1997 ford ranger rear end frame replacement kit installation

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Ford Ranger Body Lift Kit Installation Instructions


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…body lift pucks onto the manufacturing unit bushings. 4. Slide the body lift pucks into position on prime of the factory bushings. Do not remove the factory bushings. Lower the vehicle body onto the newly put in carry pucks. 5. Install the new bolts into place and tighten them utilizing a ratchet and socket. Confirm that all six bolts are tight. Re-set up the bumper, fan, and shroud utilizing a socket and ratchet. Ford Ranger Bed Portion of the…

Ford Probe Body Kit Installation Instructions


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…hysique equipment on the rear of the Ford Probe. Install and tighten the row of bolts alongside the highest edge of the bumper. Use a Phillips screwdriver to insert the screws alongside the entrance fringe of the rear bumper. 6. Place the side skirt alongside the facet of the Probe and insert one bolt at a time. Once each bolts are in place, tighten them completely….

Ford Ranger Front and Rear Shock Replacement Instructions


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the Ranger. 5. Place the new shock into position. Connect it to the brackets utilizing the inventory bolts. Tighten the bolts with a ratchet and socket. 6. Repeat steps three by way of 5 to exchange the opposite front shock. 7. Reinstall the tires and lower the car to the ground. Ford Ranger Rear Shock Replacement Instructions 1. Loosen and remove the lug nuts on each tire with a tire iron wrench. Place a jack beneath the rear axle and elevate t…

Ford Ranger Leaf Spring Removal and Installation Instructions


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…a Hi-Lift jack or ground jack. 6. Remove the U-bolt nuts that safe the rear axle to the leaf spring. Use a wrench or ratchet, ratchet extension and socket. 7. Elevate the U-bolts and spring plate off the leaf spring and axle. 8. Lower the rear axle a few inches and take off the spring spacer between the leaf spring and axle, if equipped. 9. Loosen and take away the bolts securing the ends of the leaf spring to the spring hangers. Use a again up w…

Ford Ranger Skid Plate Installation Instructions


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ing hardware supplied with the skid plate. 4. Take away the jack stands from underneath the Ranger’s engine. Elevate the Ranger off the opposite two jack stands. Move the stands apart and lower the Ranger to the ground. 5. Transfer the wheel chocks away from the Ranger’s again tire before driving….

1999 Ford Ranger Extended Cabs Westin Nerf Bars Installation Instructions


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ghten the nuts onto the bolts with a socket set. 4. Move the jack stands to the best side of the 1999 Ford Ranger and repeat the primary three steps to install the precise Westin Nerf Bar. Take away the jack stands when done. 5. Use care when setting the Nerf Bars on the jack stands so you do not mar the Nerf Bars’ end on the rough heads of the stands….

Ford Ranger Tow Bar Installation Instructions


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. Clamp the tow bar to the car frame and align the bar to your drill hole markings. 5. Drill the holes in the body, using the position of the tow bar as a template. 6. Insert the mounting bolts and tighten them with a wrench. 7. Connect the safety cable and security chains; these must be included with the tow bar. While searching for a tow bar, verify the product specs to be sure that the mannequin you select has the capacity to tow the load of y…

Ford Trucks Brake Rotor Installation Instructions


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…ke line main into either caliper. That is to forestall brake line damage. 7. Pull the brake pads out of both of the rear caliper mounts. In the event that they’re caught to the rotors, use a screwdriver to pry them off. 8. Take away both rear caliper mounts through the use of a socket wrench to take away the two mounting bolts from every one. 9. Pull both rear rotors off the wheel spindles. 10. Slide a brand new rotor onto each of the rear

2003 Honda Rincon ATV Winch Mounting Kit Installation


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h the WARN Honda Rubicon Bumper kit (62331). 1. Start by removing the front fascia and front skid plate on the ATV as shown in figure 1. Save the fasteners as they will be used later within the installation. 2. Take away the 8mm bolts on each side situated simply contained in the front tires and on the ends of two horizontal tubes on the entrance tube frame. 3. Place the decrease mounting bracket (A2) inside the front tube frame with the slotted…

Ford Ranger Stereo/Radio Installation Instructions


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…wire into the new stereo. 6. Slide the new stereo into the installation package dock. The tabs on either aspect of the newly put in bracket (the set up equipment) will snap into place when the brand new radio is fully seated. 7. Place the negative battery cable clamp around the unfavorable lead post. Tighten the clamp’s bolt with the screwdriver….

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