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Toyota Prius Side View Mirror Installation Instructions


Filed Under (Toyota) by admin on 29-03-2013

y it off, or just use your hands. There are two clips holding the sail panel. In case your Prius is equipped with the JBL sound system, you will want to disconnect the connection for the tweeter mounted within the sail panel. 3. Disconnect all electrical modules. All fashions can have at the least one for the power mirror swap; some models will have an additional connection for heated mirrors. 4. Secure the facet mirror along with your hand and u…

Toyota Prius Replace the Engine Belt Procedures


Filed Under (Toyota) by Doe on 13-11-2014

The Toyota¬†Prius type vehicles come outfitted with a poly-v ribbed belt that controls all of the front engine equipment. The v-shaped belt travels inside all of the accent pulleys. When the engine is operating, the crankshaft turns the belt round every accessory pulley at the identical time. As the belt is touring round every accent pulley, it permits the equipment to perform. Replace the belt as quickly as attainable if there’s any…

2008 Toyota Prius Rear Side View Mirror Installation Instructions


Filed Under (Toyota) by admin on 23-02-2012

parks) and guantee that it isn’t touching the body of the automobile (I put some material inbetween). 2. Confirm that the battery has been disconnected. Trying to begin the car. If nothing occurs then you might be good. 3. Take away the audio speaker. It’s primarily help in place by a plastic piece that it slips into from the top. You’ll need to softly wiggle the speaker upwards and out (by out I mean towards the inside of the a…

2008-2012 Honda CRF250X Stabilizer Installation Instructions


Filed Under (Honda) by admin on 05-03-2013

2008-2012 Honda CRF250X Stabilizer Installation Procedures 1. Remove the seat. Turn the petcock to off and take away the fuel tank.¬†Don’t store the tank near any open flames. 2. Take away both 17mm nuts on the underside of the triple clamp that hold the inventory decrease rubber mounting cones in place. 3. The stock lower rubber cones is not going to clear our body bracket and should be replaced with the new decrease profile Scotts cones s…

2009-Up Honda Pilot LX Roof Rack Installation Instructions


Filed Under (Honda) by admin on 04-06-2013

1. Open the hatchback. Take away the rear roof molding covers with a plastic trim tool. 2. Drill two holes via each cover on the scribe marks on the inside of the duvet with a three-mm drill bit. Reduce the end of every cowl off with a hack noticed alongside a line by way of the hole closest to the end. 3. Take away the roof molding from either side of the vehicle. Take away the retaining clips from the stud bolts in the roof rack channels with…

2007 Honda Pilot LX Roof Rack Installation Instructions


Filed Under (Honda) by admin on 27-05-2014

1. Pry the back finish of the roof moldings free with a plastic trim tool. Take away the molding. Remove the retaining clips within the roof rack channels from the stud bolts with needle-nose pliers. 2. Place the No. 1 adapter block onto the stud bolt in the entrance proper place and secure it with two Torx bolts. Install the No. 2 adapter block behind the No. 1 block and the No. 3 adapter block behind the No. 2 block utilizing the stud bolts. R…

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