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Honda Pilot Subwoofer Installation Procedures


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…panel device to take away the panel framing the stereo. Unscrew the four screws (at the corners) securing the deck to its dock within the dash. Pull the stereo forward to entry the wiring connections at the back of the unit. 3. Disconnect the wiring at the rear of the stereo deck. Connect a universal wiring harness adapter to the stereo and reconnect the audio wiring to the adapter. Attach the wiring harness adapter to the stereo unit. This can…

Honda Pilot AM/FM Stereo Replacement Procedures


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…ion tool. Pry the sprint panel surrounding the stereo away from the dashboard. Disconnect the wiring connectors from the retailers on the back of the panel (for the hazard change and defroster button) and set the panel aside. 3. Take away the two screws on all sides of the manufacturing unit stereo bracket with the Phillips-head screwdriver. Slide the stereo from the dock. Disconnect the 2 stereo wiring connectors and single antenna cable lead fr…

Honda Pilot Air Filter Replacement Procedures


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…lot with the engine off. 2. Carry up on the hood security latch located under the hood in the middle and elevate the hood. Support the hood by the prop rod located on the fender rail except it has self-supporting hood struts. 3. Find the air box. It’s on the motive force’s aspect of the car to the precise of the battery for those who’re in front of the car going through it. 4. Open the air field top. A few of the older models mi…

Honda V6 Engine Serpentine Belt Installation Instructions


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…he belt pushes against. 2. Locate the tensioner pulley near the bottom of the engine. The pulley has a sq. gap in the face of it. Again, you must access the pulley from underneath the car, on the passenger side of the engine. 3. Place the 3/8-inch ratchet driver into the hole within the pulley and push up on the handle. This releases pressure on the belt. Pull the belt off the tensioner pulley. 4. Remove the belt from the remaining pulleys and ra…

2009 Honda Pilot Honda Music Link Installation – Page 2


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h. Putting in cushion tape to the vehicle bracket. 28. Secure the Music Link harness to the car bracket with one wire tie. 29. Align the adapter unit 14-pin connector to the car 14-pin connector at the audio opening as shown. 30. Bundle up the excess adapter unit harness, and safe it and Music Link harness to the vehicle harness with the wire tie loosely secured in step 24.If the automobile is provided with the vehicle 14-pin connector or one oth…

Honda Pilot EX Crossbar Installation Instructions


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e bars is similar for all model-years. 1. Press the tip of a flat head screwdriver into the notches on the 2 rear roof rail covers to unlock them from the roof rails. 2. Lift the rear roof rail covers up and off of the rails. 3. Slide the cross bars into the roof rails, aligning the mark on the crossbars with the identical mark on the top of the roof rails. Place the cross bars so the adjusting screws are on the passenger’s side. 4. Tighten…

2009 Honda Pilot Honda Music Link Installation – Page 1


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Honda music link Installation Instructions 1. Ensure you have the anti-theft code for the audio system and the navigation system (if geared up). 2. Disconnect the damaging cable from the battery. 3. Shift the choose knob to “D” position by pressing down on the shift lock stopper with the ignition key. Take away the left aspect center panel (eight clips and unplug the automobile connectors). 4. Take away the appropriate side middle p…

Honda Pilot FWD/4WD ReadyLift Suspension Installation Instructions


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Honda Pilot ReadyLift (Part# 69-8010) Suspension Installation Instructions 1. Open the hood and set at highest setting. Remove the front wheels. Starting on the driver side. 2. Use a flat screwdriver to take away windshield wiper entry panel. Take away the three 14mm upper strut nuts. 3. Remove the brake line assist bracket utilizing a 12mm wrench. Use a 10mm wrench and take away the ABS line support bracket bolt. 4. Unbolt and remove the front…

Honda Pilot Tail Lights Replacement Procedures


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1. Elevate the again hatch and find the two screws on the rail close to the tail light assembly. 2. Take away the two screws with the screwdriver. It will permit the tail light assembly to swing slightly away from the tailgate rail. 3. Pull outward barely away from the tailgate rail and then again to take away the two ball sockets holding the tail light assembly on the outer edge. Apply equal components of tenacity and tenderness so you don̵…

2007 Honda Pilot LX Roof Rack Installation Instructions


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1. Pry the back finish of the roof moldings free with a plastic trim tool. Take away the molding. Remove the retaining clips within the roof rack channels from the stud bolts with needle-nose pliers. 2. Place the No. 1 adapter block onto the stud bolt in the entrance proper place and secure it with two Torx bolts. Install the No. 2 adapter block behind the No. 1 block and the No. 3 adapter block behind the No. 2 block utilizing the stud bolts. R…

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