on alternator then take away upper bolt. Remove bracket connected to top of alternator. These bolts can be reused. 6. Alternator pulley alternative : With alternator pulley dealing with up take away inventory alternator pulley with a 22mm & 10mm wrench (an affect gun might must be used for removal). Install new alternator pulley (Se…

2001 Expedition/Navigator Wheel Hub and Bearing Installation


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um Lengthy-Life Grease XG-1-C or -Ok or equal assembly Ford specification ESA-M1C75-B. 4. Utilizing a bearing packer, pack the bearing cone and curler with wheel bearing grease. 5. Install the internal entrance wheel bearing. 6. Set up a new wheel hub grease seal. 7. Apply a light-weight coat of grease on the entrance wheel spindle. Use Premium Long-Life Grease XG-1-C or -Ok or equivalent assembly Ford specification ESA-M1C75-B. 8. CAUTION: Keep…

Fuel Filter Removal/Installation Procedure on 5.3L Flexible Fuel Engine


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gas tank vapor pressure. 4. Open the valve on the J 34730-1A to be able to bleed the system pressure. The gas connections are now secure for servicing. 5. Drain any gas remaining within the gauge into an permitted container. 6. Once the system stress is totally relieved, remove the J 34730-1A. 7. Elevate and suitably help the vehicle. Clear the fuel filter connections and surrounding area before disconnecting the fuel strains as a way to keep aw…

1998-2002 Toyota Corolla Exterior Door Handles Installation Instructions


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mall pole into the clip of the upper portion of the new handle. Take a look at the handle to ensure the door latches and unlatches properly. Set up the three 10 millimeter bolts and tighten. Reattach the clear plastic lining. 4. Place the remaining portion of the door panel onto the six plastic clips on the outer portion of the panel. Pull it over the inside door lock. Make sure that the interior door opener can be positioned by way of the suppli…

2001-2002 Honda Accord Distributor Replacement Procedures


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t numbers and prices fluctuate for different stores and manufacturers. 5. Substitute and hand-tighten the mounting bolt or bolts. Reattach the connector to the distributor and connect the ignition wire to the distributor cap. 6. Tighten the mounting bolts with a wrench and hook up the negative battery cable….

2002 Peugeot 206 Thermostat Installation Instructions


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be installed in the identical orientation because the outdated thermostat for a proper fit. 5. Take away the O-ring and the thermostat. Use a slotted screwdriver to scrape away any gasket residue left on the mounting surface. 6. Install the new thermostat in the identical orientation because the old thermostat. Place the O-ring over the thermostat and place the housing over the thermostat. Reinsert the two retaining bolts and tighten them with th…

Honda TRX 400EX Wheel Hub Installation


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out towards the step in the bore and the face should be flush with the hub. 5. Remove the brake rotors out of your old wheel hub. Re-set up the rotors in your new hubs and be sure to use medium energy Loctite on the threads. 6. Apply a light-weight film of grease or oil to the large diameter of the spindle stud. Set up the brand new o-ringed bearing spacer onto the spindle. 7. Apply a thin film of grease to the seal surface on the bearing spacer…

1997 Buick Regal GS Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Fuel Pump Resistor Replacement


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stic push-in retainers that attach the windshield washer solvent reservoir to the radiator help and the one nut that attaches it to the strut tower. 5. Reposition the reservoir for access to the realm rearward of the battery. 6. Elevate the car on a hoist. At the right front wheel opening, remove the three screws that connect the inside fender splash shield to the entrance fascia at the wheel opening and the 2 screws that attach it to the bottom…

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