evap control vent solenoid for a 2007 chevy impala

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Replace Evaporative Emission Vent Valve Solenoid – Page 1


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valve assembly to the frame bracket on the surface of the body utilizing the existing hole and mounting bolt. 7. Tighten Tighten the bracket mounting bolt to 12 N—m (106 lb in). Join the vent valve pipe to the EVAP canister. 8. Install the two vent valve pipe clips into the present underbody holes. 9. Connect the EVAP canister vent valve electrical connector, if equipped. 10. Connect bulk 5/8″ heater hose to the vent valve port and safe ut…

Replace Evaporative Emission Vent Valve Solenoid – Page 2


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d the canister pipe and secure using clamps. 7. Attach bulk 5/8″ heater hose to the vent valve port and safe utilizing a clamp. Run a length as needed alongside the body rail routing to the world above the transmission. 8. Cut the hose to decided size and set up the provided filter box. Safe using a clamp. 9. Secure the filter box to the transmission vent hose just forward of the hose tee*part utilizing a tie strap. DO NOT pinch or limit th…

1998 Chevy Truck Evaporator Core Service and Repair Page 1


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sulator. Disconnect the park brake launch cable. 6. Remove the knee bolster. Remove the lower left instrument panel mounting bolt. 7. Remove the BCM. Disconnect the driving force side SIR. Remove the instrument panel cluster. 8. Take away the radio. Remove the HVAC control assembly. Remove the steering column retaining retaining nuts. 9. Decrease the steering column. Remove the instrument panel carrier. 10. Remove the left and proper cowl vent gr…

1998 Chevy Truck Evaporator Core Service and Repair Page 2


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all the accumulator. 6. Install the evaporator case bolts and screws. Tighten to 2.5 N.m (24 In in). Set up the blower motor resistor. 7. Install the evaporator case warmth protect, if equipped. Set up the appropriate fender. 8. Join the electrical connector for the horn. Install the radio antenna cable. 9. Install the fitting wheelhouse panel. Install the front bumper. Install the proper front headlamp assembly. 10. Connect the electrical connec…

2002 Ford Taurus Blower Motor Repair Procedures


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et up). The ten mm by 10 mm (0.5″ by 0.5″) minimize space, located 25 mm (1″) from the tip of the seal, will face down and locate at the ninety degree bend of the rain-hat on the fender facet (Figure three). 7. Prior to installation of the cowl vent display screen, confirm that the cabin filter cover is correctly snapped in place and the clip is positioned on the inboard aspect, (toward the center of the bulkhead), the quilt wil…

Honda Civic Upper Control Arm Replacement Procedures


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…ers, which are on either aspect of the engine bay straight above the wheels. 7. Unbolt the upper control arm from the strut tower. On both sides of the strut tower is a bolt that secures the upper management arm to the tower. 8. Remove the manufacturing unit higher management arm from the vehicle. 9. Bolt the replacement upper control arm into the strut tower using the manufacturing unit hardware and the ratchet wrench. 10. Push the steering knuc…

Honda Integrated Garage Door Opener Installation Procedures


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inal on the opener to the negative wire of a 9-volt battery cap that you simply minimize off the circuit board earlier. Connect the positive terminal from the 9-volt cap to a wire with a Quick-fit connector change at the end. 8. Connect the positive battery terminal on the opener to a wire with a quick-match connector. 9. Look for a location in your Honda dashboard that may maintain the body of the garage door change comfortably. For instance, in…

2007 Honda Civic Fog Light Installation – Page 2


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white/purple and blue terminals from the switch harness into the car white 34-pin connector. 40. Reinstall the cover to the white 34-pin connector, then plug all three connectors into the fuse box. 41. Plug the switch harness 6-pin connector into the fuse box on the location shown. 42. Route the single pin terminal from the switch harness down from the fuse box area. 43. Under the fuse field, find and disconnect the automobile 20-pin connector. 4…

2007 Honda Civic Fog Light Installation – Page 1


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he bumper, carefully cut out the front bumper in the area shown. Take care to not injury the front bumper. Remove any burrs from the sides of the hole. 7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to chop the bumper for the appropriate fog light. 8. Utilizing scissors, reduce out the template. The template “L” is the mirror image of the template “R”. 9. Tape the template marked “L” to the within of the front bumper beneath the left…

2007 Honda Odyssey Fog Lights Installation – Page 1


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he template with the left fog lights mounting position. Utilizing a pushpin, mark the bumper at every of the six areas on the template. Ignore the pre-scribed line. 7. Using a felt-tip pen, mark the bumper in the space shown. 8. Flip the template over, and mark the opposite facet of the bumper the identical way. 9. While wearing eye protection, drill one 7 mm hole and 4 10 mm holes on the marked locations. Start with a 3 mm drill bit, and end wit…

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