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2003 Honda Element Engine Block Heater Installation Procedures


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2003 Honda Element Engine Block Heater Installation 1. Permit the engine and all cooling system elements to cool down. 2. Place a clean drain pan beneath the radiator drain plug, then take away the drain plug from the bottom of the radiator to drain the coolant. Remove the radiator cap to increase the flow. 3. Open the hood and remove the radiator cover (5 clips). 4. Remove the radiator mount bracket (two bolts). 5. Remove the drain plug from th…

Remanufactured Ford Engine Prepare Installation Instructions


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…rewdrivers, pliers, ratchets, sockets and torque wrench — on a portable tray or roll-round cart. This makes engine installation easier by having the instruments available wherever you should transfer across the vehicle. 4. Change or fix any non-working lights in your garage. Have two garage creepers and a couple of drop lights ready on all sides of your Ford automobile so that you simply and your assistant can use them throughout the set up…

Ford 233 6-Cylinder Engine Fuel Pump Installation Instructions


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teel lines. Have a rag useful for any fuel spills when eradicating the lines. 3. Loosen and remove the 2 fuel-pump retaining bolts with a socket and ratchet. Place the bolts apart for installation of the substitute fuel pump. 4. Pull the pump straight out of the engine block and remove it from the engine bay. Scrape any gasket reside from the mounting floor of the engine block with a gasket scraper. 5. Place a new gasket over the mounting floor o…

Ford F-150 Serpentine Belt Replacement Instructions


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Take away the cooling fan mounting bolts using a ratchet and socket when you have a 6.0L engine model. Then take away the four cooling-fan stator mounting bolts using a ratchet and socket and remove the stator. Go to Step 6. 4. Take away the air duct from the air cleaner assembly if you have a 5.4L or 6.8L engine model. Go to Step 6. 5. Remove the fan meeting you probably have a 4.6L engine model. Use special Ford fan instruments 303-240 and 303…

Ford 302 Oil Pan Installation Instruction


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ch. 2. Remove the one bolt that secures the pan’s dipstick tube to the front of the engine block with a wrench, then pull the dipstick tube out of the pan. 3. Remove the oil pan’s 22 attaching bolts with a wrench. 4. Pull the pan off of the engine block. The counterweights of the crankshaft may intervene with the as it’s being removed. Flip the bolt in the middle of the harmonic balancer with a socket wrench to turn the cranksha…

Ford 460 V8 Engine Distributor Installation Instructions


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The Ford 460-cubic-inch, V-8 engine, produced from 1968 until 1996, was primarily a 429 engine with an extended stroke. A member of the Ford 385 engine family, the 460 survived emission normal enhancements and became one of the longest-operating production big-block engines. Ford 460 distributor set up is a straight-forward process and requires sure steps to be accomplished in order. The elimination of the earlier distributor determines the diff…

Ford Taurus Heater Bypass Installation Instructions


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…er, which is just a short pipe that may be bought at any auto parts store and is inexpensive. The heater hoses shouldn’t be cut as a result of they are expensive and can be wanted again when the heater core is replaced. 3. Fill the radiator to the correct degree with antifreeze and leave the radiator cap off for the moment. Start the engine and permit it to heat up. Once the engine warms sufficient to open the thermostat, the fluid level wi…

Ford Engine 360 Carburetor Installation Instructions


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gasket over each of the four studs positioned on prime of the intake manifold. Don’t use gasket sealer on this gasket. 3. Place the carburetor over the four intake manifold studs and onto the carburetor’s gasket. 4. Place every of the four nuts over the 4 studs on the intake manifold. Tighten every nut with a wrench to secure the carburetor to the intake manifold. 5. Join the throttle linkage to the carburetor. The throttle linkage i…

Ford F-250 7.3 Diesel Water Pump Removal Instructions


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…sioner at the high of the engine. Rotate the wrench counterclockwise to slacken the belt tension. Slip the belt from its pulleys and take away it from the engine bay. Slowly increase the handle of the wrench and take away it. 4. Take away the 2 bolts from the highest of the plastic fan shroud with a ten mm wrench turned in a counterclockwise direction. Take away the middle nut that holds the fan to the entrance of the water pump with a 1 7/8-inch…

Ford Explorer Water Pump Removal and Installation Instructions


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…on the Ford Explorer using an adjustable wrench. So as, these embrace: engine cooling fan, drive belt and any other elements like fan shroud and heater hoses. Lay each part out, with its bolts, within the order disconnected. 4. Move the engine control sensor wires away from the water pump pulley, if needed. Take away the water pump pulley and undo the bolts securing the water pump to the engine. Clear off the mount after eradicating the pump, ut…

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