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Honda Pilot Subwoofer Installation Procedures


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…niversal wiring harness adapter to the stereo and reconnect the audio wiring to the adapter. Attach the wiring harness adapter to the stereo unit. This can create a uniform platform for adding the connection to the subwoofer. 4. Place the subwoofer in the rear of the Pilot. It is recommended that you simply not fasten the sub to the ground of the Pilot. Leaving the sub unattached will enable for entry to the decrease storage compartment, as well…

Honda Element Subwoofer Installation Procedures


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wall. Take away the fuse from the ring terminal. 3. Pry the trim panel surrounding the stereo meeting from the dashboard with a trim panel removal tool. Seize the panel, pull it from the dashboard and set it aside. Remove the 4 screws (two on each side) from the stereo bracket with a Phillips head screwdriver. Slide the factory stereo from the dashboard. 4. Disconnect the stereo wiring from the again of the Honda’s stock stereo. Plug the tw…

2000 Honda CRV Stereo/Radio Replacement


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s-head screwdriver. 3. Locate the small interior pocket at the backside of the center of the dash. Use the interior clip removing software to pop off the clips on either side of the panel, after which remove it from the dash. 4. Seize the plastic panel under the stereo and slowly pull it away from the dashboard. The panel is held to the sprint by the wiring for the cigarette lighter, so disconnect it utilizing your hands, and then pull the panel…

Honda CRV Power Mirror Replacement Procedures


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, then disconnect the negative battery cable. 2. Unsnap the triangle mirror panel contained in the door by prying it off along with your hands. 3. Remove the bolts that hold the mirror in place using a screwdriver and wrench. 4. Unplug the electric connector to the mirror. Take the mirror utterly out of the assembly. 5. Place the brand new Honda CRV mirror into place. Attach the mounting bolts that holds it to the door. 6. Re-join the facility wi…

Honda CRV Air Filters Installation


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…ir filter housing within the engine compartment. It’s a large container attached to a large consumption tube. 2. Undo the clips holding the quilt to the air filter housing. 3. Remove the quilt to the air filter housing. 4. Take away the dirty filter. Hold up the previous one next to its replacement and ensure you’ve got a dimension match. Slide the new filter into place. 5. Replace the quilt over the air filter housing and refasten th…

Honda CRV XM Radio Installation – Page 3


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tall all removed parts. Verify that all clips and fasteners are installed securely. 38. Reconnect the unfavorable cable to the battery. 39. Enter the shopper’s radio anti-theft code, and reset the radio station presets. 40. Reset the clock. 41. Test the operation of the XM radio system in keeping with the automobile’s Proprietor’s Handbook supplied. NOTE: Every time the battery is disconnected, the driving force’s AUTO fu…

Honda CRV AC Compressor Removal and Installation Procedures


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pulleys. Use the identical procedure to remove the alternator/compressor drive belt. Make a note of how the belts had been routed on the pulleys; there may be normally a printed diagram on the side of the engine compartment. 4. Take away the battery ground strap bolt for the car’s alternator and the duvet from the radiator crossmember, then remove the higher radiator mounting brackets and rubber insulators. Take away the alternator’s…

Honda CRV Roof Racks Installation Instructions


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1. Find the 4 placeholder covers on the bars working parallel from front to again on the highest of your Honda CR-V. Two placeholder covers can be situated on each bar. 2. Cover the top of a flathead screwdriver with a towel to keep away from damaging the top of your Honda CR-V. 3. Wedge the flathead screwdriver beneath one of many placeholder covers and slowly pry the duvet up. Three connectors are unfold out evenly within the placeholder. Remo…

Honda CRV XM Radio Installation – Page 1


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Honda CR-V XM Radio Installation Instructions 1. Be sure to have the anti-theft code for the radio, then write down the radio station presets. 2. Disconnect the adverse cable from the battery. 3. Open the tailgate. 4. Fold down the rear seat-back, then fold the rear seat assemblies forward. 5. Fold the cargo area mat ahead, and take away the cargo area floor. Take away the cargo storage bin. 6. Remove the two front clips from the rear trim panel…

1998-2000 Honda CRV Stereo/Radio Removal and Installation


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to the bottom of the middle console, to the fold down pocket. Open the fold down pocket. This pocket is secured to the dash with six (6) phillips screws which surround the again of the pocket. Take away all six (6) screws. 4. At the very bottom of the center sprint, a trim panel must be removed. This panel is secured to the steel support body of the sprint with a snap on each side of the trim panel. Along with your fingers, simply pull every…

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