2002 ford explorer cooling system diagram on 4 6

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Ford Explorer Water Pump Removal and Installation Instructions


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…l the radiator with the quantity and type of coolant laid out in your owner’s manual. 4. Take away the jack stands and launch the jack. Attach the negative battery cable to the put up and tighten the screw on the clamp. 5. Begin the engine and verify for leaks. Then, close the hood and take the SUV for a test drive….

Ford Explorer Fuel Tank Installation Instructions


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apor hose to the tank. Examine the wiring and hoses on and around the tank to see if something is loose or damaged. Change any damaged hoses or wires. If every thing is OK, fill your Explorer’s tank with gasoline again. 6. Test your Explorer’s driving means after you’ve installed the fuel tank. Let the automobile’s engine run briefly, then take a brief trip. Observe how your Explorer runs and keep your manual handy in case…

Ford Explorer Receiver Hitch Installation Instructions


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use the drill to make the appropriate holes in the frame. 4. Use the supplied mounting bolts to attach the receiver hitch to the Explorer’s frame by sliding the bolts by means of the holes and tightening the nuts down. 5. Tighten the bolts down with the crescent wrenches after which slide the ball hitch into the receiver. Use the supplied weight distribution plates with the hitch. They spread the load to the edges of the automotive frame,…

Ford Explorer Starter Motor Installation Instruction


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motor in place of the old one and apply the mounting bolts. Join the wires to the solenoid terminals utilizing their nuts after which cowl the terminals with the protecting covering. 6. Lower the Explorer off the jack stands. 7. Reconnect the negative cable to the battery….

Ford Explorer Overhead Console Installation Instructions


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…connects to a blue wire, the black wire connects to a blue wire, the green wire goes with an orange wire, and one blue wire goes to a yellow wire while the opposite to a white wire. Lastly, the gray wire goes with black wire. 7. Reconnect the battery of the Explorer and check the overhead console. If every little thing is set up correctly, it ought to operate properly….

Ford Explorer Tow Hook Installation Instructions


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es that on the mounting end of the tow hooks that got here together with your kit. 2. Remove solely those bolts from the bumper bracket which might be essential to mount the tow hooks. Often this shall be three on every side. 3. Mount the tow hooks in order that the hook on either side faces up. Re-secure the bolts that you simply removed, solely with the tow hooks now mounted on the frame. The equipment you use could include slightly longer bolt…

Ford Explorer Car Alarm Installation Instructions


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Determine the starter wire under the steering wheel and connect the beginning disable relay. Set up any further options utilizing the alarm producer’s directions. Connect the entire wires to the alarm management module. 5. Reconnect the positive battery cable and check the alarm. Alter the sensor’s sensitivity if necessary….

Ford Explorer SunRoof Installation Instructions


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h primer to inhibit rust. 5. Clean the bottom of the sunroof and run a bead of sealant around the lip. Set the sunroof body in place and connect the clamping ring and screws taking care to not overtighten or strip the screws. 6. Wipe any extra sealant with a rag and assemble the remainder of the sunroof per the sunroof manual. Change the Explorer’s headliner using a razor knife to make alterations and clear the new glass….

Ford Explorer Window Glass Installation Instructions


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eans of the door’s window opening, however, if it’s doable, it may be easier to push it up by means of the underside of the door after which back down into the regulator. Bolt the window in place on the regulator. 6. Substitute the water protect and audio system on the door. Reattach the total trim panel in reverse order of removal. Fit the weatherstrip back on the window opening….

Ford Explorer Starter Motor Installation Instructions


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…e bolts with the socket set. 6. Reattach the starter wiring and ground strap in reverse of how you eliminated them. Climb out with the jack stand after which lower the Explorer off the opposite jack stand with the floor jack. 7. Reconnect the destructive battery cable to the battery. Return the previous starter, in the alternative starter’s packaging, to the place of purchase for a refund in your core charge….