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Ford Taurus Disc Brakes Installation Instructions


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to the brake hose. 4. Remove the outer and inner brake pads. The outer pad is seated in the caliper bracket, and you must pry the inner pad out of the caliper piston. Place the outer pad against the caliper piston, and use a 6-inch C-clamp to retract the caliper piston fully into the bore. 5. Use a piece of emery cloth to clean any rust from the caliper on the pad contact points. 6. Inspect the rotor for scoring, grooves or hard spots. If replac…

Ford 500 Disc Brake Removal, Installation and Bleeding Instructions


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ut the tire back on, tighten the lug nuts and decrease the automotive to the ground. Re-tighten the lug nuts with the lug wrench; you will be able to tighten the lugs extra with the load of the car holding the tires in place. 6. Repeat the preceding steps on other brakes you intend to repair. Ford 500 Disc Brake Bleeding Instructions 1. Bleed the longest brake line first. Put the bleeder adapter on the brake grasp cylinder reservoir and join the…

Ford F250 Gasoline Serpentine Belt Installation Instructions


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…ine. 3. Connect the belt tensioner tool to the serpentine belt tensioner. Move the tensioner aside with the software and slip the serpentine belt over the tensioner pulley, per your F250′s specific belt-routing diagram. 4. Release the pressure on the tensioner with the software, then remove the device and shut the hood. Belt-routing diagrams range from mannequin year to mannequin 12 months and likewise by the F250′s specific accent se…

Ford Brakes Repair Installation Instructions


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…t and sides of the automotive to verify it would not move—and the jack stands do not shift or wobble whereas the vehicle is up in the air. 5. Loosen the lug nuts all of the way. Remove the wheels/tires from the vehicle. 6. Unbolt the highest and bottom bolts on the brake caliper. Fords use two bolts on the caliper mounting bracket, one at the prime and one on the bottom. Elevate up on the caliper and secure it to the coil spring above it wi…

Ford Trucks Brake Rotor Installation Instructions


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…lts from the aspect of each rear brake caliper. The bolt heads are on the edges closest to the center of the truck, so you may need to show the rotors a bit by hand to succeed in them. Do not pull the calipers off right away. 6. Get some nylon ties or bungee cords, carefully take away the calipers one by one and droop them both from the undercarriage of the truck. Guantee that there is no stress on the brake line main into either caliper. That is…

Ford Brake Controller Installation Procedures


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…e bracket. Tighten the retaining screws. Most controller brackets can help you swing the controller to be flush against the sprint when not in use. Tighten the screws all the way if you do not want to transfer the controller. 6. Connect the trailer plug to the vehicle’s tow plug. Connect the trailer. Have an assistant hearken to the trailer’s electric brakes as you depress the brake pedal. The brakes should connect and hum as the elec…

Buick Brake Calipers Installation Instructions


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…wn on the parking brake cable (on the rear calipers solely) after which take away the cable from the cable connector on the brake caliper. 5. Place a drain pan under the wheel the place the brake hose attaches to the caliper. 6. Place a brake hose clamp onto the brake hose just a few inches away from the place it connects to the caliper. 7. Remove the brake hose bolt from the brake caliper using a ratchet and socket or a box-finish wrench. Be sur…

2000 F-150 Rear Wheel Bearing and Axle Shaft Oil Seal


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ear bearing. 3. Lubricate the lip of the new bearing oil seal. ? Use Premium Lengthy-Life Grease XG-1-C or equivalent assembly Ford specification ESA-M1C75-B. 4. Utilizing the special tools, install the wheel bearing oil seal 5. Install the axle shafts….

Honda Accord Rear Sway Bars Installation Procedures


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…ing a new sway bar so the tension is centered correctly. Use the pry bar to help align the bushings with the car’s brackets and insert the new bushings and bolts correctly. Slide the new bushings into place and tighten. 5. Insert the sway bar into the factory tabs and tighten with an Allen wrench tightly. Use the same bar to tighten these fasteners as used to remove them. Factory tabs and brackets need to be in good shape for the new sway b…

Ford F-250 Brake Drum Shoe Installation Instructions


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…e sneakers onto the wheel hub. 4. Attach the spring-loaded retainers to the wheel to keep the brake shoes in place, while you set up the adjuster arm. 5. Install the adjuster-arm spring, adjuster cable and brake-shoe springs. 6. Connect the adjuster cable to the adjuster arm. 7. Place the brake drum onto the wheel hub. 8. Put the tire on the wheel hub, and secure it, by attaching the lug nuts to the bolts….

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