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Honda V6 Engine Serpentine Belt Installation Instructions


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…erneath the car, on the passenger side of the engine. 3. Place the 3/8-inch ratchet driver into the hole within the pulley and push up on the handle. This releases pressure on the belt. Pull the belt off the tensioner pulley. 4. Remove the belt from the remaining pulleys and raise the old belt out of the engine bay. Full this step from the engine bay and not from beneath the vehicle. 5. Place the brand new belt into the engine bay and route the b…

1999-2000 Honda Passport Stereo/Radio Installation Procedures


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the cable aside till after the radio installation. 3. Pull the ashtray from the dashboard and take away the steel ashtray bracket in the opening. Remove the screw in the back of the ashtray slot with the Phillips screwdriver. 4. Pry the center sprint panel from the dashboard with a trim panel elimination software or flat screwdriver. Pull the panel from the sprint and disconnect the cigarette lighter wiring from the back of the panel. 5. Take awa…

Honda Accord Sirius Satellite Radio Installation Procedures


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ion. The docking cradle is designed to fasten onto the within of your windshield behind the rear view mirror; however, be at liberty to attach the docking cradle wherever inside the automotive that’s convenient for you. 4. Connect your Sirius Satellite Radio plug-and-play receiver to the docking cradle. Doing so gives the receiver power and a signal. 5. Tune your Honda Accord’s terrestrial radio to match the frequency your Sirius Sate…

2009 Honda Pilot Honda Music Link Installation – Page 2


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h. Putting in cushion tape to the vehicle bracket. 28. Secure the Music Link harness to the car bracket with one wire tie. 29. Align the adapter unit 14-pin connector to the car 14-pin connector at the audio opening as shown. 30. Bundle up the excess adapter unit harness, and safe it and Music Link harness to the vehicle harness with the wire tie loosely secured in step 24.If the automobile is provided with the vehicle 14-pin connector or one oth…

Honda Odyssey XM Radio Satellite Installation Procedures


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r door. Open the rear door and run the cable into the climate stripping down to the passenger area floor. Run the antenna cable under the carpet and as much as the dashboard space where your receiver’s mount is located. 4. Join the XM Satellite Radio receiver’s docking cradle to the mount. You possibly can slide the cradle onto the mount. 5. Insert the XM Satellite Radio receiver into the related docking cradle. Doing so connects the…

Honda Element Audio Amplifier Installation Instructions


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…oute the power cable to the rear of the Honda Element. Use a trim panel instrument to remove the panels within the doorways that secure the carpet to the floor. Run the wiring to the rear of the Element beneath the carpeting. 4. Take away the stereo. Use a trim panel device or flat screwdriver to pry the trim panel surrounding the stereo away from the dash. Work the flat instrument from the bottom across the perimeter of the panel until it’…

Honda Projector Headlights Installation


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…the bulb and lock the bulb into the housing. Make sure that you do not contact the glass bulb with your fingers. In case you do, the bulb will explode inside the housing as soon as it heats up to regular working temperature. 4. Plug the electrical connector into the back of the bulb’s ballast. For specific details about your Honda car and the situation of your particular Honda’s headlight mounting brackets, consult the actual vehicle…

2001-2002 Honda Accord Distributor Replacement Procedures


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ariety of bolts varies in line with the year. 3. Get the piston within the No. 1 cylinder to the High Dead Middle (TDC) spot. If it isn’t at TDC, the engine won’t work correctly after you exchange the distributor. 4. Install a flippantly greased new O-ring on the end of the distributor shaft and put your new Honda Accord distributor into position. Make sure to buy a brand new O-ring for a comfortable fit. The distributor number is 836…

Honda Civic Thermostat Removal and Installation Procedures


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the radiator cap. 2. Open the radiator drain valve and remove at the least 2 quarts of coolant. Shut the drain valve. 3. Increase the front of the automobile utilizing a flooring jack and safely assist it on two jack stands. 4. Remove the splash protect from the underside of the engine with a wrench or ratchet and socket. 5. Disconnect the lower radiator hose on the thermostat housing on the engine side. Use a Phillips screwdriver, rib joint pli…

2009 Honda Pilot Honda Music Link Installation – Page 1


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Honda music link Installation Instructions 1. Ensure you have the anti-theft code for the audio system and the navigation system (if geared up). 2. Disconnect the damaging cable from the battery. 3. Shift the choose knob to “D” position by pressing down on the shift lock stopper with the ignition key. Take away the left aspect center panel (eight clips and unplug the automobile connectors). 4. Take away the appropriate side middle p…

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