Honda Ridgeline Trailer Wiring Installation Instructions


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The Honda Ridgeline is Honda‘s only truck, and it’s designed to tug automobiles behind it using the built-in hitch. The issue is that there is not any solution to plug in the wiring from the hitch to the trailer. Without that connection, no trailer is legal. To repair the difficulty, it’s essential to connect a trailer wiring harness to the lighting system of the Honda Ridgeline, which takes about half-hour to do properly.

Honda Ridgeline Trailer Wiring Installation Instructions

1. Drop the tailgate on the Honda Ridgeline. Remove the screws holding the taillights in place utilizing the Phillips-head screwdriver after which take the lights away from the body. Unplug the taillight wiring harness along with your hands.
2. Find the t-connector on the trailer wiring harness with the yellow wire. Set up this t-connector between the taillight plug and the wiring harness that leads into the taillight together with your hands. Run the remaining sections of the trailer wiring harness under the bumper and around to the underside of the vehicle. Reinstall the driver’s facet taillight with the Phillips-head screwdriver.
3. Find the t- connector on the trailer wiring harness with the green wire. Run this t-connector up by way of the bumper and out of the opening between the bumper and the physique on the passenger side taillight. Plug within the t-connector to the again of the taillight and the wiring harness from the body using your hands. Peel back the tape backing on the back of the black field on this aspect of the harness. Stick the black box to the internal taillight construction with your hands. Reinstall the passenger aspect taillight with the Phillips-head screwdriver.
4. Find the white wire on the trailer wiring harness with the ring terminal on it. Find a piece of steel on the frame to safe the ring terminal. Install the self-tapping screw into the ring terminal and then use the drill to attach the ring terminal to the sheet metal.
5. Run the trailer plug from the trailer wiring harness to the hitch and hold it there utilizing a zipper tie. Bundle up any loose wire and connect it to the frame and bumper with the zip ties.

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The bumper has one major crack in it, and the paint match is not really a concern as I had planned to have the car painted soon, anyway. I just want it to be as strong as before and look decent. Also, there was mention of a clip, is that the whatzit that holds the bumper on? (It is a Toyota Camry ’98)
Hey, guys and gals, thanks for your time!

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