how to replace crankshaft position sensor on buick lesabre 2002

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Buick LeSabre Crankshaft Position Sensor Installation Instructions


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e tool. If there is no such thing as a contact after tightening, withdraw the sensor from the tool and mount the sensor pedestal to the block with the 2 bolts. Tighten the bolts. Plug within the electrical plug on the sensor. 5. Install the harmonic balancer and tighten the center bolt to a hundred and eighty foot pounds of torque. Install the splash defend and wheel in reverse order of removal….

Buick Crankshaft Sensor Replacement Instructions


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carry the flywheel using device No. J-37096 (flywheel holder) or equivalent and a ratchet as you unbolt the crankshaft balancer/pulley assembly with a ratchet, ratchet extension and socket. (See Assets for more information.) 9. Detach the balancer/pulley from the crankshaft using tool No. J-38197-A (harmonic balancer puller) or an equal pulley puller (see Sources for extra information). Use the 1/4-inch bolts that come with the software to put i…

Chrysler Crank Sensor Replacement Instructions


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The crankshaft position sensor in your Chrysler car is a part of the ignition system and screens engine velocity. The engine laptop makes use of electrical present indicators from this and different sensors to vary ignition timing for higher engine efficiency. As you may see, a foul or malfunctioning crankshaft sensor will have an effect on engine efficiency and gas injectors operation. To revive engine efficiency, exchange the dangerous cranksh…

Buick LeSabre Replace Rear Brake Pads Instructions


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backside of the brake. 8. Find the auto-adjuster tab and carry it up with a pair of pliers and a screwdriver and disconnect the auto-adjuster cable. The auto-adjuster tab is a small steel tab on the backside of the wheel hub. 9. Take away the first braking shoe from the wheel hub (it must be utterly disconnected), then detach the secondary braking shoe from the parking brake cable and remove it. 10. Wash off the wheel hub with brake wash, taking…

Mazda Millennia Timing Belt Replace Procedures


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hich strains up with a pointer on the eleven:30 place. The left camshaft (as you’re looking down on the engine) timing mark is a dot above the letter “R” on the sprocket. It traces up with the pointer on the 9 o’clock place. The correct camshaft timing mark is 2 hash marks on the sprocket, above the letter “L” on the sprocket. It strains up with the pointer on the 10 o’clock place. If the crankshaft timin…

Buick Century Mass Air Flow Sensor Installation Instructions


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…r engine air filter. 8. Loosen the band clamps on the air tube on either side of the MAF sensor. Remove and discard the sensor. Insert the new one respectively in the identical place and tighten the band clamps one at a time. 9. Reinstall the air tube to the side of the engine and the air box. There’s a tab on the tube on the air box aspect that matches between a molded guide. Make certain the tube is safe and utterly wrapped across the hou…

Buick LeSabre Remove the Timing Chain Procedures


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e spring and damper assembly. Tighten the bolt to fifteen foot-kilos of torque. Reinstall the front cowl assembly in reverse order of removing. Reinstall the negative battery cable. Tighten the petcock. Fill the radiator with 50/50 antifreeze. Install a brand new oil filter. Fill the engine with the applicable sort and quantity of oil based on the data in the proprietor’s handbook. Begin the car and permit it to come back to working tempera…

3.8 L Buick Regal Replace Head Gaskets Instructions


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s within the right sequence talked about in step 6. Tight every new bolt together with your finger first after which use a torque wrench. Torque to 33 foot-pounds and add an additional ninety levels with a torque angle meter. 9. Replace the Buick Regal’s components again in place within the reverse order of set up. Pour new oil within the engine oil reservoir and coolant within the radiator. Flip the Buick Regal on and permit it to run. Sea…

1997 Toyota Camry Replace the Timing Belt Procedures


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…r pump pulley. Set the lower timing belt cowl and gasket over the crankshaft sprocket and set up the mounting bolts with a socket wrench. Install the higher loafer pulley with a torque wrench, tightening the mounting bolts to 32 foot-kilos. Slip the timing belt over the camshaft sprocket on the left facet, then over the camshaft sprocket on the proper aspect. Rotate the camshaft sprocket counterclockwise on the proper aspect to extend belt stress…

2000 Toyota Tundra V8 Replace the Timing Belt Procedures


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re aligned (the crankshaft ought to be at the zero-mark at the eleven o’clock place, not 50 levels after high useless heart). If the timing marks don’t line up, take away the belt and repeat the set up process from Step 9. Maintain the crankshaft pulley with the puller. Tighten the crankshaft pulley bolt to 181 foot-kilos of torque. Install the remainder of the elements in reverse order of removing. Refill the radiator. [taken from…