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Install Power Steering Pressure and/or Return Hose Assembly


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Subject : Steering Vibration/Shudder/Moan During Parking Maneuvers on Dry Pavement (Install power steering pressure (Inlet) and/or Return (Outlet) Hose Assembly)
Models : 1995-99 Buick Riviera, 1997-2001 Buick Park Avenue, 1997-2001 Buick Ultra, 2000-2001 Buick LeSabre, 2000-2001 Pontiac Bonneville

Install a new power steering pressure (inlet) hose assembly on 1995-1998 Buick Riviera, 1997-1998 Buick Park Avenue and Ultra.
Install a new power steering pressure (inlet) and return (outlet) hose assembly on 1999 Buick Riviera, 1999-2001 Buick Park Avenue and Ultra, 2000-2001 Buick LeSabre, 2000-2001 Pontiac Bonneville.

Power Steering Pressure (Inlet) Hose Replacement Procedure

1. Raise and suitably support the vehicle.
2. Drain the ability steering fluid.
3. Remove the ability steering gear assembly warmth shield.
4. Disconnect the facility steering stress hose from the facility steering pump assembly. Take away the bolt/screws from the retaining clips.
5. Disconnect the ability steering strain hose from the ability steering gear assembly. Take away the power steering stress hose meeting from the vehicle.… Read More

Toyota Steering Intermediate Shaft Noise Repair


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Subject : A new steering intermediate shaft has been developed for some customers may hear a clunk, pop, or knock type noise when turning the steering wheel left or right.
Models : 2003-2006 Toyota Camry, 2004-2005 Toyota Highlander, 2005-2006 Toyota Camry Solora.

Steering Intermediate Shaft Repair Procedure

Prior to removing the steering intermediate shaft, be certain that the steering wheel and entrance wheels stay stationary. Once the intermediate shaft is removed, do NOT permit the steering wheel to spin freely.
1. Disconnect the intermediate shaft sub-assembly. a. Loosen the bolt and take away the clamp from the steering column gap cowl boot. b. Separate the steering column hole cover from the steering column gap cover boot. c. Place match-marks on the steering intermediate shaft sub-assembly and steering gear assembly. d. Remove the bolt and disconnect the steering intermediate shaft sub-assembly.
2. Take away the shaft sub-assembly. a. Place match-marks on the steering sliding yoke sub-meeting and steering major shaft assembly.… Read More

Car’s Power Steering Belt Installation Instructions


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A car’s power steering system is centralized on the energy steering pump, which operates to offer the system with fluid. The facility produced by the engine is transferred to the facility steering pump with a belt. This belt turns a pulley on the front of the pump. Ought to the belt break, the power steering pump will fail to function and the power steering system will now not perform. Fortunately, putting in a brand new power steering belt is a straightforward activity, and the belts are comparatively cheap.

Car’s Power Steering Belt Installation Instructions

Be certain that the engine is cool to keep away from severe burns from inadvertently touching the engine by permitting the engine no less than two hours to chill as soon as turned off.

Find the slots throughout the power steering pump’s brackets. Not all engines are designed the identical approach, however the majority of energy steering pumps connect to the engine taken from two brackets.… Read More

Ford Focus Steering Rack Installation Instructions


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When you do your personal repairs and want to install a new steering rack for the 2000 to 2007 model years, comply with these instructions. Ford introduced the Focus with the 2000 model year and the primary era lasted for 7 years before the second generation was launched for the 2008 model year. The original shipped as a sedan, hatchback and wagon, but the hatchback and wagon failed in favor of a coupe with the 2008 manufacturing line.

Ford Focus steering rack Installation Instructions

1. Disconnect the detrimental battery cable and center the steering wheel. Pull off the decrease instrument panel and uncouple the steering rack column shaft and steering gear pinion.
2. Raise and help the entrance finish earlier than removing the wheels. Unscrew the tie rod end nuts and use a ball joint press to detach the tie rod ends. Separate the stabilizer bar links and strut and spring assemblies.… Read More

Ford 6.0 Powerstroke Serpentine Belt Replacement Instructions


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The 6.0 liter Powerstroke was Ford Motor Company’s diesel engine from 2003 to 2006. The early 6.0 engines had a singular serpentine belt system that had the upper radiator hose operating by the belt. Sadly, when the belt broke, it could harm the hose, so Ford engineers redesigned the system in late 2004, by including a bracket and new upper radiator hose that ran above the belt. Whereas the early type require a couple of additional steps, changing the serpentine belt on a 6.0 Powerstroke is an easy job simply achieved by anybody with basic auto-repair expertise.

