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Ford Fusion Cabin Air Filter Installation Instructions


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oing in the identical direction. 4. Take away the previous air filter. If you’re undecided if it wants alternative, examine it closely. If it is more than three months old and visibly soiled, it is time for replacement. 5. Put the brand new air filter within the compartment with the air circulation path arrow pointing in the course you famous in Step 3. Substitute the lid on the compartment, and push it down until it snaps snugly into place…

Ford F-150 Serpentine Belt Replacement Instructions


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hen you have a 6.0L engine model. Then take away the four cooling-fan stator mounting bolts using a ratchet and socket and remove the stator. Go to Step 6. 4. Take away the air duct from the air cleaner assembly if you have a 5.4L or 6.8L engine model. Go to Step 6. 5. Remove the fan meeting you probably have a 4.6L engine model. Use special Ford fan instruments 303-240 and 303-239 to take away the fan (see Ideas). Move the fan meeting over the r…

Ford Escort Fuel Tank Installation Instructions


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…tank. Push the clip into the pigtail till it snaps. This may prevent the wiring from slipping out. 4. Install the fuel lines. The traces are equipped with quick-connect fittings so they will lock once you push them together. 5. Install the gas inlet hose. The hose goes into the back of the fuel tank from the gas cap. The hose will tighten to the tank with an ordinary hose clamp. Tighten with a flat-head screwdriver. 6. Raise the tank straight up…

Honda Accord Rear Sway Bars Installation Procedures


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…ing a new sway bar so the tension is centered correctly. Use the pry bar to help align the bushings with the car’s brackets and insert the new bushings and bolts correctly. Slide the new bushings into place and tighten. 5. Insert the sway bar into the factory tabs and tighten with an Allen wrench tightly. Use the same bar to tighten these fasteners as used to remove them. Factory tabs and brackets need to be in good shape for the new sway b…

Ford 7.3 Turbo Diesel Water Pump Installation Instructions


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pump and install them onto the brand new water pump utilizing thread sealant. Set up the metallic coolant tube onto the brand new water pump. Set up the “O” ring onto the again of the water pump and apply sealant. 5. Reattach the new water pump to the engine block utilizing the 9 attaching bolts. Reconnect the heater hose, upper radiator hose, and the coolant and camshaft sensor plugs. Install the water pump pulley, leaving the 4 atta…

Honda CRV AC Compressor Removal and Installation Procedures


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ve the higher radiator mounting brackets and rubber insulators. Take away the alternator’s mounting bolts, disconnect the black wire and the electrical connector, and detach the harness clip to take away the alternator. 5. Remove the splash defend from underneath the engine compartment by eradicating the fasteners from the proper and left sides. 6. Detach the coolant reservoir by disconnecting the reservoir hose from the radiator filler nec…

2002 Peugeot 206 Thermostat Installation Instructions


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the thermostat housing and set it aside. Note the orientation of the thermostat before eradicating it. The brand new thermostat must be installed in the identical orientation because the outdated thermostat for a proper fit. 5. Take away the O-ring and the thermostat. Use a slotted screwdriver to scrape away any gasket residue left on the mounting surface. 6. Install the new thermostat in the identical orientation because the old thermostat. Pla…

Buick LeSabre Brake Pads Installation Instructions


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…end of the LeSabre with the ground jack and secure safely onto the jack stands. 4. Take away the wheel nuts and wheels. Screw one wheel nut back onto a wheel stud hand tight to retain the rotor away from the caliper assembly. 5. Place a big C-clamp over the left inboard caliper housing and the outboard brake pad, and tighten to compress the caliper piston. 6. Remove the 2 caliper guide bolts utilizing a box finish wrench. Take away the caliper an…

Ford Taurus Thermostat Replacement Instructions


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ermostat. 4. Insert the brand new thermostat into the thermostat housing with the spring-facet dealing with into the engine. Set up the brand new thermostat gasket. Use a twig adhesive to hold the gasket in place, if desired. 5. Reinstall the thermostat housing cover. Tighten the bolts to 89-124 in. lbs. Reattach the higher radiator hose to the thermostat housing. Be certain the drain valve on the radiator is closed. 6. Fill the radiator with new…

Honda Accord Brakes Installation Instructions


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…used for preventing brake squeal. Take away the pads. Be careful to not free the spring clips holding the pads within the caliper mounting bracket. These are the two spring clips per pad on each side of the mounting bracket. 5. Install the brand new brake pads, making sure to maintain the spring clips on each ends of the pads as they’re inserted into the mounting bracket. These maintain the brake pads tight so they don’t squeal. 6. S

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