2007 pontiac g5 heater fan motor fuse

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  2007 pontiac g5 heater fan motor fuse Direct Download speed 5282 Kb/s

  2007 pontiac g5 heater fan motor fuse Full Version speed 6162 Kb/s

Ford F-150 Water Pump Removal and Installation Instructions


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se until the clamp is loose. The water pump is situated on the entrance of the engine block dealing with the fan. 5. Pull each hose away from the water pump meeting by hand till the hoses are disconnected from the water pump. 6. Take away the four bolts connecting the water pump pulley to the water pump by turning them counterclockwise with a socket, socket extension and socket-wrench whereas the fan-drive belt is still installed. 7. Take away th…

2003 Honda Element Engine Block Heater Installation Procedures


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m the rear of the engine block heater close to the oil filter. Coolant remaining in the engine jacket will stream out of the drain plug gap when removed. Retain the drain plug to be used if the engine block heater is removed. 6. Set up the engine block heater with the aluminum washer into the bolt hole utilizing a 24 mm socket and a torque wrench. Torque the engine block heater to 60 N·m (forty four lbf-ft). 7. Utilizing a tape measure, measure a…

Ford 7.3 Turbo Diesel Water Pump Installation Instructions


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ose. Reinstall the serpentine belt and tighten the four pulley bolts. Elevate the fan shroud and fan into the engine bay. Reattach the fan shroud bolts. Utilizing the fan nut wrench, reattach the fan to the water pump pulley. 6. Reinstall the coolant tank and upper and lower radiator hoses. Remove the cap from the coolant tank and add 4 gallons of antifreeze, four gallons of distilled water, and one bottle of coolant conditioner. Screw the cap ag…

Buick Century Wiper Motor Replacement Instructions


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mission arm from the wiper crank arm with the wiper transmission separator. Buick Century Wiper Motor Installation Instructions 1. Place the new motor onto the management module. Set up and torque the motor retainer screws to 62 inch-lbs. with a 1/4-inch torque wrench and socket. 2. Place the control module and wiper motor in their recess. Snap the electrical connector into place by hand. 3. Install the wiper control module mounting bolts and tor…

2007 Honda Odyssey Fog Lights Installation – Page 2


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nd remove the blue tape to free the connector. Plug the fog lights harness 2-pin connector into the automobile harness 2-pin connector. 39. Secure the fog lights harness connector to the automobile harness using one wire tie. 40. Route the fog lights harness forward alongside the vehicle harness. Loosely secure it to the car harness with two wire ties….

Ford Taurus Wiper Motor Installation Instructions


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…read and tighten the bolts to safe the wiper motor to the firewall. 3. Align the mounting gap on the pivot arm with the mounting gap on the wiper motor. 4. Thread the mounting bolt to connect the pivot arm to the wiper motor. 5. Join the electrical plug to the wiper motor….

Motor Mount Installation Instructions for Honda


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l in order that the engine stays as balanced as possible. If the mount is caught to the body, use a pry bar to remove the mount. 5. Set up the new motor mount by reversing the above instructions. Tighten the rail fasteners to 60 foot-pounds with a torque wrench. Recheck the alignment of the mount, mounting holes and the engine. If it is misaligned, then you will experience extra vibrations coming from the engine. Use the torque wrench to tighten…

2007 Honda Civic Fog Light Installation – Page 2


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white/purple and blue terminals from the switch harness into the car white 34-pin connector. 40. Reinstall the cover to the white 34-pin connector, then plug all three connectors into the fuse box. 41. Plug the switch harness 6-pin connector into the fuse box on the location shown. 42. Route the single pin terminal from the switch harness down from the fuse box area. 43. Under the fuse field, find and disconnect the automobile 20-pin connector. 4…

2007 Honda Odyssey Fog Lights Installation – Page 1


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lts, and take away the front bumper. Place the front bumper on a blanket. Remove the Front Bumper 5. To guard the bumper, apply masking tape to the front aspect of the bumper around the appropriate and left fog mild opening. 6. On the inside of the bumper, align the template with the left fog lights mounting position. Utilizing a pushpin, mark the bumper at every of the six areas on the template. Ignore the pre-scribed line. 7. Using a felt-tip…

Ford Taurus Heater Bypass Installation Instructions


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…er, which is just a short pipe that may be bought at any auto parts store and is inexpensive. The heater hoses shouldn’t be cut as a result of they are expensive and can be wanted again when the heater core is replaced. 3. Fill the radiator to the correct degree with antifreeze and leave the radiator cap off for the moment. Start the engine and permit it to heat up. Once the engine warms sufficient to open the thermostat, the fluid level wi…

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