Ford 6.0 Powerstroke Serpentine Belt Replacement Instructions

Elevate the hood on the Powerstroke and discover the belt-routing diagram, positioned on both the fan shroud or the underside of the hood. The diagram illustrates the correct belt routing and belt tensioner location. In case your 6.0 is a 2003 to 2004 type with the radiator hose working via the belt, move to Step 2.… Read More

Power Steering Belt Replace Procedures


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Changing a power steering belt is straightforward and can right many points with sloppy steering or squealing sounds. Autos manufactured earlier than 1990 usually should not have “serpentine” type belts; as an alternative, they’ve single belts for every accent. The typical yard mechanic will spend a couple of half-hour changing the facility-steering belt.

Power Steering Belt Replace Instructions

Unbolt the power steering pump from the higher mount level, and loosen the lower mount bolt, however don’t take away it. This may trigger the pump’s pulley and belt to lose rigidity because the pump pivots on the lower bolt.

Pry the belt off the pulley. Watch out to not minimize or break the belt. It might be essential to take away one other pulley on the motor to take away the power-steering belt. Type will fluctuate, however autos with separate belts for particular person equipment normally can have a V-shaped pulley design; some V-fashion pulleys come aside into two halves.… Read More

PT Cruiser Change the Power Steering Belt Procedures


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Changing the energy-steering belt in your PT Cruiser is necessary as a result of the drive belt wears over time on account of the warmth in the engine bay and stress positioned on the belt from the steady stress placed on it. The belt begins to crack and finally breaks, inflicting the power steering pump to turn out to be inoperable, probably inflicting an accident. To forestall such troubles, examine your belts periodically and substitute if vital.

PT Cruiser Change the Power Steering Belt Instructions

Open the PT Cruiser hood. Loosen the lock bolt with a ratchet and loosen the belt tensioner till the belt is free sufficient to take away. The PT Cruiser makes use of a number of drive belts moderately than a serpentine belt and due to this fact requires that every belt be eliminated individually with its personal lock bolt and tensioner.

Pull the power steering pump up and down repeatedly till the belt comes out with out important pressure.… Read More

Honda Odyssey XM Radio Satellite Installation Procedures


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1. Determine on a location on the Honda Odyssey’s dashboard that’s suitable on your XM Satellite Radio receiver‘s vent clip or adhesive mount. This should be inside comfortable arm’s attain of the motive force’s seat. Be sure that the mount and receiver combination doesn’t impede the driving force‘s imaginative and prescient in any direction.
2. Set up the XM Satellite Radio receiver‘s mount. Insert the vent clip into a nearby vent in order that it connects to a horizontal blade. Alternatively, you may take away the sticker from the adhesive mount’s base and press it onto a clean, flat surface on the Honda Odyssey‘s dashboard. Use the alcohol prep pad included in the XM automotive installation package to clean the mounting floor, and permit the mount to dry undisturbed for at least 24 hours.
3. Connect the antenna included in the XM car installation equipment onto the Honda Odyssey’s roof. Slip the antenna’s cable into the climate stripping on the Honda Odyssey’s rear door.… Read More

Ford Focus Power Steering Pump Installation Instructions


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The power steering pump in your Ford Focus means that you can flip the automobile easily. Without the power steering pump, in truth, nothing can be there that can assist you steer. In case you have a leak on your power steering pump, this is not solely an issue; it is a severe hearth hazard. You can buy a brand new energy steering pump at a super heart, auto elements store or online. Set up is pretty easy after getting eliminated the old pump.

Ford Focus Power Steering Pump Installation

1. Open the hood of the Ford Focus. Locate the ability steering pump on the motive force’s facet of the engine compartment connected to the firewall.
2. Place the big cup below the pump. Use a wrench to loosen the nuts in plain view on the pump which are holding the pump fluid strains in place. Pull the lines out of the pump, and drain the pump into the cup.… Read More

Honda VFR Powerlet Steering Head Kit Installation


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This easy to install, high quality, Powerlet™ Steering Head kit provides a convenient way to access the battery on Honda VFR motorcycles (1994-Present (Honda VFR750, Honda VFR800, Honda 800 VTEC)). The operator can supply power to the battery (i.e. battery charger), draw power from the battery (i.e. heated vest) using the Powerlet socket.

1. Take away the seat, battery cowl & left aspect fairing.
2. Take away unfavorable battery lead. Remove the constructive battery lead. Slide the purple cowl utterly off of the inventory battery wire. Slide the cover again over each the stock wire and the fork terminal and fix the crimson wire. Reattach the battery destructive lead. Run the wires down by way of the gap between the frame rails toward the front of the bike. Make certain it does not rub on the cable for the seat launch on the 2002 VTEC’s. Comply with the very massive wiring harness from underneath the seat towards he front of the bike.… Read More