2004 grand prix starter relay location

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1997 Buick Regal GS Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Fuel Pump Resistor Replacement


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and the one bolt that attaches it to the strut tower. 4. Take away the 2 plastic push-in retainers that attach the windshield washer solvent reservoir to the radiator help and the one nut that attaches it to the strut tower. 5. Reposition the reservoir for access to the realm rearward of the battery. 6. Elevate the car on a hoist. At the right front wheel opening, remove the three screws that connect the inside fender splash shield to the entran…

1998 Buick Regal GS Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Fuel Pump Resistor Replacement


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the internal fender splash defend to the entrance fascia at the wheel opening and the two screws that attach it to the bottom of the fascia. It’s not essential to remove the other interior fender splash protect screws. 5. Reposition the interior fender splash protect to access the fuel pump resistor. 6. Remove the 2 bolts attaching the windshield washer reservoir to the rear mounting bracket and remove the one bolt attaching the bracket to…

2004-2005 Pontiac Grand Prix Plenum Water Deflector


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Subject    : Water Leak On Front Passenger Floor (Install Plenum Water Deflector) Models     : 2005 Buick LaCrosse, Allure (Canada Only) 2004-2005 Pontiac Grand Prix Set up the new plenum water deflector. Follow the process under: 1. Place the windshield wipers in the up position. 2. Open the hood. 3. Take away the hood seal. 4. Take away the washer hose from the precise air inlet grille panel. 5. Remove the push pin that retains the air inle…

Pontiac Grand Prix Serpentine Belt Installation Instructions


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…might do is illustrate the routing schematics on paper with a pen or pencil. Find the tensioner pulley. It is going to be labeled on the routing diagram or on the hooked up hyperlink relying in your motor dimension. Place the 15 millimeter field finish wrench on the bolt head situated within the middle of the tensioner pulley and switch clockwise to launch the strain on the drive belt. Remove the loosened belt from the highest alternator pulley a…

1996-2000 Honda Accord Starter Replacement


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ake away the Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) cooler. 4. Locate and take away the starter cable from terminal-B on the back of the solenoid (for all 4 engine sizes). Disconnect the black and white cable from the S-terminal. 5. Unfasten the two starter mounting bolts from the transaxle assembly. Take away the third mounting bolt in the back of the starter. Place all bolts and nuts within the child meals jar to forestall loss. Remove the malfunct…

Buick Rendezvous Remote Starter Installation Instructions


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…ts and the adjustable wrench to safe the hood pin. 4. Thread the grey wire from the starter by way of the heat duct and into the hood of the vehicle. You could need to push the wire by way of the duct using an unwound hanger. 5. Pull the gray wire via the hood, routing it along the vehicle’s current wire harness located on the driving force’s side of the hood. Fasten the gray wire to the hood pin by crimping the ends of the wire aroun…

98 Buick 3.8 K Repair a Starter Instructions


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…socket. Make sure to label these wires with masking tape so they’re positioned on the brand new starter correctly. The starter is the steel cylindrical part bolt the place the engine and transmission come collectively. 5. Loosen and remove the 2 bolts connecting the starter to the engine, utilizing a ratchet and socket. Pull the starter from the automobile. If there are any metallic shims beneath the outdated starter, save them and make a…

Ford Contour Starter Installation Instructions


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…ate the terminal end so it can not come again into contact with the battery submit in the course of the procedure. 4. Remove the air consumption resonators and the air field assembly to entry the upper starter mounting bolts. 5. Remove the three upper starter mounting bolts utilizing a metric flex-head ratcheting wrench. 6. Raise the left entrance quarter of the Contour with the floor jack, and place a jack stand beneath the left entrance body ra…

Ford Ranger Starter Motor Installation Instructions


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…the physique of the starter with one hand when you take away the 2 starter-mounting bolts with the socket set utilizing your different hand. Do not let the starter rest on the loose bolts at any time throughout this process. 5. Set the old starter off to the facet and hold the replacement starter in position. Thread the mounting bolts back in by hand after which tighten them down with the socket set. Once again, don’t let the starter’…

Ford Bronco Starter Motor Removal and Installation Instructions


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ach side as near the engine bay as doable, however the stands have to be supporting a flat a part of the frame. 4. Disconnect the wires type the starter solenoid, making sure to label each wire for straightforward reassembly. 5. Loosen the bolts that connect the starter motor. If the bolts are outdated or corroded, apply WD-forty or penetrating oil to the threads and wait a few minutes. Watch out not to break the bolts or injury the threads. 6. R…