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Ford Escort Stabilizer/Sway Bar Links Installation Instructions


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…wheel chocks to hold the Escort in place. Slide below the Escort’s front end. 3. Unbolt the left-front sway bar link from the sway bar with the socket set. Unbolt the identical link from the chassis with the socket set. 4. Install the Escort’s alternative left-entrance sway bar link by hand. Bolt it to the bar first after which to the chassis utilizing a socket set. 5. Repeat Steps three and 4 on the Escort’s proper-front sway b…

Ford F-150 Transmission Modulator Installation Instructions


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d make sure they aren’t misplaced or torn. Install the rod finish into the vacuum modulator and insert the modulator into the transmission. Push it hard enough for the O-rings to enter the transmission for a great seal. 4. Set up the hold down bracket and bolt and tighten with a wrench. Install the vacuum hose on the modulator. Lower the truck….

Ford Granada Carburetor Removal and Installation Instructions


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…any vacuum lines and mark distinctively to ensure they’re re-put in correctly. You can remove the vacuum lines with your fingers. 3. Disconnect all vacuum lines from the carburetor. Mark each vacuum line distinctively. 4. Take away the fuel line. Watch out when removing, as there can be fuel within the line. Disconnect with a wrench. 5. Disconnect the PCV hose. Pull again to keep it from interfering with the elimination of the carburetor….

Ford Escort Fuel Tank Installation Instructions


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…ated halfway as much as set up the wiring to the fuel pump. 3. Set up the wiring harness to the pigtail meeting on high of the tank. Push the clip into the pigtail till it snaps. This may prevent the wiring from slipping out. 4. Install the fuel lines. The traces are equipped with quick-connect fittings so they will lock once you push them together. 5. Install the gas inlet hose. The hose goes into the back of the fuel tank from the gas cap. The…

2001 F-150 Intake Manifold 5.4L Installation Procedure


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stic scraper only. Clean all the sealing surfaces. 2. If eliminated, install the water crossover. 3. Install the intake manifold. Place the new intake manifold gaskets. Place the upper intake manifold. Loosely set up 9 bolts. 4. NOTE: The thermostat housing bolts are tightened in sequence with the intake manifold bolts. Do not tighten the thermostat housing bolts throughout thermostat installation. Set up the water thermostat. 5. Tighten the 11 b…

Ford Radio Installation Instructions


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Ford Radio Removal and Installation Instructions Ford automobiles, such as the Mustang, F150 and the Taurus, have a special design that makes swapping the radio out easy, even for the amateur. Putting in a new radio will only require the Ford Radio hook instrument or an aftermarket equal, until you might be putting in an aftermarket radio. Aftermarket radio set up is a bit more troublesome and will require wire cutters to convert wiring harnesse…

Ford Power Window Regulator Installation Instructions


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…o expose the screws. The screws may additionally require a Phillips head screwdriver to take away them, as soon as again depending in your Ford’s 12 months and model. 3. Elevate the Ford’s door panel off the door. 4. Hoist the Ford’s window glass to the highest of the window body and tape it there with packing tape. 5. Remove the retaining bolts from the window regulator on the window glass, door assist and window motor with a s…

2001 F-150 Intake Manifold 5.4L Removal Procedure


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2001 Ford F-150 Intake Manifold 5.4L Removal Procedure : 1. Disconnect the battery ground cable (14301). 2. Relieve the fuel system pressure. 3. Drain the engine cooling system. 4. Take away the engine air cleaner (ACL)(9600) and the air cleaner outlet tube (9B659). 5. Compress and slide the hose clamp and disconnect the upper radiator hose. 6. Take away the accelerator cable snow shield. Remove the bolts. Remove the accelerator cable snow shiel…

Ford Transmission Installation Instructions


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…n. Carefully decrease the front onto the jack stands. 3. Jack up the rear of the vehicle to the same height because the entrance and place jack stands under the body in the rear. Carefully lower the rear onto the jack stands. 4. Transfer the Ford Transmission into place beneath the vehicle. Watch out to not injury the underside of the transmission when transferring it into place. You have to your helper to assist with this step. 5. Slide the jack…

Ford 289 Engine Distributor Installation Instructions


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tributor, taking care to not disturb the eight spark-plug wires and the single coil wire hooked up to the top of the cap. 3. Pull the rubber vacuum hose off of the metallic canister positioned on the front of the distributor. 4. Trace the wire that protrudes from the facet of the distributor to the ignition coil, then remove the nut that secures the wire to the coil with a wrench and elevate the wire off of the coil. 5. Scribe a chalk mark throug…

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