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2003 Honda Element Engine Block Heater Installation Procedures


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2003 Honda Element Engine Block Heater Installation 1. Permit the engine and all cooling system elements to cool down. 2. Place a clean drain pan beneath the radiator drain plug, then take away the drain plug from the bottom of the radiator to drain the coolant. Remove the radiator cap to increase the flow. 3. Open the hood and remove the radiator cover (5 clips). 4. Remove the radiator mount bracket (two bolts). 5. Remove the drain plug from th…

Ford Taurus Heater Bypass Installation Instructions


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…er, which is just a short pipe that may be bought at any auto parts store and is inexpensive. The heater hoses shouldn’t be cut as a result of they are expensive and can be wanted again when the heater core is replaced. 3. Fill the radiator to the correct degree with antifreeze and leave the radiator cap off for the moment. Start the engine and permit it to heat up. Once the engine warms sufficient to open the thermostat, the fluid level wi…

Ford Fusion Cabin Air Filter Installation Instructions


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oing in the identical direction. 4. Take away the previous air filter. If you’re undecided if it wants alternative, examine it closely. If it is more than three months old and visibly soiled, it is time for replacement. 5. Put the brand new air filter within the compartment with the air circulation path arrow pointing in the course you famous in Step 3. Substitute the lid on the compartment, and push it down until it snaps snugly into place…

Ford 233 6-Cylinder Engine Fuel Pump Installation Instructions


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rt for installation of the substitute fuel pump. 4. Pull the pump straight out of the engine block and remove it from the engine bay. Scrape any gasket reside from the mounting floor of the engine block with a gasket scraper. 5. Place a new gasket over the mounting floor of the substitute gas pump and maintain it to the mounting surface on the engine block, lining up the mounting holes. Thread the original retaining bolts through the pump and int…

Ford F-150 Water Pump Removal and Installation Instructions


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hose from the Water Pump assembly using a flat-head screwdriver and turning the hose-clamp screw counterclockwise until the clamp is loose. The water pump is situated on the entrance of the engine block dealing with the fan. 5. Pull each hose away from the water pump meeting by hand till the hoses are disconnected from the water pump. 6. Take away the four bolts connecting the water pump pulley to the water pump by turning them counterclockwise…

Ford 302 Oil Pan Installation Instruction


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rankshaft may intervene with the as it’s being removed. Flip the bolt in the middle of the harmonic balancer with a socket wrench to turn the crankshaft while sliding the pan in the direction of the front of the engine. 5. Pull the oil pan gasket off of the pan. 6. Clear the gasket mating surfaces on the lip of the pan and on the bottom of the engine block with a rag and engine degreaser. 7. Apply gasket sealant to each side of a brand new…

Ford Brake Controller Installation Procedures


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…because the parking brake, and will not impede the doorway and exit of the vehicle. 4. Mark the location of the mounting bracket. Screw the mounting bracket into the plastic dash. If crucial pre-drill slightly smaller holes. 5. Connect the controllers to the bracket. Tighten the retaining screws. Most controller brackets can help you swing the controller to be flush against the sprint when not in use. Tighten the screws all the way if you do not…

Ford Mud Flaps Installation


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…he inner fender once more and insert a pop rivet into one of the holes with a pop rivet gun. Attach the ford mud flap to the interior fender effectively with the pop rivet gun. Repeat this till you’ve put in all three rivets. 4. Repeat Steps 1 through 3 within the different wheel wells until you’ve put in all of the mud flaps….

Ford Audio CD Changer Installation Instructions


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…he DIN removal tools into the slots on the face of the radio. 3. Pull the DIN tools outward and towards you (away from the sprint) to remove the stereo. 4. Disconnect the wiring teams from the back of the Ford stereo by hand. 5. Connect the wiring teams to a wiring harness adapter. The wiring teams are for the antenna, the amplifier, the speakers and the power supply. Join the wiring harness adapter to the corresponding retailers on the Ford̵…

Ford Transmission Installation Instructions


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…o the jack stands. 4. Transfer the Ford Transmission into place beneath the vehicle. Watch out to not injury the underside of the transmission when transferring it into place. You have to your helper to assist with this step. 5. Slide the jack subsequent to the transmission and lift the transmission up, then slide the jack beneath it. Again, you will need the help of your helper to do this. 6. Jack the transmission up and into place. This may occ…

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