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2000 Honda CRV Stereo/Radio Replacement


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s-head screwdriver. 3. Locate the small interior pocket at the backside of the center of the dash. Use the interior clip removing software to pop off the clips on either side of the panel, after which remove it from the dash. 4. Seize the plastic panel under the stereo and slowly pull it away from the dashboard. The panel is held to the sprint by the wiring for the cigarette lighter, so disconnect it utilizing your hands, and then pull the panel…

1999-2000 Honda Passport Stereo/Radio Installation Procedures


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the cable aside till after the radio installation. 3. Pull the ashtray from the dashboard and take away the steel ashtray bracket in the opening. Remove the screw in the back of the ashtray slot with the Phillips screwdriver. 4. Pry the center sprint panel from the dashboard with a trim panel elimination software or flat screwdriver. Pull the panel from the sprint and disconnect the cigarette lighter wiring from the back of the panel. 5. Take awa…

Honda Pilot AM/FM Stereo Replacement Procedures


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…manufacturing unit stereo bracket with the Phillips-head screwdriver. Slide the stereo from the dock. Disconnect the 2 stereo wiring connectors and single antenna cable lead from the back of the stereo. Set the stereo aside. 4. Insert the aftermarket faceplate adapter into the stereo dock. Change the four screws at the corners of the adapter to secure it inside the Pilot’s dashboard stereo dock. Attain into the back of the dock and pull th…

Honda Odyssey XM Radio Satellite Installation Procedures


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r door. Open the rear door and run the cable into the climate stripping down to the passenger area floor. Run the antenna cable under the carpet and as much as the dashboard space where your receiver’s mount is located. 4. Join the XM Satellite Radio receiver’s docking cradle to the mount. You possibly can slide the cradle onto the mount. 5. Insert the XM Satellite Radio receiver into the related docking cradle. Doing so connects the…

Honda Accord Aftermarket CD Player Installation Instructions


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Pry the small sprint panel, located between the air vents on the prime-middle of the dashboard, away from the sprint with a trim pry tool. Unplug the wiring connectors to the again of the panel and set the small panel aside. 4. Take away the screw behind the panel with a Phillips head screwdriver. 5. Remove the 2 screws on the bottom fringe of the trim panel surrounding the radio with the screwdriver. Pull the plastic panel from the dashboard. 6…

Honda Element Audio Amplifier Installation Instructions


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…oute the power cable to the rear of the Honda Element. Use a trim panel instrument to remove the panels within the doorways that secure the carpet to the floor. Run the wiring to the rear of the Element beneath the carpeting. 4. Take away the stereo. Use a trim panel device or flat screwdriver to pry the trim panel surrounding the stereo away from the dash. Work the flat instrument from the bottom across the perimeter of the panel until it’…

1996 Honda Accord Stereo/Radio Replacement


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center console compartment. Pry open the small panel on the underside of the compartment with a flat screwdriver or trim panel removal tool. 3. Take away the 2 screws beneath the small panel with a Phillips-head screwdriver. 4. Remove the cup-holder tray from the center console by pulling the lid of the cup holder away from the middle console till the compartment comes out of the dash panel. 5. Remove the three screws beneath the cup-holder tray…

Honda Integrated Garage Door Opener Installation Procedures


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. Study the floor of the circuit board of the garage door opener, searching for the soldered connections directly beneath the push button. There may be four or eight soldered connections, relying in your remote control model. 4. Press down on the garage door button and keep it affixed in place with a chunk of duct tape. It will hold the circuit closed for testing. Take one finish of the multimeter probe and contact one of the soldered connections…

Honda Element Subwoofer Installation Procedures


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wall. Take away the fuse from the ring terminal. 3. Pry the trim panel surrounding the stereo meeting from the dashboard with a trim panel removal tool. Seize the panel, pull it from the dashboard and set it aside. Remove the 4 screws (two on each side) from the stereo bracket with a Phillips head screwdriver. Slide the factory stereo from the dashboard. 4. Disconnect the stereo wiring from the again of the Honda’s stock stereo. Plug the tw…

Honda CRV Power Mirror Replacement Procedures


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, then disconnect the negative battery cable. 2. Unsnap the triangle mirror panel contained in the door by prying it off along with your hands. 3. Remove the bolts that hold the mirror in place using a screwdriver and wrench. 4. Unplug the electric connector to the mirror. Take the mirror utterly out of the assembly. 5. Place the brand new Honda CRV mirror into place. Attach the mounting bolts that holds it to the door. 6. Re-join the facility wi…

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