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2002 Ford Taurus Blower Motor Repair Procedures


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tely seated. Examine the rubber seal on the vent display which must be fully seated in opposition to the windshield. If the cowl vent display will not be fully seated and seems warped, it must be changed (4F1Z-54018A16- BAA). 3. Take away the cowl vent screen per the Workshop Guide Part 412-01 Pollen Filter Removing and examine the cabin filter to verify it is fully seated. Re-seat the filter as necessary. Examine rain-hat base to make sure it…

1998 Ford Taurus CD Player Installation Instructions


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mobile audio outlet) into the holes at both finish of the stereo’s face. Push the keys into the openings until they snap into place. Pull outward on the keys and pull the stock head unit from the Ford’s dashboard. 3. Unplug the 2 white plastic wire binders from the outlets on the again of the stereo unit. Remove the antenna cable lead from the antenna outlet on the again of the unit. Take away the two screws on either side of the ster…

Ford Taurus Stereo/Radio Installation Instructions


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keys together to insert them into the stereo face. The keys are U-formed, and the prongs on the keys fit into the 2 holes on either aspect of the stereo’s face. Slide the keys into the holes until they snap into place. 3. Pull outward on every of the keys to release the spring-loaded mechanisms holding the stereo in the mount. 4. Pull the manufacturing facility stereo from the sprint whereas sustaining the outward pull on the keys. The rad…

Ford Taurus Thermostat Replacement Instructions


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with the upper radiator hose to the point the place it meets the thermostat housing on the entrance of the intake manifold. Loosen the hose clamp and pull the radiator hose off the water connection on the thermostat housing. 3. Take out the 2 bolts on the thermostat housing cover with a 13mm socket or wrench and take away the cover. Clean any previous gasket residue from the within of the thermostat housing cover. Pull out the outdated thermosta…

Ford Taurus Stereo Dock Installation Instructions


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…ush the sleeve into the dock till the ahead edge is recessed contained in the dock. 2. Use a screwdriver or different flat device to bend the steel tabs of the sleeve. The tabs fold outward to secure the sleeve into the dock. 3. Pull the stereo wiring and antenna cable from the again of the Ford’s stereo dock. 4. Plug the plastic stereo wiring binders into the corresponding lead connectors of the wiring harness adapter. 5. Insert the harnes…

Ford Taurus Car Audio Installation Instructions


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…ntory stereo from the stereo dock. Disconnect the two white, plastic wire binders from the shops on the back of the stereo. Unplug the antenna cable from the FM antenna outlet on the back of the manufacturing facility stereo. 3. Insert the faceplate adapter into the vacant stereo mounting dock. Feed the stereo wiring and antenna cable by means of the back of the adapter. Plug the stereo wiring binders into the wiring harness adapter leads. 4. Plu…

Ford Taurus Radiator Hoses Installation Instructions


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…too tight. Flip it counterclockwise until the coolant starts draining into the pan under the car. Let the coolant drain until the cooling system is empty, then close the petcock and take away the drain pan from below the car. 3. Take away the hose clamp from every finish of the upper radiator hose, and do the identical for the lower radiator hoses. If they are manufacturing facility spring clamps you’ll need a pair of pliers to squeeze the…

Ford Taurus Disc Brakes Installation Instructions


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d from the master cylinder. Replace the cap and discard the fluid. 2. Crack the lug nuts 1/8 of a turn using a lug wrench. Lift and support the front of the Taurus using a jack and jack stands. Remove the lug nuts and wheels. 3. Remove the caliper locating pins with a ratchet and socket; then use a screwdriver to pry the caliper off the caliper bracket and rotor. Tie the caliper to the coil spring with twine to prevent damage to the brake hose. 4…

Ford Taurus Speaker Removal and Installation Instructions


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stem. Remove the unfavorable terminal from the battery. 2. Locate the spot the place the manufacturing facility audio system had been installed. You will have to remove the old Speaker earlier than putting in a brand new one. 3. Pry off the speaker cowl with a flathead screwdriver. The quilt will come out, exposing the outdated speaker. 4. Unscrew the hardware holding the speaker in place. There shall be four Phillips head screws centered around…

Ford Taurus Radio/Stereo Installation


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locking pin holes, two on each side of the stereo, and regulate the hangers to suit on each side. Push the hangers into the holes and apply strain towards the skin of the pinnacle unit till you hear the tabs snap into place. 3. Pull the stereo out of the dash and disconnect the wires from behind the unit. Safe the brand new head unit into the Ford radio adaptor kit. 4. Connect the wiring harness adaptor onto the old harness and plug the connecti…