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Honda Accord Sirius Satellite Radio Installation Procedures


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a signal. 5. Tune your Honda Accord’s terrestrial radio to match the frequency your Sirius Satellite Radio receiver displays. You’ll then be able to hear the receiver’s output by means of your stereo system. 6. Call Sirius customer service or visit their web site to activate your satellite radio. Use the customer service number included in your Sirius Satellite Radio set up kit. The quantity can even show on your receiver upon c…

2008 Audi TT Satellite Tuner Installation Instructions


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ard is perfect, so long as the spot permits a transparent line of imaginative and prescient for the motive force. Use the suction cups on the underside of the receiver to carry the unit in place to the spot of your selection. 3. Join the audio cable to the satellite tuner antenna. Wire the cable down the roof of the Audi TT and thru the front passenger seat. Push the cable by way of the skin molding, after which pull it contained in the automobil…

2005 Toyota Sienna Timing Belt Changes Procedures


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The Toyota Sienna is a household minivan that has been in manufacturing since 1997, and the second era of this automobile contains the 2004 through the 2010 type years. The one engine accessible for the 2005 Toyota Sienna is the 3MZ-FE type, which has a double overhead camshaft. The vast majority of the timing belt set up for this car offers with holding the crankshaft and camshafts within the correct place through the process. 2005 Toyota Sienn…

2006 Toyota Sienna Change the Timing Belt Procedures


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faces down. Join the lower cowl for the timing belt. Install the crankshaft pulley with device¬†09213-54015, 91651-60855 and 09330-00021. Tighten the mounting bolts to 159 ft. lbs. with a torque wrench. Carry out steps one by 4 in reverse order to put in the extra parts. Begin the engine and examine for oil leaks. [taken from]…

Toyota Sienna Struts Installation Instructions


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…. This relieves pressure on the meeting and lets you remove the strut. If you don’t use a strut compressor, you may endure serious private injury or dying from the strut hardware capturing dangerously upward toward you. 7. Place a wrench on the nut holding the strut tower on the strut, then place locking pliers on the top of the strut in order that the strut would not spin when you attempt to remove the nut. Loosen the nut together with you…

Toyota Camry Sirius Car Radio Installation Instructions


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a wire along the path of the Camry’s rear speaker wiring harness to the front of the vehicle just beneath the center console. Use a putty knife to create an opening along the interior trim panels securing the carpeting. 7. Attach the antenna wire to the socket on Sirius dock. The connection point is labelled “ANT.” Coil the remaining wire with twist-ties. 8. Mount the sirius radio onto the dock. Plug the cigarette lighter adapte…

Toyota T100 Timing Belt Replace Procedures


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Timing belts must be changed each 60,000 miles on a Toyota T100. If you happen to fail to restore or exchange your timing belt, you run the danger of inflicting extreme harm to your Toyota’s engine. As well as, you may find yourself stranded along with your truck out of order attributable to a damaged timing belt. Your timing belt most likely must be changed when you hear slapping or screaming noises coming out of your engine. Protecting a…

1999 Toyota Corolla Replace the Timing Belt Procedures


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oncern for the inconvenience to the buyer when the belt immanently fails, skilled technicians suggest changing the timing belt at the identical time interval prompt for all different autos to be on the secure aspect, which is 60,000-mile intervals. Toyota Corolla Replace the Timing Belt¬†Instructions Loosen, however don’t take away the lug nuts on the passenger aspect wheel, utilizing the lug wrench. Remove the bolts in the windshield washer…

Honda CRV XM Radio Installation – Page 2


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Installing the XM Radio Unit 17. Install the XM Radio bracket A and bracket B to the XM Radio Unit utilizing the 4 5 x eight mm screws and 4 washers provided. 18. Loosely attach one 6 x 12 mm washer-bolt to the top of the XM radio bracket A and bracket B. 19. Route the XM radio meeting in back of the gasoline lid opener cable and the drain tub, and place the XM radio assembly into the body panel. Set the two 6 x 12 mm washer-bolts into the elong…

1992 Toyota Camry Timing Belt Replace Procedures


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Toyota recommends changing the timing belt at 60,000-mile intervals. The reasoning is that this engine makes use of a hydraulic belt tensioner with a certain amount of throw. The timing belt hardly ever exhibits any put on, nevertheless, it stretches, as do all timing belts. Utilizing the timing belt over 60,000 miles stretches the boundaries of the belt. Regardless that the Toyota’s engine is a freewheeling engine, the place it’s un…

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