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Ford F-150 Water Pump Removal and Installation Instructions


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ith the fan pulley, fan spacer and shroud. 9. Take away the alternator bracket, alternator pivot bolt and energy steering pump bracket from the water pump by turning the bolts counterclockwise with a socket and socket-wrench. 10. Remove all 14 bolts that join the water pump to the timing chain cover utilizing a socket and socket wrench and turning them counterclockwise. 11. Pull the water pump assembly away from the timing chain cover by hand til…

Ford F-Series Water Pump Installation Instructions


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Use the jack to elevate the Ford F-Series truck once again. Take off the underbody splash shield and lower radiator hose still related to the water pump. Launch the jack. 6. Take off the bolts on the water pump, which include 9 bolts and stud bolts. Clean the floor of the mount. Install the Water Pump 1. Prepare the brand new gasket onto the water pump. Instead of sealant, Ford recommends lubricating your gasket with coolant. Maintain the gasket…

Ford 7.3 Turbo Diesel Water Pump Installation Instructions


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sor wiring plugs and move them aside. Take away the four bolts holding the higher coolant hose onto the water pump. Remove the clamp holding the heater hose onto the water pump and remove the hose. 4. Loosen and take away the 9 attaching bolts from the water pump and remove the water pump from the engine bay. Take away the coolant temperature sensor and the thermostat from the old water pump and install them onto the brand new water pump utilizin…

Ford Windstar Water Pump Installation Instructions


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…atchet then pull it away from the engine. 8. Clear the old gasket away from the water pump mounting surface with a scraper. 9. Place a new gasket on the water pump mounting floor utilizing gasket sealant to carry it in place. 10. Set up the water pump pulley onto the pump then set it on the water pump mounting surface. 11. Safe the mounting bolts onto the water pump and tighten them snugly with the socket and ratchet. 12. Hand-tighten the water p…

Ford Focus Water Pump Removal and Installation Instructions


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ant on the brand new water pump and place the new gasket over this. Hold the gasket in place on the pump as you mount it on the engine, where you removed the old pump. 2. Maintain the water pump in place as you secure it with 4 new bolts. Tighten every in any order with 13 foot pounds torque. Reassemble the rest of the components within the order you took them off the Ford Focus. Exchange any parts that appear worn or broken as you go. 3. Replace

Ford Explorer Water Pump Removal and Installation Instructions


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…l the radiator with the quantity and type of coolant laid out in your owner’s manual. 4. Take away the jack stands and launch the jack. Attach the negative battery cable to the put up and tighten the screw on the clamp. 5. Begin the engine and verify for leaks. Then, close the hood and take the SUV for a test drive….

Ford F-250 7.3 Diesel Water Pump Removal Instructions


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. Pull the electrical connectors from the coolant temperature sensor and the cam position sensor on the face of the water pump. Loosen and remove the 9 bolts that connect the water pump to the front of the engine block with a 10 mm wrench turned in a counterclockwise direction. Rigorously pry the water pump from its mating surface with a flat blade screwdriver and remove it from the engine bay….

Ford Escape Fuel Pump Removal and Installation Instructions


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…ule by squeezing the side tabs at the finish of the fitting and pulling the line apart from the fitting. 9. Unscrew the fuel pump module from the gasoline tank using the fuel tank sender wrench quantity 310-069 or equivalent. 10. Remove the fuel pump module and O-ring seal from the fuel tank. Ford Escape Fuel Pump Installation Instructions 1. Remove the previous gas pump from the module and install the brand new unit using a pair of slip joint pl…

1995 Buick Skylark Fuel Pump Installation Instructions


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a psychological word of how the fuel pump comes out because that’s the same way it should go back in. Don’t spill fuel on the ground to keep away from a hearth hazard. Place the old fuel pump within the drip pan. 10. Spray engine components cleaner on a rag and gently wipe the inside of the fuel pump mounting surface. Don’t wipe the interior edge of the circle. This edge is razor sharp and will sever your finger(s). 11. Inspect…

1997 Buick Regal GS Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Fuel Pump Resistor Replacement


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ach it to the bottom of the fascia. 7. Reposition the internal fender splash shield to entry the fuel pump resistor. Unclip the fuel pump resistor electrical connector from the body and disconnect the connector. 8. Remove the 10mm hex head bolt attaching the fuel pump resistor to the physique and discard each the bolt and the resistor. Route the physique aspect connector that was related to the resistor via the opening in the sheet steel and into…

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