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2008 Toyota Prius Rear Side View Mirror Installation Instructions


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ing into the car. These are attached to the side view mirror holding it in place. Take away these screws and wiggle off the mirror. It is also related to the door through a wire. Let it gently hold off the surface of the car. 5. Take away 2 screws connecting the door to the frame. The primary is the one that holds the little cup shaped “pocket” that fills up with lint and gum wrappers. Sorry for the bad explanation. This is the place where you pl…

Honda Civic Side Mirror Replacement


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control it to show the mirror plug and unplug it. You could have to make use of the screwdriver to press within the plastic locking tab of the plug. For manual mirrors, take away the mirror route deal with and inside sleeve. 5. Remove any foam or insulating plugs underneath the molding to expose the three studs and screws that hold the mirror to the door. Remove the nuts using the ratchet, extension and socket. Hold the telescopic magnet alongsi…

Toyota Camry Side View Mirror Installation Instructions


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…e lip out of the window cavity. 4. Locate the wire harness. Gently pull the wire out of the center hole within the door. Use the screwdriver to help you in pressing in the lock clip to unplug the harness from the mirror wire. 5. Remove the three foam rubber plugs from the door. 6. Locate the nuts inside the door cavity behind the foam rubber plugs. Remove them with the ratchet, extension and socket. Maintain the telescopic magnet alongside the so…

Honda Odyssey Side View Mirror Installation


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race the wire harness for powered mirror and unplug. It’s possible you’ll want the straight edged screwdriver to persuade the lock clip on the plug to release. Skip this step if it isn’t an influence mirror. 5. Take away the three nuts situated within the door cavity utilizing the ratchet, the 3-inch extension and the ten millimeter socket. It is recommended that in case you have a telescopic magnet, to place it alongside the so…

Buick Regal Door Mirror Replacement Instructions


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…panel rigorously after you take away the retaining screw. 4. Pry the inside cowl of the facet-view mirror panel away from the door panel, if applicable. Some Regals could have a canopy that is molded to the door panel itself. 5. Pry the door panel away from the door body, beginning at the bottom and working your manner up each side till the within push/pull clips are unseated. 6. Elevate up on the door panel when the push/pull clips are unseated,…

Toyota Prius Side View Mirror Installation Instructions


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or swap; some models will have an additional connection for heated mirrors. 4. Secure the facet mirror along with your hand and use the socket wrench to remove the 2 bolts mounting the mirror. Remove the mirror and set aside. 5. Mount the brand new side mirror in its place and tighten the two bolts. Reconnect any electrical modules you eliminated and substitute the sail pan trim. Reconnect your unfavorable battery cable….

Honda Odyssey Trailer Wiring Installation Instructions


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sent wires. 4. Find the top of the brand new wire outdoors the Odyssey by reaching up between the bumper and the splash guard. Pull the wire by the grommet until there is enough length outside to succeed in the trailer hitch. 5. Route a 10-gauge black wire from the constructive terminal of the battery down by way of the engine bay and along a chassis frame rail to the location of the trailer hitch. Use a plastic zip tie roughly every foot to secu…

Ford Ranger CB Radio Installation Instructions


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…ave 1/2 inch of insulation off the tip of the bottom wire using electrician’s pliers. 3. Slide a hoop crimp terminal onto the naked portion of the ground wire. 4. Crimp the terminal utilizing electrician’s pliers. 5. Lay the ring terminal towards a bare portion of the car’s body. The terminal should be against metal. 6. Secure the ring terminal to the car’s body by screwing a self-drilling, self-tapping screw by means of t…

Ford SuperCrew Amplifier Installation Instructions


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…reach the amplifier to the exposed wire coming off the deck. Remember you will have a positive and negative wire to connect. Wrap the connections you just made with electrical tape to assure the wires won’t come apart. 5. Run the end of the speaker wire from the back of the deck to the High Level inputs on the amplifier. Slide the end of the wires into the inputs like you are hooking up speakers to the amplifier. Turn the screw until the w…

Ford F250 Auto Dimming Mirror Installation Instructions


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…he clip depressed away from the mounting tab, slide the mirror up and off the mounting tab along with your different hand. 4. Unclip any wiring harness than may be hooked up the mirror and connect it to the substitute mirror. 5. Slide the new mirror mount over the mounting tab till it clicks into place. Watch out not to apply too much drive, as you may knock the mounting tab from the mirror or harm the windshield. 6. Tighten the fastener in the b…

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