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Honda Accord Sirius Satellite Radio Installation Procedures


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a signal. 5. Tune your Honda Accord’s terrestrial radio to match the frequency your Sirius Satellite Radio receiver displays. You’ll then be able to hear the receiver’s output by means of your stereo system. 6. Call Sirius customer service or visit their web site to activate your satellite radio. Use the customer service number included in your Sirius Satellite Radio set up kit. The quantity can even show on your receiver upon c…

Toyota Sienna Struts Installation Instructions


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…. This relieves pressure on the meeting and lets you remove the strut. If you don’t use a strut compressor, you may endure serious private injury or dying from the strut hardware capturing dangerously upward toward you. 7. Place a wrench on the nut holding the strut tower on the strut, then place locking pliers on the top of the strut in order that the strut would not spin when you attempt to remove the nut. Loosen the nut together with you…

Toyota Camry Sirius Car Radio Installation Instructions


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a wire along the path of the Camry’s rear speaker wiring harness to the front of the vehicle just beneath the center console. Use a putty knife to create an opening along the interior trim panels securing the carpeting. 7. Attach the antenna wire to the socket on Sirius dock. The connection point is labelled “ANT.” Coil the remaining wire with twist-ties. 8. Mount the sirius radio onto the dock. Plug the cigarette lighter adapte…

Honda CRV XM Radio Installation – Page 2


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Installing the XM Radio Unit 17. Install the XM Radio bracket A and bracket B to the XM Radio Unit utilizing the 4 5 x eight mm screws and 4 washers provided. 18. Loosely attach one 6 x 12 mm washer-bolt to the top of the XM radio bracket A and bracket B. 19. Route the XM radio meeting in back of the gasoline lid opener cable and the drain tub, and place the XM radio assembly into the body panel. Set the two 6 x 12 mm washer-bolts into the…

1998 Chevy Truck Evaporator Core Service and Repair Page 2


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bolts to 4.5 N.m (40 lb in). 5. Install the condenser to the evaporator line fitting. Install the accumulator. 6. Install the evaporator case bolts and screws. Tighten to 2.5 N.m (24 In in). Set up the blower motor resistor. 7. Install the evaporator case warmth protect, if equipped. Set up the appropriate fender. 8. Join the electrical connector for the horn. Install the radio antenna cable. 9. Install the fitting wheelhouse panel. Install the…

Honda Accord Satellite Radio Installation Procedures


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e the wire down the window and into the trunk on the point the place the window and the trunk opening meet. 6. Feed the antenna wire from the trunk space by way of the rear fold-down seat and into the main cabin of the Honda. 7. Route the wire beneath the carpeting in the rear seat area to the entrance of the vehicle. Use the trim panel elimination tool to lift the carpeting on the edge of the door openings to lay the wiring beneath it. 8. Plug t…

Toyota Highlander Radio/Stereo Installation Instructions


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que harness. Mount the brand new stereo into the Toyota radio mounting kit and secure it by following the producer’s instructions. Plug the wiring harness adaptor and antenna wire into the again of the brand new stereo. 5. Slide your entire stereo assembly into the dash and reconnect the battery cable. Flip the radio on and verify the speakers and controls are engaged on the brand new stereo. Secure the stereo in the dash with the six 10mm…

Toyota Tundra Stereo Installation Instructions


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mounting equipment and plug the wiring harness and antenna wire into the again of the brand new head unit. Slide the stereo and mounting equipment into the Toyota Tundra dash and safe it in place with the 4 authentic screws. 6. Reconnect the negative battery cable and turn on the radio. Verify the speakers and controls are working properly and change the climate controls and additional trim….

Toyota Corolla Car Stereo Installation Instructions


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ps, which interact automatically. 5. Plug the wiring harness adaptor and antenna wire into the again of the new head unit and push the whole meeting into the dash. Reconnect the damaging battery cable and switch the radio on. 6. Ensure all of the stereo controls and speakers are working. Safe the radio in the dash with the unique 4 screws and exchange the trim….

Toyota Tundra CD Player Installation Instructions


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the wiring harness, in line with CD player instructions, if you are putting in an aftermarket CD player. Connect the module to the CD Player and plug in the antenna cable. Mount the CD player within the dash with the screws. 6. Place the trim panel again in place and push, to lock it back in. Exchange the screws you took out earlier and reconnect the battery cable….

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