how to replace high pressure line from power steering rack on a 2002 mercury cougar v6

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Install Power Steering Pressure and/or Return Hose Assembly


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sembly. Tighten the power steering pressure and return hoses to the steering gear to 27 N·m (20 lb ft). 14. Set up the bolt/screws to the retaining clips. Tighten the retaining clip bolt/screws to six N·m (fifty three lb in). 15. Set up the ability steering gear assembly heat shield. Set up the decrease radiator air deflector (engine splash shield). 16. Set up the LH lower splash shield. Install the LH entrance wheel/tire assembly. 17. Decrease t…

Ford Focus Steering Rack Installation Instructions


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column coupler shaft and replace the unique flooring seal. Use pins to align the crossmember to chassis alignment holes and secure the crossmember with outer bolts tightened to 85 foot kilos and 4 interior bolts tightened to 148 foot pounds. 5. Take away the transmission jack and subframe alignment pins to reconnect the ability steering hoses. Tighten the hose assist clamp and change the heat shield. Safe the support insulator to the transaxle m…

Ford Windstar Rack and Pinion Installation Instructions


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…mounting bolts for the rack and pinion into the meeting, then raise it up into the frame by means of the motive force aspect fender well. Bolt it in place using the 3/8-inch ratchet wrench and socket, then torque the bolts to 85 foot-kilos with the 3/8-inch torque wrench. 2. Install the power steering traces onto the rack and pinion with an open-finish wrench. Bolt the heat protect in place with the 3/8-inch ratchet wrench. Install the tie rod en…

Ford Focus Power Steering Pump Installation Instructions


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…f the pump, and drain the pump into the cup. 3. Take away the nuts which can be holding the pump onto the firewall, utilizing the wrench. Remove the belt on the pump from the pulley. Pull the old pump from the engine housing. 4. Secure the new pump onto the firewall with the securing nut. Exchange the belt to the pulley on the pump. Exchange the strains to the right holes on the pump. Tighten the nuts on the firewall and pump lines. Fill the pump…

Ford Super Duty Power Door Lock Actuator Installation Instructions


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…ok the Super Duty’s new power lock actuator onto the lock rod by hand. Connect the power lock actuator to the door with the retaining bolt. Plug the lock wiring connector into the brand new power lock actuator manually. 6. Put the Super Duty’s door panel again on the truck door by reversing your removing steps….

Toyota Steering Intermediate Shaft Noise Repair


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cm, 26 ftlbf) c. Set up the steering column hole cowl to the steering gap cowl boot. d. Join the clamp to the steering column gap cover boot and tighten the bolt. 6. Take away the steering wheel holder from the car (if used). 7. Road test the car to confirm the restore and make sure that the steering wheel is centered….

1998-2002 Honda Accord V6 Comptech Supercharger Kit – Page 2


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or push it out, this spacer is only designed to take up inconsistencies in factory head. Whereas holding spacer with a 19mm wrench, insert supplied 10mm bolt into gap and torque bolt to 28ft-lbs. Torque cam seal bolts (B) to 15ft/lbs. Change EGR valve, utilizing provided gasket, and torque to 15ft/lbs. Substitute electrical plug. 12. Blower preparation : Blower has (6) bolts around enter shaft. Lower (4) bolt will need to be removed. These (4) b…

Buick Steering Wheel Installation Instructions


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…rring due to the air bag accidentally deploying. Buick Steering Wheel Installation Instructions 1. Turn the Buick’s engine off and raise up the hood. Using a socket wrench, remove the black cable from the battery. Allow 10 minutes to pass before proceeding to allow the air bags time to deflate. 2. Remove the Torx screws from the back of the steering wheel with a Torx screwdriver. Pull the steering wheel cover off by prying it up with a flat…

Ford Focus Power Window Regulator Installation Instructions


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Exchange the window glass, and connect it to the power window motor and regulator assembly. Again, it’s possible you’ll need to have a buddy assist you in the course of so you don’t damage your window glass. 8. Replace your stereo speaker and reconnect the wiring to the speaker. Reconnect the wiring for the ability home windows and locks, and change the door panel, ensuring to reinstall the screws that hold the components togeth…

Ford 390 Fuel Pump Installation Instructions


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tip of the steel outlet line onto the bottom of the gas pump. 10. Press the tip of the rubber inlet line onto the metallic nipple on the underside of the fuel pump, then tighten the line’s clamp till the line is secure. 11. Reattach the unfavourable battery cable to the battery by tightening the nut on the tip of the cable with a wrench….

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