2006 chevy cobalt shifter button assembly diagram/page

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2010 Honda CR-V Fog Lights Installation – Page 4


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2V 55W H11 Halogen Gentle Bulb P/N 33165-S5A-003. 5. Reinstall the removed components within the reverse order of removal. •Verify that the wire harnesses will not be pinched. •Be sure you tighten the clip and bolts securely. 6. Check the operation of the fog light; modify the aiming if necessary. Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4…

Idle Fluctuation and/or the MIL Is On With DTC P1129 and/or P0505 Page 2


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Subject : The idle fluctuates, and/or the MIL is on with DTC P1129 (high manifold absolute pressure [MAP] sensor signal) and/or P0505 (faulty IAC valve). Models : 2001-2003 Honda Odyssey, 2003 Honda Pilot. 14. Lower two new wires from the package 80 mm from the terminal ends. 15. Push the terminal ends of the brand new wires into the prevailing connector, and set up the connector’s rubber seal. 16. Strip 6 mm of insulation from each…

2010 Honda CR-V Fog Lights Installation – Page 3


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g screws and one screw). 33. Plug the relay into the change harness relay block. 34. Install the relay bracket to the change harness relay block. 35. Set up the switch harness relay block on the automobile panel utilizing the 6 x sixteen mm washer-bolt and the 6 mm flange nut. 36. Plug the switch harness 2-pin connector into the vehicle harness 2-pin connector. Secure the switch harness to the automobile harness using two wire ties. 37. Push the…

2010 Honda CR-V Fog Lights Installation – Page 2


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Safe the fog mild harness beneath the bumper beam utilizing two adhesive tapes and two wire ties linked together. 23. Route the fog light harness as proven, and safe the clip on the fog harness to the vehicle panel. 24. Safe 4 remaining fog mild harness clips to the holes in the automobile panel. 25. Reinstall the interior fender. With the assistance of an assistant, deliver the entrance bumper near the car, and plug the fog mild harness 2-pin c…

2010 Honda CR-V Fog Lights Installation – Page 1


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lanket after removal. 5. Remove 5 clips from the left entrance inner fender, and pull down the left front inner fender. 6. To protect the front bumper, apply masking tape to the front bumper across the left fog light opening. 7. Utilizing a utility knife, reduce along the internal line of the outlet as shown. Take care not to damage the front bumper. 8. Reduce off the 4 ribs on the front bumper as shown. Remove any burrs. Remove the masking tape….

2000 F-150 Axle Shaft Removal and Installation Procedure


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ock bolt. b. Remove the differential pinion shaft. 6. CAUTION: Don’t injury the rubber O-rings in the axle shaft grooves. Take away the U-washers (4N237). a. Push the axle shafts (4234) inboard. b. Remove the U-washers. 7. CAUTION: Don’t damage the wheel bearing oil seal (1177). Remove the 2 axle shafts. axle shaft Installation Procedure 1. Lubricate the lip of the wheel bearing oil seal. Use Premium Lengthy-Life Grease XG-1-C or equa…

Toyota Corolla Exhaust Removal and Installation Instructions


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ew exhaust system features a replacement resonator. In this case, reduce the unique resonator piping one to a few inches in entrance of the weld melding the resonator assembly to the exhaust piping leading towards the engine. 7. Prepare to install the new exhaust. Toyota Corolla Exhaust Installation Instructions 1. Set up the entrance resonator assembly using the hardware and clamps provided by the new exhaust system after slipping it over the re…

1999-2001 Honda Accord Stereo/Radio Installation


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ers of the sprint panel. Proceed to drag until all sides of the plastic sprint panel have slightly pulled away from the principle sprint assembly. Then pull your entire plastic sprint panel away from the main sprint assembly. 5. Once the plastic sprint panel has been pulled out from the principle dash meeting, flip the panel around so to see the wires connected to the rear side. Unplug all connectors attached to the air conditioner controls. The…

Honda Goldwing Lights Installation Instructions


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…se H3 bulbs. Place the sockets back into the meeting, reattach the spring clips, and place the rubber seals back onto the assembly. Reconnect the electrical-wire connector to the assembly and place it again into the Goldwing. 7. Reattach the 4 mounting bolts. Place the lower trim again into place beneath the headlight assembly and reinstall its two screws. 8. Remove the seal behind every turn signal assembly. Disengage the spring clip and pull th…

Ford F250 Gasoline Serpentine Belt Installation Instructions


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…ine. 3. Connect the belt tensioner tool to the serpentine belt tensioner. Move the tensioner aside with the software and slip the serpentine belt over the tensioner pulley, per your F250′s specific belt-routing diagram. 4. Release the pressure on the tensioner with the software, then remove the device and shut the hood. Belt-routing diagrams range from mannequin year to mannequin 12 months and likewise by the F250′s specific accent se…

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