how to replace a purge solenoid valve on 2008 chevy avalanche

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Replace Evaporative Emission Vent Valve Solenoid – Page 1


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bolt to 12 N—m (106 lb in). Join the vent valve pipe to the EVAP canister. 8. Install the two vent valve pipe clips into the present underbody holes. 9. Connect the EVAP canister vent valve electrical connector, if equipped. 10. Connect bulk 5/8″ heater hose to the vent valve port and safe utilizing a clamp. Run a size as needed along the frame rail routing to the area above the transmission. 11. Cut the hose to decided size and install th…

Replace Evaporative Emission Vent Valve Solenoid – Page 2


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clamp. 9. Secure the filter box to the transmission vent hose just forward of the hose tee*part utilizing a tie strap. DO NOT pinch or limit the transmission vent hose. The filter field opening ought to be pointing downward. 10. Increase the transmission and reinstall the transmission support. 11. Connect the EVAP canister vent valve electrical connector. 12. Tie strap the hose as needed alongside the body rail so as to keep the hose away from p…

Chevy Aveo Timing Belt Replace Procedures


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Based on the web site listed beneath within the Assets part, it is strongly recommended that you just examine and alter your timing belt on the Chevy Aveo each 60,000 miles to keep up correct efficiency of your engine. This advice applies to all engine sizes and type of the Chevy Aveo, and you may change the timing belt your self in about 4 to 6 hours, saving your self quite a lot of time and expense within the course of. Chevy Aveo Timing Belt…

Chevy V8 Rebuild Engine Instructions


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g process for correct seating. Lubricate the cam shaft with bearing grease and slide it into position in the engine block. Safe the timing gear and chain to the tip of the cam shaft and align the gear with the cam shaft gear. 10. Safe the timing chain cowl to the engine utilizing the right gaskets and tacking materials to carry the gaskets in place throughout set up. Oil every new lifter with 10W30 oil and insert them into the lifter holes. Place…

Chevy HHR Replace the Timing Belt Procedures


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Understanding just a bit bit about automobile upkeep can really prevent lots of, if not 1000′s, of dollars in the long term. Often you may want to vary the timing belt in your Chevy HHR. This belt is positioned close to the engine and, whether it is broken or ripped off, your automotive can expertise important harm. Changing out the timing belt usually prices a whole lot of dollars in labor, which it can save you by putting in the timing b…

Ford Explorer EGR Valve Installation


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…ts with your socket wrench and pull the valve from the intake manifold. 6. Utilizing a thin metal paint scraper, make certain the previous gasket that sat between the EGR valve and the consumption manifold is totally removed. 7. Lay the brand new EGR valve gasket into place and insert the new valve into the intake manifold. Re-install the EGR valve mounting bolts and hand tighten. Now, re-join the tubes and hoses that you just removed and exchang…

Chevy 3500 Truck Belt Replace Procedures


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Changing the belt on a Chevy 3500 truck requires a different routing process for various type-years. The Chevy 3500 truck comes outfitted with the next engines: 4.3 liter, 4.8 liter, 5.0 liter, 5.3 liter, 5.7 liter, 6.0 liter, 6.2 liter, 6.6 liter, 7.4 liter and 8.1 liter. Every engine has a special belt routing process. The secret’s to know which method the belt is routed and the place the belt tensioner is located. Chevy 3500 Truck Belt…

Chevy Camaro Replace the Timing Chain Procedures


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arily put in. Implement these steps provided that the crankshaft has been rotated in the engine. Reconnect the timing chain to the sprockets with the timing marks lined up; timing chain and sprockets with the bolts secured to 74 foot pounds (100 Nm) after which one other ninety°; and the timing chain damper that’s tightened to 16 foot pounds (22 Nm). Flip the engine two rotations and line up the timing marks. Fill the crankcase and cooling…

Chevy Silverado Replace the Serpentine Belt Procedures


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A serpentine belt is a crucial a part of any engine. The serpentine belt is so-referred to as as a result of it usually runs a number of equipment and “snakes” round beneath the hood. On a Chevy Silverado, the serpentine belt drives the alternator and different features of the car: Typically, the V6 type may have one serpentine belt for all parts, whereas the V8 could have a separate belt for the air conditioner compressor. Chevy Sil…

Chevy Tracker Replace the Serpentine Belt Procedures


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An engine with a serpentine belt makes use of simply that one belt to show all of the pulleys on an engine, together with those who drive equipment. The serpentine belt itself is pushed by the crankshaft. When the serpentine belt breaks or goes out for different causes, all of the equipment will fail, making driving the car difficult if not possible. Changing the belt is not troublesome, particularly on a Chevy Tracker, and will be performed in…