2002 ford explorer fuel system diagram

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Toyota Corolla Fuel Filter Installation Instructions


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ing the line off the assembly. When you’ve got a 2002, 2003 or 2004 model Toyota Corolla, unscrew the retainer ring mounting bolts using a Phillips screwdriver; otherwise, use a fuel lock nut wrench to unscrew the ring. 5. Carry the fuel pump meeting off the fuel tank and discard the O-ring situated between the meeting and fuel tank. Take away the Fuel Filter from the meeting and install the new unit. 6. Install a new O-ring and set the fue…

Ford Explorer Fuel Tank Installation Instructions


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h it nearer to the transmission. Put the warmth defend again on the fuel tank to prevent it from falling off. As soon as that’s carried out, make sure all bolts are tightly in place before persevering with installation. 5. Reconnect the vapor hose to the tank. Examine the wiring and hoses on and around the tank to see if something is loose or damaged. Change any damaged hoses or wires. If every thing is OK, fill your Explorer’s tank w…

Ford F-150 Fuel Injector Installation Instructions


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…entry to the fuel rails. Unbolt the fuel rail from the engine. The metal fuel rail will likely be braced to the engine with one or two bolts. 4. Take away the Fuel Injector electronics plug from every injector to be replaced. 5. Carry the fuel rails off the fuel injectors. Carry the top of the fuel rail closest to the bumper and pop each Fuel Injector free. Some injectors will keep in the engine and others will stay in the gasoline rail. All inje…

Ford Escape Fuel Pump Removal and Installation Instructions


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…Look for the Fuel Pump relay. The marks inside the panel cowl will point out the right relay. 3. Remove the gas pump relay. 4. Begin the engine. The lack of gas will stall the engine and relieve the gasoline system pressure. 5. Exchange the Fuel Pump relay and turn off the ignition switch. Then go to the subsequent section. Relieve the Fuel System Pressure on All Other Models 1. Locate the Schrader valve on the finish of the fuel rail the place…

Ford Focus Fuel Tank Installation Instructions


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…rry it to the car’s body. Place the fuel return line into the connector slot right subsequent to the fuel filter and connect the fuel supply hose back onto the fuel filter to maintain the gasoline inside your fuel tank. 5. Reattach the filler pipe and vent hoses back onto the fuel tank. Install the exhaust system mounting rubbers at the back and front of your Focus. Restore the exhaust warmth protect, situated at the rear of the automotive…

Fuel Filter Removal/Installation Procedure on 5.3L Flexible Fuel Engine


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Subject : Use of New Special Tool J 46363 – Fuel Line Disconnect Tool for Fuel Filter Removal/Installation Procedure on 5.3L Flexible Fuel Engine (RPO L59) Models : 2002-2003 Chevrolet Silverado, Tahoe 2002-2003 GMC Sierra, Yukon with 5.3L Flexible Fuel Engine (VIN Z — RPO L59) Some 2002-2003 autos could also be outfitted with a 5.3L Flexible Fuel Engine. A new device and procedure has been launched for the removal and installation o…

Ford F-350 Fuel Pump Installation Instructions


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…manufacturer’s flooring jack. The truck itself should nonetheless be raised on jack stands with the close by rear wheel removed. Secure the tank to the chassis with its bolts and the tank straps if it makes use of them. 5. Connect the electrical connector on the pump meeting with a screwdriver. Connect all the gasoline and EVAP traces to the tank utilizing their fast-connect couplings. Push the two couplings collectively till they lock or c…

Ford F-Series Fuel Tank Installation Instructions


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onnect fittings on top of the gas gauge sending unit to course of the gas inside your tank. Put the filler neck hose on the right facet of the tank. Also tighten the filler neck hose clamp on the high of the filler neck hose. 5. Plug the gas gauge sending unit wire on high of the tank. Cowl the tank with the skid plates and warmth shields to guard the tank from attainable damage. Activate the automobile battery by plugging within the battery floo…

Ford Escape Fuel Filter Removal and Installation Instructions


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…b with a small screwdriver. Once released, pull the tab from the road becoming and take away the other tab. 4. Cowl the fittings with a store rag as you pull the strains off the filter to catch any fuel remaining in the line. 5. Loosen the clamp holding the filter to the vehicle chassis utilizing a screwdriver or ratchet and socket. 6. Take away the fuel filter from the vehicle. Ford Escape Fuel Filter Installation Instructions 1. Set the brand n…

Ford 390 Fuel Pump Installation Instructions


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road right into a plastic bag, as a small quantity of gasoline will doubtless drip from the road. 4. Take away the 2 bolts positioned on both aspect of the fuel pump with a socket wrench, then pull the pump off of the engine. 5. Wipe down the opening on the facet of the engine that the fuel pump bolts to with a rag and engine degreaser. It can be crucial that any outdated gasket materials be faraway from this floor in order that the brand new gas…

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