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Ford F-150 Sway Bars Installation Instructions


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…r brackets using the socket set. 4. Loosen the rear sway bar bracket bolts sufficient to permit you to slip the sway bar out of the brackets on the front facet, where you eliminated the entrance bolts. Set the sway bar aside. 5. Slide the brand new sway bars into the sway bar brackets, making sure not to displace the sway bar bracket bushings. Substitute the sway bar bushings if they show indicators of excessive put on, such as cracking or deform…

Ford Escort Stabilizer/Sway Bar Links Installation Instructions


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…t set. Unbolt the identical link from the chassis with the socket set. 4. Install the Escort’s alternative left-entrance sway bar link by hand. Bolt it to the bar first after which to the chassis utilizing a socket set. 5. Repeat Steps three and 4 on the Escort’s proper-front sway bar link. 6. Unchock the rear wheel. Release your Escort’s parking brake. Back the Escort off the ramps….

Ford Sway Bar Link Installation Instructions


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…ich releases pressure on the rubber cushions, allowing them to fall out. 3. Orient the new link within the proper direction and install the nuts on the bolts, again utilizing two wrenches. Tighten the nuts and bolts securely. 4. Assemble the parts of a by bolt sway bar link and install the bolt. Tighten the nut until all of the rubber cushions are evenly compressed to about 2/3 of their uncompressed thickness….

Chevy Sway Bar Installation Instructions


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…icating the end links. 3. Disconnect the sway bar from the body of the car by eradicating the nuts and bolts that safe the body bushings. 4. Take away the sway bar from the car, and remove the body bushings from the sway bar. 5. Examine all of the fasteners and rubber isolators. Exchange any fasteners which can be rusted or deformed. Substitute any of the rubber isolators which might be dried out or brittle. Installing the Sway Bar 6. Set up the…

Ford F150 Super Crew Cab Nerf Bars Installation Instructions


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17;s frame. Note that some Nerf bars could include a rubber insulator to take a seat between the mounting bracket and frame; if yours do, make sure that to put the insulator between the bar and body before inserting the bolt. 5. Lift the F150 off the jack stands, using the floor jack. Move all 4 jack stands away from the truck. Decrease the F150 to the ground. 6. Repeat Steps 1 by means of 5 on the opposite aspect to install the proper Nerf bar….

Honda Accord Rear Sway Bars Installation Procedures


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…ing a new sway bar so the tension is centered correctly. Use the pry bar to help align the bushings with the car’s brackets and insert the new bushings and bolts correctly. Slide the new bushings into place and tighten. 5. Insert the sway bar into the factory tabs and tighten with an Allen wrench tightly. Use the same bar to tighten these fasteners as used to remove them. Factory tabs and brackets need to be in good shape for the new sway b…

Ford Ranger Tow Bar Installation Instructions


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cle body the place the bolt holes shall be drilled. These marks should be centered on the body based on the widths of the frame and tow bar. 4. Clamp the tow bar to the car frame and align the bar to your drill hole markings. 5. Drill the holes in the body, using the position of the tow bar as a template. 6. Insert the mounting bolts and tighten them with a wrench. 7. Connect the safety cable and security chains; these must be included with the t…

Ford F150 Serpentine Belt Replace Procedures


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…e you have a 6.0L engine type. Then take away the 4 cooling-fan stator mounting bolts utilizing a ratchet and socket and take away the stator. Go to Step 6. Remove the air duct from the air cleaner assembly in case you have a 5.4L or 6.8L engine type. Go to Step 6. Remove the fan assembly you probably have a four.6L engine type. Use particular Ford fan instruments 303-240 and 303-239 to take away the fan (see Suggestions). Transfer the fan assemb…

Ford Excursions 7.3L Change the Serpentine Belt Procedures


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…igh of the black plastic cowl that surrounds the radiator. Find the spring-loaded belt tensioner on the front of the 7.3L Ford engine. The tensioner is under the alternator and above the crankshaft pulley. The tensioner has a 1/2-inch drive sq. gap on the pulley finish of the tensioner. Use the sq. gap to rotate the tensioner backwards and forwards. Rotate the tensioner pulley clockwise with the half of-inch drive breaker bar. As soon as the belt…

Ford F250 Gasoline Serpentine Belt Installation Instructions


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…ine. 3. Connect the belt tensioner tool to the serpentine belt tensioner. Move the tensioner aside with the software and slip the serpentine belt over the tensioner pulley, per your F250′s specific belt-routing diagram. 4. Release the pressure on the tensioner with the software, then remove the device and shut the hood. Belt-routing diagrams range from mannequin year to mannequin 12 months and likewise by the F250′s specific accent se…