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Ford Escape Audio Subwoofers Installation Instructions


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…clamp from the negative lead post and relaxation it away from the battery. 2. Connect the amplifier ring terminal with hooked up energy supply cable (included within the amp wiring equipment) to the constructive battery lead. 3. Drill an opening in the firewall of the engine compartment to the inside of the vehicle’s cabin if there is not an opening already established. Place a rubber grommet within the new opening. Route the facility provi…

Ford Escape Strut Installation Instructions


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…t using a wrench and pull the bracket from the strut. Disconnect the ABS harness from the strut in case your car has antilock brakes. Take away the stabilizer bar hyperlink nut using a wrench and push the bar off to the side. 3. Place the spring compressor on the coil spring and tighten it sufficient to take away the stress from the strut. Take away the bolts attaching the strut to the steering knuckle using a socket and ratchet. You could have t…

Ford Escape Stereo/Radio Installation Instructions


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…Connect the stereo wiring, within the now vacant stereo/radio mounting dock, to a wiring harness adapter. The wiring harness adapter will probably be labeled to illustrate where you’re to make the suitable connections. 3. Slide the Ford radio put in kit faceplate adapter into the stereo mounting dock. Feed the wiring harness adapter by to the front of the faceplate adapter. 4. Connect the leads of the wiring harness adapter to the retailer…

Ford Escape Fuel Filter Removal and Installation Instructions


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…g the fuel pump relay located in a relay assembly inside the engine compartment. 2. Begin the engine and let it idle. Once it stalls, crank the engine for about five seconds to relieve the residual pressure within the system. 3. Turn the ignition key to the “Off” position. 4. Disconnect the black, damaging battery cable using a wrench. Ford Escape Fuel Filter Removal Instructions 1. Elevate the rear of your Ford Escape using a floor j…

Ford Escape Car Stereo/Radio Installation Instructions


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…e away the cable and clamp from the damaging lead post on the vehicle’s battery. 2. Place the removal tools into the slots found on the edges of the Ford stereo’s face. Pull the unit from the stereo mounting dock. 3. Remove the wiring to the rear of the stereo by hand. The wiring for the audio system might be grouped by plastic binders. Pull the antenna cable from the radio. 4. Insert the installation package bracket into the dash. Ru…

Ford Escape Serpentine Belt Installation Instructions


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The serpentine belt–or fan belt, as it’s generally referred to as–interprets the torque from the engine’s crankshaft to varied parts, such because the alternator, air con compressor and power-steering pump. If the serpentine belt exhibits indicators of fraying, cracking, glazing or lacking ribs, it needs to be changed instantly. When changing the belt on a Ford Escape, it’s best to be accustomed to the belt routing…

Ford Escape Speaker Installation Instructions


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…e door release deal with and take away the screw from behind the quilt with the screwdriver. Take away the rubber mat from the underside of the door pull cup then take away the screw from beneath the mat with the screwdriver. 3. Take away the Phillips head screw from the rear edge of the door panel. 4. Pry around the bottom and aspect edges of the door panel with the panel tool. Elevate the panel off of the door and disconnect the wiring harness…

Ford F250 Gasoline Serpentine Belt Installation Instructions


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…accent pulley till all that continues to be is the serpentine belt tensioner. Be certain to observe the routing diagram precisely or it’s possible you’ll injury the truck, yourself or each if you begin the engine. 3. Connect the belt tensioner tool to the serpentine belt tensioner. Move the tensioner aside with the software and slip the serpentine belt over the tensioner pulley, per your F250′s specific belt-routing diagram. 4….

Ford Escape Fuel Pump Removal and Installation Instructions


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…the Fuel System Pressure on a 2.0L Engine 1. Open the hood and remove the relay panel cowl contained in the engine compartment. 2. Look for the Fuel Pump relay. The marks inside the panel cowl will point out the right relay. 3. Remove the gas pump relay. 4. Begin the engine. The lack of gas will stall the engine and relieve the gasoline system pressure. 5. Exchange the Fuel Pump relay and turn off the ignition switch. Then go to the subsequent s…

Ford Escape Trailer Hitch Installation Instructions


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s of the frame on both sides of the vehicle. Run a bolt leader by the bolt hole and out the entry gap, then attach the bolt by screwing on the washer, and pull the leader back through till the bolt rests inside the bolt hole. 3. Install the hitch utilizing the 2 bolts first, with help from one other person. Tighten the bolts in order that the hitch is aligned with the opposite bolt holes. Pull the remainder of the bolts via the frame and screw th…

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