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Honda Goldwing Lights Installation Instructions


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…se H3 bulbs. Place the sockets back into the meeting, reattach the spring clips, and place the rubber seals back onto the assembly. Reconnect the electrical-wire connector to the assembly and place it again into the Goldwing. 7. Reattach the 4 mounting bolts. Place the lower trim again into place beneath the headlight assembly and reinstall its two screws. 8. Remove the seal behind every turn signal assembly. Disengage the spring clip and pull th…

1998-2000 Honda CRV Stereo/Radio Removal and Installation


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l, however the top is secured to the principle physique of the sprint with snaps positioned on the again of the panel. To unsnap the panel, pull firmly and the lower dash panel will separate from the primary body of the dash. 7. All screws securing the lower sprint panels have been removed. Now the radio meeting can begin to be removed. Pull the decrease plastic sprint panel under the radio to free it from the physique of the dash. 8. As soon as…

Honda GL1800 Goldwing Powerlet Socket Kit Installation


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ocket on the left side. Plug the white (or red) connector in, making sure it locks together. On GL1500′s these are 2-pin connectors. On GL1800 it is a 3-pin connector where 2 of the 3 pins are used, the center is blank. 5. Use a voltmeter to check if the polarity is correct. Change the pocket. Take pleasure in!…

Honda Element Cabin Air Filter Installation Instructions


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…ach of the brand new cabin air filters identical to the outdated ones have been arranged. Put one in first, slide it over to the best, then insert the second one. Change the removable panel when each air filters are in place. 7. Put the glove box back in place by lifting it up, gently squeezing the perimeters collectively and pushing it all the way closed. Open and close it once more just to make sure it is correctly seated on its tracks….

1998 Chevy Truck Evaporator Core Service and Repair Page 1


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the center instrument panel sound insulator. 5. Remove the left side instrument panel sound insulator. Disconnect the park brake launch cable. 6. Remove the knee bolster. Remove the lower left instrument panel mounting bolt. 7. Remove the BCM. Disconnect the driving force side SIR. Remove the instrument panel cluster. 8. Take away the radio. Remove the HVAC control assembly. Remove the steering column retaining retaining nuts. 9. Decrease the st…

Honda Odyssey Interior Air Filter Installation Procedures


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love box door, labeled “air movement”). Take away the panel and filter (they’re connected). 5. Insert the new inside air filter with the arrows going through down. Push the filter in until it snaps in place. 6. Increase the glove box door. Align the clip holes with the glove field stopper. Insert the 2 clips you eliminated to secure the door. Change the plastic damper….

1998-2002 Honda Accord V6 Comptech Supercharger Kit


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r pulley dealing with up take away inventory alternator pulley with a 22mm & 10mm wrench (an affect gun might must be used for removal). Install new alternator pulley (See Observe*) and tighten nut to 81.7 ft-lbs torque. 7. Alternator : Reinstall alternator in reverse order. Set up new metal alternator/blower bracket on prime of alternator utilizing manufacturing facility hardware. Torque to specs in Step 5. Substitute alternator belt in inv…

Honda GL1800 Goldwing Trailer Hitch Installation


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hex bolt securing the muffler hanger bracket to the saddlebag subframe utilizing a 12mm socket. This bolt is located below the saddlebag and attaches the muffler to the saddlebag subframe. Repeat for other side. trailer hitch 7. Loosen the muffler clamp pinch bolts using a 6mm Allen head socket. Rotate the mufflers down barely to allow the trailer hitch hoop to slide between the mufflers and the saddlebags. 8. Find and remove the decrease front b…

2007 Honda Odyssey Fog Lights Installation – Page 2


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nd remove the blue tape to free the connector. Plug the fog lights harness 2-pin connector into the automobile harness 2-pin connector. 39. Secure the fog lights harness connector to the automobile harness using one wire tie. 40. Route the fog lights harness forward alongside the vehicle harness. Loosely secure it to the car harness with two wire ties….

2007 Honda Civic Fog Light Installation – Page 2


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white/purple and blue terminals from the switch harness into the car white 34-pin connector. 40. Reinstall the cover to the white 34-pin connector, then plug all three connectors into the fuse box. 41. Plug the switch harness 6-pin connector into the fuse box on the location shown. 42. Route the single pin terminal from the switch harness down from the fuse box area. 43. Under the fuse field, find and disconnect the automobile 20-pin connector. 4…

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