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Ford F150 Super Crew Cab Nerf Bars Installation Instructions


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. 5. Lift the F150 off the jack stands, using the floor jack. Move all 4 jack stands away from the truck. Decrease the F150 to the ground. 6. Repeat Steps 1 by means of 5 on the opposite aspect to install the proper Nerf bar. 7. Re-tighten all the Nerf bar mounting nuts when done. When tightening, torque the nuts till the lock washers flatten out, then flip the nut 1/2-turn further….

Ford Pickup Thermostat Installation Instructions


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…onsumption manifold and thermostat housing with the gasket scraper and rag. 4. Remove the rag from the intake manifold and set the thermostat O-ring in place by hand. Set the Ford truck’s new thermostat into the intake. 5. Lower the Ford truck’s thermostat housing into place by hand. Reinstall the thermostat housing bolts with the socket set. Open the radiator or coolant overflow tank and exchange any coolant which will have escaped w…

Ford F-150 Windshield Installation Instructions


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…ed to open up the pores in order that the urethane can adhere to the glass. 4. Run a bead of urethane into the pinchweld space on the Ford F150 where the windshield will probably be positioned utilizing an electric caulk gun. 5. Align the highest, bottom and sides of the windshield and press the windshield into place….

Ford Powerstroke Diesel Turbocharger Installation Instructions


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…rstroke diesel engine to get all of the efficiency and turbo energy that late model Powerstrokes enjoy right off the manufacturing facility floor. Ford Powerstroke Diesel Turbocharger Installation 1. Minimize the exhaust pipe 6 inches after the “Y” pipe meets up with the only exhaust pipe below the passenger compartment of the truck. Loosen and remove the four nuts that hold the exhaust flange together. Pull the “Y” pipe f…

Ford Ford Roller Rocker Arms Installation Instructions


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ankshaft clockwise with a socket and ratchet until the roller rocker arms strikes all the way down to open the valve then rises back as much as shut the valve. When the valve rocker is all the way up, rotate the crank another 90 degrees. This can be a tried and true approach of adjusting both pedestal- and stud-mounted rockers accurately. This process only takes an extra 5 minutes, but the roller rocker arms will all be correct. This methodology…

Ford Focus Water Pump Removal and Installation Instructions


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ant on the brand new water pump and place the new gasket over this. Hold the gasket in place on the pump as you mount it on the engine, where you removed the old pump. 2. Maintain the water pump in place as you secure it with 4 new bolts. Tighten every in any order with 13 foot pounds torque. Reassemble the rest of the components within the order you took them off the Ford Focus. Exchange any parts that appear worn or broken as you go. 3. Replace

Ford Taurus Stereo/Radio Installation Instructions


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astic wire group binders into the leads of the harness. 8. Insert the new stereo into the sleeve until it snaps into place. The face of the aftermarket stereo can be degree with the trim of the dashboard stereo mounting dock. 9. Replace the grounding cable over the adverse lead put up and tighten the cable’s clamp with the wench….

Ford Focus Brake Pads Installation Instructions


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he socket set. 10. Repeat steps 4 by 9 on the correct front. In case your Focus is supplied with 4-wheel disc brakes, repeat those steps on the rear brakes as effectively, once you lower the entrance end and jack up the rear. 11. Reinstall the wheels and lug nuts. Decrease the Focus off the jack stands and tighten the entrance lug nuts to seventy five lbs/ft with the torque wrench….

Ford Engine 360 Carburetor Installation Instructions


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tive force’s aspect of the 360′s carburetor. The throttle linkage connects the carburetor to the accelerator pedal. Vans equipped with the 360 used a thin rod as a throttle linkage. The tip of the rod is bent to a 90-degree angle. This angled portion of the rod slides into the opening on the aspect of the throttle linkage, and is held into place with a clip that fits over the tip of the rod. 6. Join the fuel filter and the fuel line t…

Ford Granada Carburetor Removal and Installation Instructions


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…fuel within the line. Disconnect with a wrench. 5. Disconnect the PCV hose. Pull again to keep it from interfering with the elimination of the carburetor. 6. Disconnect the throttle linkage. It will require a pair of pliers. 7. Unbolt the carburetor from the manifold, using a socket wrench. Rigorously pull the carburetor off the manifold. Ford Granada Carburetor Removal Instructions 1. Replace the carburetor flange gasket over the manifold. This…

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