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Ford PATS System Radio/Stereo Installation Instructions


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er. You will see that a label that reveals you the place to make the suitable connections. 3. Push the Ford radio faceplate adapter into the stereo mounting dock. Pull the wiring harness adapter into the front of the adapter. 4. Attach the plugs of the wiring harness adapter within the retailers on back of the radio. Push the radio into the opening of the mounting dock. 5. Connect the destructive battery clamp across the adverse lead publish of t…

Ford F150 Super Crew Cab Nerf Bars Installation Instructions


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Ford’s improvements with the F150 over the last 40 years have come as a mix of type and function. These improvements have made the truck extra reliable and adaptive to a wide variety of uses. Manufacturing unit working boards and step bars are examples of these improvements that provide a mix of both type and function. The boards or bars provide further safety for the lower portion of the doorways, while supplying you with an interme…

Ford F150 Serpentine Belt Replace Procedures


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…screwdriver or ratchet and socket. Twist and pull the hose off the radiator becoming. Go to Step 6. Remove the cooling fan mounting bolts utilizing a ratchet and socket in case you have a 6.0L engine type. Then take away the 4 cooling-fan stator mounting bolts utilizing a ratchet and socket and take away the stator. Go to Step 6. Remove the air duct from the air cleaner assembly in case you have a 5.4L or 6.8L engine type. Go to Step 6. Remove t…

1999 Ford Ranger Extended Cabs Westin Nerf Bars Installation Instructions


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l. 3. Slide the Nerf Bar mounting bolts via the mounting holes within the Nerf Bars and the Ranger’s frame. Thread the mounting nuts onto the ends of the bolts by hand. Tighten the nuts onto the bolts with a socket set. 4. Move the jack stands to the best side of the 1999 Ford Ranger and repeat the primary three steps to install the precise Westin Nerf Bar. Take away the jack stands when done. 5. Use care when setting the Nerf Bars on the j…

Ford Explorer Car Alarm Installation Instructions


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3. Mount the shock sensor per the manufacturer’s directions and pull the wires to the control module. If the Ford Explorer has energy door locks, find the door lock module and connect the alarm’s door lock relay. 4. Determine the starter wire under the steering wheel and connect the beginning disable relay. Set up any further options utilizing the alarm producer’s directions. Connect the entire wires to the alarm management mod…

Ford F150 Seat Belt Installation Instructions


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etween the two. 3. Grasp hold of the shoulder harness section of the seat belt, and locate the mounting bolt holes at the prime corner of the seat. Safe the harness to the top of the seat belt housing with the mounting bolts. 4. Connect the opposite finish of the seat belt to the mounting bolt holes close to the buckle. It will secure the seat belt assembly together. Place the plastic housing excessive mounting bolts, and safe it by attaching the…

Ford F150 Seat Belt Installation Instructions


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hor aspect strap on to the seat, in order that the buckle on the strap is going through the course of the seat belt lock. Align the bolt holes on the strap, with these on the seat. Use a wrench to repair the bolts between the 2. Grasp maintain of the shoulder harness part of the seat belt, and find the mounting bolt holes on the high nook of the seat. Safe the harness to the highest of the seat belt housing with the mounting bolts. Connect the ot…

Ford F-150 CD Player Installation Instructions


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to remove the radio head unit. Locate the device holes on prime of one another on either side of the radio. Insert the hooks fully, and then push the hooks outward to launch the mounting clips. The radio will slip proper out. 4. Disconnect the wiring harness and the antenna cable from the rear of the previous radio head unit and set the unit aside. 5. Substitute the manufacturing unit wiring harness with the one specific to your CD player. Comply…

Ford Radio Installation Instructions


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Ford Radio Removal and Installation Instructions Ford automobiles, such as the Mustang, F150 and the Taurus, have a special design that makes swapping the radio out easy, even for the amateur. Putting in a new radio will only require the Ford Radio hook instrument or an aftermarket equal, until you might be putting in an aftermarket radio. Aftermarket radio set up is a bit more troublesome and will require wire cutters to convert wiring harnesse…

Ford Focus Car Alarm Installation Instructions


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…se in place. 3. Establish the starter wire and attach the start disable relay. Join the ability lock module to the lock relay next to the fuse box. Drill a small hole within the dash for the LED gentle and snap it into place. 4. Set up the shock sensor per the manual’s directions and pull the wires under the dash. Feed the power and siren wires through the firewall and join them to the alarm management module. Attach the remainder of the wi…

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