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1999-2000 Honda Passport Stereo/Radio Installation Procedures


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ereo mounting bracket with a Phillips screwdriver. 6. Pull your entire bracket from the stereo dock. Unplug the stereo wiring from the again of the factory radio. Disconnect the antenna cable from the back panel of the radio. 7. Take away the two screws on both sides of the bracket to free the factory radio. 8. Place the brand new stereo in the stereo mounting bracket. Screw in the two screws on both side of the bracket to secure the brand new st…

1996 Honda Accord Stereo/Radio Replacement


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the heart console away from the dashboard to entry the sprint panel screws near the gear selector lever. 6. Take away the two screws on the entrance aspect of the gear selector lever meeting with a Phillips-head screwdriver. 7. Pull the ashtray from the dashboard. 8. Take away the screw on the rear of the ashtray opening with a Phillips-head screwdriver. 9. Lift the dash panel that surrounds the stereo and the gear selector lever away from the d…

Honda Pilot AM/FM Stereo Replacement Procedures


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…panel close to the dashboard and connect the wiring connectors for the hazard and defroster controls. Press the panel in opposition to the dashboard to snap it again into place. Return to the Honda’s engine compartment. 7. Place the negative battery cable clamp back onto the battery terminal. Tighten the bolt on the negative battery cable clamp with the wrench. Close the Pilot’s hood….

2000 Honda CRV Stereo/Radio Replacement


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of the stereo panel, then set up the alternative stereo as a substitute using the same hardware and tools. Plug the wiring harness and antenna lead into the again of the stereo, and then place the assembly again in the dash. 7. Reassemble the dashboard within the reverse order of disassembly….

1998-2000 Honda CRV Stereo/Radio Removal and Installation


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l, however the top is secured to the principle physique of the sprint with snaps positioned on the again of the panel. To unsnap the panel, pull firmly and the lower dash panel will separate from the primary body of the dash. 7. All screws securing the lower sprint panels have been removed. Now the radio meeting can begin to be removed. Pull the decrease plastic sprint panel under the radio to free it from the physique of the dash. 8. As soon as…

Honda Civic Stereo Installation Instructions


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r you simply twisted together. Pull off a strip of electrical tape about four inches long and gather the wire harnesses together. Use the tape to hold the two together closely so there are not any free wires behind your dash. 5. Attach the top of the new wiring harness to the back of your new stereo. Push the harnesses again into the dash space and down behind the ashtray within the lower portion of the dash. Push the stereo back into the recess…

Honda Element Audio Amplifier Installation Instructions


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…hemselves. Join the groups to a wiring harness adapter. The adapter will probably be clearly marked to show the place the connections ought to be made (both abbreviations or shade code). Join the wiring harness to the stereo. 7. Join the flip-on lead and sign cable (included within the amplifier wiring kit) to the wiring harness adapter and route the cables to the rear of the Honda. Guantee that the signal cable is routed on the alternative side…

Ford Taurus Stereo/Radio Installation Instructions


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ires. 6. Slide the installation sleeve from the Ford stereo equipment into the empty stereo mounting dock. Fold the tabs on the sleeve around the stereo mounting dock edges, securing the sleeve contained in the mounting dock. 7. Join the stereo wiring from the dock to a wiring harness adapter. Plug the plastic wire group binders into the leads of the harness. 8. Insert the new stereo into the sleeve until it snaps into place. The face of the afte…

Buick Stereo/Radio Installation Instructions


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…im panel to the left of the steering column, away from the dash. 4. Pry the sprint panel on the facet of the dashboard (driver’s aspect door) away from the primary paneling. Remove the bolt screw behind the panel with a 7 mm socket and drive. 5. Pull the primary dash panel away from the dashboard manually. 6. Remove the three bolt screws holding the factory stereo to the stereo mounting bracket with the socket and drive. 7. Slide the factor…

1998 Ford Taurus CD Player Installation Instructions


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l the stereo meeting into the dashboard stereo mounting dock. Press firmly on the outside of the trim panel that accommodates the newly installed stereo unit to snap it again into place within the dash. Return to the battery. 7. Place the negative battery cable clamp across the damaging battery terminal. Tighten the bolt on the cable’s clamp with the wrench. Close the Taurus’ hood….

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