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2000 F-150 Rear Wheel Bearing and Axle Shaft Oil Seal


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and axle shaft for put on or damage. 4. If crucial, using the special tools, remove the rear wheel bearing. Rear Wheel Bearing and Axle Shaft Oil Seal Installation Procedure 1. Lubricate the new rear axle bearing. ? Use SAE 75W-140 High Efficiency Rear Axle Lubricant F1TZ-19580-B or equal assembly Ford specification WSL-M2C192-A. 2. Using the special instruments, install the rear bearing. 3. Lubricate the lip of the new bearing oil seal. ? Use…

Honda Accord Rear Sway Bars Installation Procedures


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…ing a new sway bar so the tension is centered correctly. Use the pry bar to help align the bushings with the car’s brackets and insert the new bushings and bolts correctly. Slide the new bushings into place and tighten. 5. Insert the sway bar into the factory tabs and tighten with an Allen wrench tightly. Use the same bar to tighten these fasteners as used to remove them. Factory tabs and brackets need to be in good shape for the new sway b…

Ford Trucks Brake Rotor Installation Instructions


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…e cords, carefully take away the calipers one by one and droop them both from the undercarriage of the truck. Guantee that there is no stress on the brake line main into either caliper. That is to forestall brake line damage. 7. Pull the brake pads out of both of the rear caliper mounts. In the event that they’re caught to the rotors, use a screwdriver to pry them off. 8. Take away both rear caliper mounts through the use of a socket wrench…

Honda Pilot FWD/4WD ReadyLift Suspension Installation Instructions


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e removing easier. 6. Set up the ReadyLift strut extension utilizing the OEM hardware. Tighten to nuts to 30 lb-ft. Set up strut again into manufacturing facility location, set up nuts provided with package but go away loose. 7. Insert the knuckle into the lower strut mount. A C-Clamp may be needed to align the mounting holes. Insert the OEM hardware and tighten to 200 lb-ft. Tighten the three higher strut mounting nuts (14mm) 30 lb-ft. 8. Instal…

Honda CRV XM Radio Installation – Page 1


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forward. 5. Fold the cargo area mat ahead, and take away the cargo area floor. Take away the cargo storage bin. 6. Remove the two front clips from the rear trim panel. Pull up on the rear trim panel to release the five clips. 7. Take away the left rear door sill trim (three clips). 8. Launch the two retaining tabs, and pull the accent socket. Disconnect the car connector from the accessory socket, and take away the accessory socket. 9. Take away…

2010-2011 Honda Fury Mustang Seat Installation


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just behind the fuel tank, above the shock mount. Secure seat with two supplied chromed Allen screws. 2. If additionally installing the matching Mustang rear seat, secure again of front seat to fender utilizing the 2 supplied 6mm x 1″ lengthy hex head bolts with two spool washers. Spool washers go on high of seat mounting tabs, with two plastic washers positioned beneath mounting tabs in opposition to fender. 3. Align forks on front of rear

Honda Civic Rear Speakers Installation Manual


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the securing screws. Tighten the screws with the Phillips screwdriver. 4. Reconnect the wires to the audio system the same means that you eliminated them. Close the trunk. The rear audio system in a Honda Civic are generally 6×9 speakers. Earlier than you can set up new rear speakers you’ll need to take away the outdated speakers. The rear speakers within the Honda Civic fashions are situated contained in the trunk and are mounted to…

Ford Ranger Leaf Spring Removal and Installation Instructions


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and. 4. Take away the wheel/tire assembly. 5. Help the rear axle with a Hi-Lift jack or ground jack. 6. Remove the U-bolt nuts that safe the rear axle to the leaf spring. Use a wrench or ratchet, ratchet extension and socket. 7. Elevate the U-bolts and spring plate off the leaf spring and axle. 8. Lower the rear axle a few inches and take off the spring spacer between the leaf spring and axle, if equipped. 9. Loosen and take away the bolts securi…

Ford Probe Body Kit Installation Instructions


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…hysique equipment on the rear of the Ford Probe. Install and tighten the row of bolts alongside the highest edge of the bumper. Use a Phillips screwdriver to insert the screws alongside the entrance fringe of the rear bumper. 6. Place the side skirt alongside the facet of the Probe and insert one bolt at a time. Once each bolts are in place, tighten them completely….

Ford 500 Disc Brake Removal, Installation and Bleeding Instructions


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s fully compressed. This helps fit the brake pads again into place. Set up the spring clips and brake pads back in the caliper assembly. 2. Set up the brake caliper anchor, using a torque wrench to tighten the anchor bolts to 74 foot-kilos (100 Nm). 3. Set up the caliper with the new guide pins, utilizing a torque wrench to tighten the bolts to forty four foot-pounds (60 Nm). 4. Install new copper washers within the brake hoses. Reconnect the hos…

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