2001 ford f150 rear axle seal replacement

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2000 F-150 Rear Wheel Bearing and Axle Shaft Oil Seal


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ear bearing. 3. Lubricate the lip of the new bearing oil seal. ? Use Premium Lengthy-Life Grease XG-1-C or equivalent assembly Ford specification ESA-M1C75-B. 4. Utilizing the special tools, install the wheel bearing oil seal 5. Install the axle shafts….

Ford Ranger Front and Rear Shock Replacement Instructions


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e the Shock in position with a ratchet and socket. Remove the Shock from the Ranger. 5. Place the new shock into position. Connect it to the brackets utilizing the inventory bolts. Tighten the bolts with a ratchet and socket. 6. Repeat steps three by way of 5 to exchange the opposite front shock. 7. Reinstall the tires and lower the car to the ground. Ford Ranger Rear Shock Replacement Instructions 1. Loosen and remove the lug nuts on each tire w…

Ford Ranger Leaf Spring Removal and Installation Instructions


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on the facet that you will be working on first. 3. Lift that rear wheel utilizing a flooring jack and support it on a jack stand. 4. Take away the wheel/tire assembly. 5. Help the rear axle with a Hi-Lift jack or ground jack. 6. Remove the U-bolt nuts that safe the rear axle to the leaf spring. Use a wrench or ratchet, ratchet extension and socket. 7. Elevate the U-bolts and spring plate off the leaf spring and axle. 8. Lower the rear axle a few…

2000 F-150 Axle Shaft Removal and Installation Procedure


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4033). Drain the lubricant. 4. Take away the brake calipers and discs. 5. Remove the differential pinion shaft (4211). a. Take away and discard the differential pinion shaft lock bolt. b. Remove the differential pinion shaft. 6. CAUTION: Don’t injury the rubber O-rings in the axle shaft grooves. Take away the U-washers (4N237). a. Push the axle shafts (4234) inboard. b. Remove the U-washers. 7. CAUTION: Don’t damage the wheel bearing…

Ford Trucks Brake Rotor Installation Instructions


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…lts from the aspect of each rear brake caliper. The bolt heads are on the edges closest to the center of the truck, so you may need to show the rotors a bit by hand to succeed in them. Do not pull the calipers off right away. 6. Get some nylon ties or bungee cords, carefully take away the calipers one by one and droop them both from the undercarriage of the truck. Guantee that there is no stress on the brake line main into either caliper. That is…

Ford F150 Super Crew Cab Nerf Bars Installation Instructions


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make sure that to put the insulator between the bar and body before inserting the bolt. 5. Lift the F150 off the jack stands, using the floor jack. Move all 4 jack stands away from the truck. Decrease the F150 to the ground. 6. Repeat Steps 1 by means of 5 on the opposite aspect to install the proper Nerf bar. 7. Re-tighten all the Nerf bar mounting nuts when done. When tightening, torque the nuts till the lock washers flatten out, then flip the…

Ford Probe Body Kit Installation Instructions


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…hysique equipment on the rear of the Ford Probe. Install and tighten the row of bolts alongside the highest edge of the bumper. Use a Phillips screwdriver to insert the screws alongside the entrance fringe of the rear bumper. 6. Place the side skirt alongside the facet of the Probe and insert one bolt at a time. Once each bolts are in place, tighten them completely….

2001 F-Super Duty 250-550 Wheel Hub Installation Procedure


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-M1C198-A to the O-ring area of the wheel hub and bearing before putting in the hub and bearing. Install the wheel hub and bearing. a. Position the wheel hub and bearing. b. Install the 4 lock nuts. Vehicles equipped with ABS 6. NOTE: The next step applies only to automobiles geared up with ABS. Join the ABS sensor harness. a. Place the ABS sensor harness and install the routing clips. b. Join the harness connector. All vehicles 7. n-metallic thr…

2002 Ford Taurus Blower Motor Repair Procedures


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mandatory using Clear Silicone Rubber TA-32. 4. Remove the foam sealant expulsion at lower front outboard nook base of the rain-hat. 5. Locate the tape. Remove the tape and apply Clear Silicone Rubber TA-32 to the small hole. 6. Set up the Rain-Hat Extension Seal or Shed Lip Seal 4F1Z-54022A54-AA to the outboard edge of the rain-hat (see Figure 2 for set up). The ten mm by 10 mm (0.5″ by 0.5″) minimize space, located 25 mm (1″)…

Ford Transmission Installation Instructions


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…place. You have to your helper to assist with this step. 5. Slide the jack subsequent to the transmission and lift the transmission up, then slide the jack beneath it. Again, you will need the help of your helper to do this. 6. Jack the transmission up and into place. This may occasionally require some cautious, minute maneuvers to clear the body and under body. 7. Use the socket set to install the bolts through the bell housing and into the aga…

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