diagram of a fuel tank lines for 2001 ford focus

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Ford Focus Fuel Tank Installation Instructions


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…hten the rear wheel nuts with a torque wrench as a lot as doable or until the wheel nuts can’t flip any further. Refill your fuel tank with the gas out of your fuel container and then join the destructive battery cable. 7. Restore stress to your tank by putting on the fuel filler cap. Verify your automobile for any leaks or free wiring. If you don’t see anything, take a drive to check how it runs with the brand new fuel tank….

Ford F-Series Fuel Tank Installation Instructions


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amage. Activate the automobile battery by plugging within the battery floor cables. Replenish your tank with fuel to be able to take a look at drive it. Restore gas stress by protecting the tank with the fuel tank filler cap. 6. Check underneath your Ford truck for any attainable fuel leaks. Take a look at the wiring on or around the fuel tank to make sure none of it is loose. If all the things is in working, start your automobile to see how the…

1995 Buick Skylark Fuel Pump Installation Instructions


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ys beneath it. 8. Use a hammer and small screwdriver to take away the lock ring, which holds the fuel pump in place. It is a metallic circle that has 3 or 4 tabs. Tap the ring in any direction to launch it from the fuel pump. 9. Take away the fuel pump completely. Make a psychological word of how the fuel pump comes out because that’s the same way it should go back in. Don’t spill fuel on the ground to keep away from a hearth hazard….

Ford Explorer Fuel Tank Installation Instructions


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apor hose to the tank. Examine the wiring and hoses on and around the tank to see if something is loose or damaged. Change any damaged hoses or wires. If every thing is OK, fill your Explorer’s tank with gasoline again. 6. Test your Explorer’s driving means after you’ve installed the fuel tank. Let the automobile’s engine run briefly, then take a brief trip. Observe how your Explorer runs and keep your manual handy in case…

Ford Escort Fuel Tank Installation Instructions


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…ps. 7. Set up the straps to the body rail. Do not tighten the straps. Ensure each straps are in place. 8. Tighten the straps in place with a socket wrench. Guarantee each straps are tight. The fuel tank is now ready for fuel. 9. Add the fuel to the tank. Add at the very least 1 / 4 of a tank before starting the engine. 10. Cycle the ignition from off to start. Once you reach the start place, flip the key again to off after 5 seconds. It will enga…

Ford Escape Fuel Pump Removal and Installation Instructions


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…the half of-inch disconnect instrument quantity 310-D005 or equivalent. 8. Unplug the vapor gas line at the gas pump module by squeezing the side tabs at the finish of the fitting and pulling the line apart from the fitting. 9. Unscrew the fuel pump module from the gasoline tank using the fuel tank sender wrench quantity 310-069 or equivalent. 10. Remove the fuel pump module and O-ring seal from the fuel tank. Ford Escape Fuel Pump Installation…

Ford F-350 Fuel Pump Installation Instructions


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…ecrease and remove the ground jack holding the tank in place. 7. Attach the wheel back on the truck using the inventory tire iron or one among your own, and lower the truck. Connect the cable to the negative battery terminal. 8. Fill the tank with not less than 5 gallons of fuel and pressurize the fuel system. With the Fuel Pump relay and fuse related and the gas cap on, turn the ignition on for 2 seconds. Switch it off and leave it off for 10 se…

Acura Integra Fuel Tank Installation Instructions


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of the automotive. 5. Pour the fuel again into the fuel tank drain. Change the tank’s drain bolt over the drain to cowl the fuel tank opening. Examine for any fuel spillage across the tank and clear up your work space. 6. Test your Acura¬†Integra¬†for any unfastened wiring or gas leaks. When you’re performed, begin the automobile and take it for a drive. Maintain an in depth eye in your gasoline tank for future leaks. If a leak or ever…

Chrysler LHS Fuel Pump Installation Instructions


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…t ready that permits it to maneuver freely contained in the tank. 8. Flip the fuel pump retainer ring clockwise to lock the fuel pump in place. Return the fuel tank to the ground jack and roll them each again beneath the LHS. 9. Reverse the way in which you put in the fuel tank and reinstall. Decrease the LHS off the jack stands together with your ground jack. Rehook the battery cable to the battery and shut the hood. 10. Flip the ignition key to…

Chevy Suburban Fuel Pump Installation Instructions


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…two connectors by pulling them aside. 7. Disconnect the filler pipe in the back of the gasoline tank by unscrewing the hose clamp with a flat head screwdriver. 8. Decrease the tank to the ground. Carry the tank off the jack. 9. Push the retainer ring on the prime of the tank with a punch and a hammer counter-clockwise . A flat head screwdriver may act as a punch. Pull the ring off to entry to the gasoline pump assembly. Pull the assembly out at…