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2003 Honda Element Engine Block Heater Installation Procedures


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2003 Honda Element Engine Block Heater Installation 1. Permit the engine and all cooling system elements to cool down. 2. Place a clean drain pan beneath the radiator drain plug, then take away the drain plug from the bottom of the radiator to drain the coolant. Remove the radiator cap to increase the flow. 3. Open the hood and remove the radiator cover (5 clips). 4. Remove the radiator mount bracket (two bolts). 5. Remove the drain plug f…

Ford Focus Water Pump Removal and Installation Instructions


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ant on the brand new water pump and place the new gasket over this. Hold the gasket in place on the pump as you mount it on the engine, where you removed the old pump. 2. Maintain the water pump in place as you secure it with 4 new bolts. Tighten every in any order with 13 foot pounds torque. Reassemble the rest of the components within the order you took them off the Ford Focus. Exchange any parts that appear worn or broken as you go. 3. Replace…

Ford Focus Amplifier Installation Instruction


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…nto the ring terminal outlet. Feed the facility cable via the Focus’ firewall into the passenger cabin of the Ford. Observe the path established on the best side of the engine compartment into the inside of the vehicle. 4. Slide the Ford DIN removing keys into the holes at either end of the manufacturing facility stereo deck. Push the keys into the stereo till they lock into place. Pull outward on the keys whereas sliding the stereo from th…

2000-2005 Ford Focus Replace the Serpentine Belt Procedures


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The Ford Focus typically has a devoted drive belt, typically known as the serpentine belt, that drives the alternator, power steering, and air-con compressor. Ford recommends checking this belt each 6,000 miles or 6 months for doable substitute. This information covers the newer Ford Focus type from 2000-2005. Test your proprietor’s documentation for particular instruments, strategies and programs on your type 12 months. Ford Focus Replace…

Ford Focus Brake Pads Installation Instructions


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ack beneath the entrance body and jacking the Focus up. Position the jack stands under either side of the entrance frame. Remove the floor jack. 3. Take the lug nuts and wheels off the front axles and set them out of the way. 4. Put the catch pan beneath the brake assembly on the left entrance and spray the brakes down thoroughly with brake cleaner. Remove as much brake mud as possible with the spray. 5. Unbolt the brake caliper with the socket s…

Ford Focus Oxygen/O2 Sensor Installation Instructions


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…e ramps on a flat floor and apply the parking brake. 2. Place a wheel chock behind one of many rear tires. 3. Put on the safety glasses, collect all of the tools and new O2 sensor, and crawl beneath the entrance of the Focus. 4. Locate the O2 Sensor you are replacing by following the exhaust system to the sensor the parts retailer informed you was bad. The sensor screws into portholes in the exhaust pipes forward of the catalytic converter. There…

2001 Ford Focus ZX3 Replace the Timing Belt Procedures


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The 2001 Ford Focus ZX3 got here outfitted with a 2.0-liter twin-overhead cam engine. Cam timing is managed by a variable cam-sprocket positioned on the exhaust camshaft. Throughout engine operation, the on-board laptop can management the exhaust cam timing by opening and shutting an oil-activated solenoid constructed into the cam sprocket to enhance gasoline financial system and energy. Substitute of the timing belt on this engine might be acco…

Ford Focus Alternator Removal and Installation Instructions


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…e belt pressure then slipping the belt off all its pulleys. Ensure you know the trail the belt is routed along the pulleys; there may be typically a diagram printed on the radiator or fan shroud for straightforward reference. 4. Unbolt and disconnect the warmth protect for the alternator in that case outfitted on your engine. 5. Disconnect the wiring for the alternator on the alternator’s electrical connectors. If the wiring is secured with…

Ford Focus CD Player Installation Instructions


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each tool toward you and away from the dash. 3. Disconnect the wiring connected at the rear of the factory stereo deck. The four groups of wires connect the stereo to the battery, the amplifier, the speakers and the antenna. 4. Insert the faceplate installation kit into the opening left by the removed stereo. Since the CD Player will not have openings for the DIN removal tools or the Ford factory mounting brackets, you will have to install it us…

2002 Ford Focus Replace the Timing Belt


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The timing belt in your Ford Focus works with the sprockets for the camshaft and crankshaft. Changing a timing belt is far more troublesome than the accessory drive belt, as the camshaft and crankshaft have to be set at the Top Down Center (TDC) place. Examine together with your mechanic earlier than you do that, particularly as a result of the process could fluctuate relying in your engine sort. Accessing the 2002 Ford Focus┬áTiming Belt Unplug…