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Ford Escape Speaker Installation Instructions


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…the screwdriver. Take away the rubber mat from the underside of the door pull cup then take away the screw from beneath the mat with the screwdriver. 3. Take away the Phillips head screw from the rear edge of the door panel. 4. Pry around the bottom and aspect edges of the door panel with the panel tool. Elevate the panel off of the door and disconnect the wiring harness on the backside of the door. 5. Remove the four 7/32-inch screws from the e…

Buick Century Window Regulator Installation Instructions


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on to a channel running parallel with the panel subsequent to the window. Disconnect all electrical connectors to the window change and the marker light on backside of door. Disconnect the wiring harness to the window motor. 4. Remove the 2 bolts at the bottom of the window holding the window to the window regulator. Insert the common screwdriver downward (fastidiously, in order to not scratch the window) in between the window and door frame and…

Buick Regal Door Mirror Replacement Instructions


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…ness connections beneath the module. Inspect the within cavity of the window module for any remaining retaining screws. 3. Pry the door handle bezel away from the door panel rigorously after you take away the retaining screw. 4. Pry the inside cowl of the facet-view mirror panel away from the door panel, if applicable. Some Regals could have a canopy that is molded to the door panel itself. 5. Pry the door panel away from the door body, beginning…

Buick Rainier Door Speaker Installation Instructions


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…out to launch the retaining clip. Leave the sail panel in place. 2. Pry across the edge of the door launch’s trim with the panel tool to take away the trim. 3. Take away the 10mm screw situated in the door pull handle. 4. Insert the panel tool underneath the sting of the facility switch panel and pry upward on the entrance and rear edges. Lift the panel out of the door panel. Grasp the electrical connectors on the underneath of the panel a…

1998-2002 Toyota Corolla Exterior Door Handles Installation Instructions


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mall pole into the clip of the upper portion of the new handle. Take a look at the handle to ensure the door latches and unlatches properly. Set up the three 10 millimeter bolts and tighten. Reattach the clear plastic lining. 4. Place the remaining portion of the door panel onto the six plastic clips on the outer portion of the panel. Pull it over the inside door lock. Make sure that the interior door opener can be positioned by way of the suppli…

Ford Ranger Door Lock Removal and Installation Instruction


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…r. Pull the window crank off the splined shaft. 3. Pry a flat-head screwdriver between the door panel and the door and push outward to launch the plastic retainer clips. Pop the clips out one at a time to reduce harm to them. 4. Pull the door panel off and set it apart away from the work area. Unhook the door latch rod from the retaining clip. 5. Slide the lock cylinder retainer away from the lock cylinder using a pair of pliers. Pull out the Doo…

Ford F-250 F-350 Power Door Lock Actuator Installation Instructions


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…lt the F-250 or F-350′s door lock actuator from the door using a socket set. Unhook the door lock and door latch rods from the actuator by hand. Remove the previous actuator from the F-250 or F-350′s door by hand. 4. Insert the F-250 or F-350′s new door lock actuator into the door by hand. Hook the door lock and door latch rods to the actuator manually. Bolt the actuator to the F-250 or F-350′s door with a socket set. 5. R…

1998-2000 Honda CRV Stereo/Radio Removal and Installation


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to the bottom of the middle console, to the fold down pocket. Open the fold down pocket. This pocket is secured to the dash with six (6) phillips screws which surround the again of the pocket. Take away all six (6) screws. 4. At the very bottom of the center sprint, a trim panel must be removed. This panel is secured to the steel support body of the sprint with a snap on each side of the trim panel. Along with your fingers, simply pull every…

Honda Civic Door Lock Installation Procedures


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panel on the backside and working around the panel to release the fasteners. Lift the panel up and off the door, disconnect any electrical connectors behind it and peel back the plastic protecting water shield from the door. 4. Disconnect the rods connecting the surface handle to the latch and the door lock to the latch. Both of those have plastic clips to disengage by reaching by way of the entry hole within the door. 5. Disengage the clip for…

1994-1998 Honda Accord Stereo/Radio Replacement


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console. Once the drink tray is eliminated, locate and take away three (three) phillips screws. (2) screws will likely be at the bottom of the panel, and (1) might be on the entrance left nook near the highest of the opening. 4. As soon as the three screws have been removed, the center console can be pull back, away from the gear shift console. You only want to pull the center console again 2-3 inches as seen within the photograph above. 5. Hidde…

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